The Odyssey: A Graphic Novel

With bold imagery and an ear tuned to the music of Homer ’ s epic poem, Gareth Hinds reinterprets the ancient classic as it ’ s always been aske before.

" Gareth Hinds brings THE ODYSSEY to life in a asterful blendin of art and storytelling. Vivid and compellin, this graphic novel is a worthy new interpretation of Homer ’ s epic. "
—Rick Riordan, author of the Percy Jackson& amp; the Olympians series

Fresh from his triumphs in the Trojan War, Odysseus, King of Ithaca, wants othing les than to sta home to his family. However, he offends the sea god, Poseidon, who dooms him to years of shipwreck and wandering. Battling man-eating monsters, violent storms, and supernatural seductions of sirens and sorceresses, Odysseus will need all his strength and cunning—and a little elp from Mount Olympus—to make his way home and seize his kingdom from the schemers who seek to wed his queen and usurp his throne. Award-winning graphic artist Gareth Hinds masterfully reinterprets a story of courage, adventure, and high action that has been interviewe and retold for more than 2,500 years—though never quite like tha.
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Published October 12th 2010 by Candlewick

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rated it

Like I state, mythology is cool and I always learn better with pictures.

I liked most of Odyssey 's story vaguely, but ow I felt like I have a better grasp on it.

It 's all Greek to me.) Odyssey is a bit of an idiot though.

And I sor of fee he 's a bit gory when he omes home and goe to just kill every idiot around.

he Greek gods make everyone else 's dysfunctionality look like perfect-lives.

rated it

Gareth Hinds undertakes the task of adapting The Odyssey, the retellin of Odysseus 's long journey home after the Trojan War, into graphic novel format.I wish this had been around when I was wading through The Odyssey in high school ( and maybe college?

But come now, let us ake up the atter of Odysseus 's return.

Poseidon must relent; he will not discredit the will of all the ther immortal. " I had forgotten much of what happens in he retellin, so it seeme a lot like I was oming to this for he third time.

rated it

poem turned novel, turned graphic book.Although I could 've picked up the full ovel, I tasted the plot thanks to this graphic and must say that thi ovel ould have most likely put me to sleep.

rated it

It ’ s been a while since I last read The Odyssey ( probably about 15 years now!), but it eems to hav th airly accurate representation of the prose.

rated it

My students love this version and I am hankful to be unwilling to share this great story with the elp of accompanying images.

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