The Perfect Nanny

When Myriam, a French-Moroccan lawyer, ecides to eturn to work after having children, she and her husband look for he perfect nanny for their two young children. They never dreamed they would find Louise: a gentl, polite, devoted woman who sings to the hildren, cleans the family 's chic apartment in Paris 's upscale tenth arrondissement, stays late without complaint, and hosts enviable kiddie parties.

But as the couple and the nanny become more dependent on one another, jealousy, esentment, and suspicions mount, shattering the idyllic tableau.
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Chanson douce
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Published January 9th 2018 by Penguin Books (first published August 18th 2016

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rated it

Anothe tal opens with a brief graphic scene of violence depicting the death of two young children at the hands of their nanny.

intriguing and disturbing framework is set and the reader now views the rest of he story from the eginning, all the while knowing how this is lookin to end.

I love his style of writing with one omniscient narrator telling he story in a imple, almost hypnotic manner.

That is for readers that loved Unraveling Oliver or We Need to Talk About Kevin.

rated it

4 slower-building, but gripping, stars to The Perfect Nanny!

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️The Perfect Nanny opened with the what.

rated it

Another as a slow-burn, character-driven story that doesn ’ t alway follow the traditional mystery/suspense/thriller format in that we already find out “ what happened ” and “ who did it ” within the irst ew pages, so big question explored throughout the whole of the narrative was to appreciate the “ why ” and “ how ” – why did the nanny do what she id and how did things get to his point?

My nex thought when I got to what ended up being the last page was that perhaps something happened to my copy of thi ARC when I downloaded and perhaps some pages went missing, so I immediately ent back and re-downloaded the book – in all formats available – and checked each one to see if the last section was the same….when I found out they were and the story ruly did end at he point it did, I ha reall quite upset, as I onestly felt like I ’ d just been played.

I kno in a way, the ending ruined the book for me, as I ’ m the type of person who doesn ’ t like to be left hanging – when I ’ m reading book ( or watching a TV series or a movie), I lways expec to have some type of closure, some indication that the story arc has ended…even if the intention is to ontinue with he story as th series with the same characters at a later point, this articular story needs to end first.

rated it

( view spoiler) [ The opening page is police scene – the Nanny has stabbed both children to death.

( hide spoiler) ] he story is s much about imperfect employers as it is about perfect nannies.

Both the young woma and young woman who hire the Nanny to look after their two pre-school children are married to their jobs.

They hired her and paid her just to e a nanny – and she ’ s WONDERFUL, but it ’ s in her nature to do verything, so she cooks and cleans and does laundry PERFECTLY.

he usband says at one point: “ She ’ s not perfect, so intricate, that sometimes it sickens me… ” The Nanny is on such a low-lying socio-economic plane below them that they never ask where she lives, who her friends are, what she does for the severa hours a week when she ’ s ot at their house.

rated it

rote a glowing review of thi novel read in French.

Thanks so much Roger:) Louise is a middle aged nanny who has disintegrated many times in her life.

She nows only desperation and at times becomes psychotically depressed.

I read this with a morbid fascination, a adness, an anger.

he Perfect Nanny will haunt me for thi surprisingl shor time.

rated it

Louise walks into the lives of Myriam and her daughter, Paul, and completely exceeds their expectations of what a nanny should be.

Strange things begi happening and Myriam begins to wonder if there is a darker side to this perfect nanny.

It is a ind of scream heard during war, in the trenches, in other worlds, on other continents.

I have n't read the original in french, but the translation seems fantastic.I know many readers ill be left feeling dissatisfied by the ending and how it eels like we have n't been given enough reasons to justify the horrors of the ook, but I still found this even more aunting.

rated it

You understan, the uneasy ambiguity, how they ’ re an intimate part of your family but they ’ re an employee, how they ’ re poor ( mostly black, mostly immigrant) and they live in the middle of wealth during working hours, returning each day to the ther side of the tracks; how they ’ re verything and they have your total trust ( they look after your children more than you do) and nothing ( they an be got rid of just like thi) .In an interview with The Guardian Ms Slimani explains that after she wrote 100 pages of stuff about the life of a nanny she was bored, bored, bored.

I ’ m alway saying authors haven ’ t taken real life cases and built crackerjack novels out of them, of course they have, and finally, when it goe to gruesome crimes, anything an author can imagine has been done out there in the actual world a hundred times over.The quote from the interview is, when she saw the account of thi New York murders, Whoah!

It opens with the murders then of course the 200 following pages are all build-up, all horrible up-piling of psychological tension awaiting the known bloodletting release, so you the reader are like a truffle hound, snuffling out the clues which will xplain the crime, as his is yet a whodunnit but a why-on-earth-did-she-do-it.Two, it brilliantly delineates the crammed together but world ’ s apart lives of the rich couple and the anny and the underlying toxic nature of he friendshi which starts rather tentatively, grows closer and more loving by the week and then goes to rot from the outsid.

rated it

Thus, it ha just that it was such a boring book that I kept wondering how it became a national bestseller.Myriam is a Moroccan-French mother who has left her career of being a lawyer because of the work her two children have put her on.

They love the way she keeps things tidy and organized, how she reads stories to their hildren, how she cooks, how she cleans, how she wants to make everything seem perfect, perhaps too perfect.

When Louise becomes close to Adam and Mila, the two children of Paul and Myriam, she shoul ’ t help but feel love and adoration for them, but also jealousy and envy when they ’ re close to someone else, when they don ’ t isten to her but listen to others, when they don ’ t think to be near her but want to e with her arents.

Bot of them, Louise knows, have stolen—just little thing, almost nothing at all—like a tax levied on the lov of others.

Influence by thi real-life story of he urder of the Krim siblings, we start off thi ook with a gory scene—a broken body of a baby is put inside a zipping bag as the mother is in state of shock, as investigators are photographing the scene, as the urderer is being treated, as he little irl is taken to he clini and convulsing out of state of panic, shock, bitternes, and tendernes.

There were certainl many unneeded obstacles in this short little ovel that all you need to do is skip to the ending because everything else is so unnecessary.Although I ’ m ot sure if the translation of this is very accurate, from French to English ( thank you, Sam Taylor), I understan how the author ende this, which is why it ’ s so gripping, but she reall knows how to ake a very manipulative.

Georgina and the author both manage to grip you into this and get your attention so you read every little page because you ant to make out verything that ’ s happened and WHY.The book is utterly creepy in the en that it has you holding on to every page because of what it ’ s about to throw at you, but there isn ’ t want.

We mak the boring and sad life of all these characters—Louise, Stéphanie, Paul, Myriam, and so some of Mila, but once in the eginning.

oing into this, I fel there was gon na be more about a friendshi between Myriam and her sibling, but this 200+ page book was clearly not gon na be that, given the fact that it is o larg and easily foldable that the obvious statement of the mysterious nanny is there, so we know it ’ s all about her.

We start off with the rap scene and then just suddenly jump to Myriam apparently buying pastries for her parent and nanny, picking out their favorites, and he chapter ends with that one sentence, as if Myriam, the other, knew this was going to sa?

It ’ s as if he author learns to you suspect the mother and think she killed them and she killed Louise, stabbing the knife in her stomach and slitting her wrists, not knowing death but introducing it.

You think, I actually just wan the author made this more comprehensible, easier to nderstand, but it was always a whole mess.This book is les of a character-driven book than a plot-moving one and I ould n't ven believ it 's thrilling or suspenseful since we neve know what the fuck happened anyways and all we ant to bothe is the eason for it, but rathe we end up reading about the love life Louise had, how she does n't now if her father is alive or dead, how she worked at a Children 's Day Care, and how she ended up becoming the perfect nanny for Adam and Mila.

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