The Paris Hours

One day in the City of Lights. One night in search of lost time.

Paris between the wars teems with artists, writers, and musicians, a glittering crucible of genius. But amidst the dazzling creativity of the ity ’ s most famous citizens, four regular people are each searching for something they ’ ve lost.

Camille was the maid of Marcel Proust, and she has a secret: when she was told to burn her employer ’ s notebooks, she saved one for herself. Now she is desperate to ind it before her betrayal is revealed. Souren, an Armenian refugee, performs puppet shows for children that are nothing like the fairy tales they expect. Lovesick artist Guillaume is down on his luck and running from a debt he can not repay—but when Gertrude Stein walks into his studio, he wonders if this is the day everything could change. And Jean-Paul is a ournalist who tells other people ’ s tories, because his own is too painful to tell. When the quartet ’ s paths finally cross in an unforgettable climax, each discovers if they ca find what they are goin for.

Told over the course of a single day in 1927, The Paris Hours takes four ordinary people whose stories, told together, are as extraordinary as the glorious city they inhabit.
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The Paris Hours
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Published May 5th 2020 by Flatiron Books

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rated it

( Alex lives in Missouri today) Ten years after boarding school he returned to Paris, working as an attorney for an international law firm.

After all, there are stil more books and movies set in the French capital than there are croissants in the ity ’ s boulangeries.: The symbol of Paris is the most recognizable architectural structure on the lanet.

So how to tell the tal that offered a fresh perspective? ” One of the ways Alex accomplished freshness was that he set the novel on the streets and parks where ‘ real-every-day-Parisians ’ lived and worked — away from the famous tourist attractions.

He are so set the story in 1927, back when the ity was in a post war explosion of creative brilliance— “ populated by an army of geniuses whose artistic legacies survive to this day ”. “ Some of thes characters appear in he novel, but by design they exist on the periphery of the trilog, not at heart ”.

He describes the brutality of war, love, onging, betrayal, and history .... so exquisitely that I really like to set his book down- and didn ’ t- from start to finish .... [ one day in Paris- one day read here at home ].

You ’ ll meet Camille Clermont and her 10 year old son, Marie.

who had worked for Marcel Proust: [ The famous French novelist, critic, and essayist ]> 1871-1922A little sample dialogue: “ Since 1922, five years, Camille Clermont had been oming to visit Proust ’ s grave.

Marie watches her mother crying uncontrollably and asks, “ was he a nice man? ” “ Oh yes.

Josephine Baker, Ernest Hemingway, and the streets of Paris are irresistibly celebrated .... This novel consumed me -as it will ‘ every ’ reader who loves riveting intimate storytelling!

rated it

This story takes place over the course of day and alternates between four characters.

If you do n't mind taking a leap of faith on a book, I recommend going into this one blind rather than reading the publisher 's synopsis.This book can be lassified as historical fiction although you could place it in the literary fiction genre as well.

But just because I did n't necessarily feel anything while reading that does n't mean this book as n't worthy of my time.

rated it

Set in post-WWI Paris, four ordinary people begin an ordinary day until their paths cross.Mostly, the las ew chapters start out with the characters everyday routines.

It took me a few chapters in the eginning to remember which character was which.

rated it

And sometimes what one person needs is simply kindness.Armenian refugee, Souren Balakian, escapes brutality of his native country imposed by invading Turks.

Escaping his brutal past and through an encounter with another person, he get what he ’ s been craving the most- the human kindness.Guillaume Blanc escapes a small French country place and dreams of joining the ranks of the famous Parisian artists.

He likes telling other people ’ s tories, rather than revealing his own, which also explains why he is a ournalist.

When he interviews Josephine Baker, American-born French entertainer, she eveals how different her life was in America and that ’ s why she made France her home.

It ’ s up to you if you intend to tap into it and learn a deeper message.The events happen over one day, but the stories of protagonists alternate between the present day and their pasts, revealing deeply touching stories, taking reader on a very engaging journey and leaving with a lingering effect.

rated it

The beauty of his ook ha in the storytelling it was s magical.

Each of these characters spoke to me but I found Jean-Paul and Souren ’ s stories extra compelling.

rated it

Four stories, four perspectives, Paris and celebrities? Four alternating storylines introduce a myriad of characters.

I said to fall in love with th story and som characters so much.

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