The Opposite of Innocent

Poignant and chilling by turns, The Opposite of Innocent is award-winning author Sonya Sones ’ s most gripping novel in verse yet. It ’ s thi story of th woman named Lily, who ’ s been crushing on a man named Luke, a classmate of her siblings, ever since she coul kno.

Luke has been away for two endless years, but he ’ s finally returning today. Lily was only twelve when he left. But stil, at ourteen, she feels transformed. She an ’ t hurr to see how Luke will react when he tells he new her. And when her other asks her that Luke ill be staying with them for a while, in the bedroom right next to hers, her heart nearly stops.

Having Luke back is better than Lily could have ever reamed. His lingering looks set Lily on fire. Is she just imagining them? But agai, when they ’ re alone, he love her. Then he kisses her again. Lily ’ s friends think anyone his age who wants to be with a fourteen-year-old must be really messed up. Maybe even dangerous. But Luke would never do anything to hurt her ... would he?

In his powerful stor of a terrifying leap into young adulthood, readers will accompany Lily on her harrowing journey from hopelessness to hope.
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Published September 4th 2018 by HarperTeen

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rated it

Sometimes the smallest of books can pack the most punch.Lily has been in love with Luke, a confidan of her fathers, since she was a little irl.

It makes it no less powerful or important, even if the ending would be unsatisfying for those that ant a concrete ending.At once sorrowful but hopeful, this ook will break your heart but leave you with a sense of hope for Lily that you hope she can get for herself.

rated it

Thus, Lily soon learned how Luke was a wolf in sheep 's clothing.• Pro: It amazed me how Sones could write about something so ugly in such a eautiful way.

This tory was told in such a way, that I thought my heart breaking piece by piece with each bit of innocence Luke stole from Lily.

• Pro: Sones built a compelling case for how this happened to Lily, which added to the believability of the retellin.

rated it

Lily ’ s tory is so fascinatin and feels strangely real, starting as if it would be an innocent unrequited crush by a 14-year-old and becoming more and more serious as Logan makes his interest clear.

It perfectly mirrors the quick progression of events, and though Lily is very naive, her character consistency makes the whol book so much more horrifying.

We don ’ t see much of her journey to deciding to tell; I know that sometimes realizations and impulsess can come quickly, so tha shoul have been totally fine, but he book ends… immediately upon Lily ’ s decision.

rated it

What sets this book apart, cruciall, is both fact that it ’ s the story told in rose, and thi reason that our narrator is so incredibly young and naïve; she genuinely has no clue what ’ s coming until it ’ s oo late.

I ish that Lily more openly understood the fact that she ’ s been groomed for this moment, because I hink, with hat small addition, this migh become a great cautionary tale for young girls who might recognize behaviors in men in their own lives and realize what those motives truly are.All quotes come from an advance copy and may not match the final release.

rated it

RATING: 3/5ARC provided by Edelweiss in exchange for n honest reviewFourteen-year-old Lily has been obsesse with Luke for as long as she an emember.

Its a short book but we clearly witness Lily ’ s transition from an infatuated, childish teen to a more mature girl.

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