The Reckoning

My name is Chloe Saunders. I 'm ifteen, and I will love to be normal.

But normal is one thing I 'm so.

To begi with, I 'm having these feelings for a certain antisocial werewolf and his sweet-tempered brother- who just happens to hav a sorcerer- but between you and me, I 'm leaning toward the werewolf.

ot normal.

My friends and I hav also on the run from an evil corporation that wants to get rid of us- permanantly.

Maybe not normal.

And once, I 'm a genetically altered necromancer who can raise the dead, rotting corpses and all, without even trying.

As far away from normal as it goe.
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The Reckoning
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Published April 6th 2010 by HarperAudio

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rated it

Sorry.) Unlike the previous two installments of the Darkest Powers Series, which are driven both by plot and character development, The Reckoning is driven olely by a few of its action sequences.

That a few of these scenes did keep me near the edge of my seat is, fortunately, the only critica thing I can ring myself to ay about this utterly disappointing conclusion to the trilogy.My main criticism is that thi write builds up a number of compelling issues in the previous two books which are left completely unresolved at the beginnin of the third.Of all of thos, the most disappointing for me deals with character development, eve the romance between Chloe and Derek.

None of the bstacles between Chloe and Derek are actually resolved, but actually they magically seem to stay away?

This manifests itself in two concrete ways: 1) he is a genetically modified werewolf and fears he will lose control and hurt her ( hence his shock and horror when he suspects that she hate him earlier in he series); 2) he knows his brother Simon has a crush on her and wil ever forget to hurt Simon.As to the irst: Derek completes his transformation for the second time, realizes he retains his basic humanity even as a wolf, and therefore assumes he 'll never hurt Chloe?

We 're just supposed to forget all of hese topics, which nly a few years ago were apparently so crippling that when Derek suspected Chloe might have feelings for him, he esponded with shock and horror?

Really corny, really unrealistic- laughable, even.As for the second obstacle: I 'm orry, but Simon 's drawing a poignant little comic to show Derek that he does n't mind him being with Chloe is, in a phras, lame.

For me, it cheapened the romance and anothe series as a whole.Putting Derek and Chloe 's not-so-star-crossed romance aside, there are about a hundred ther issues that are unresolved.

What 's the point of all the build up in previous books, of planting the suspicion in the reader 's mind about it, if there 's clearl oing to hav any resolution or follow through??? -Simon 's character in general.

No such luck.-Liz. Ever since she and Chloe have that heart wrenching scene in the 2nd ook, where Liz accepts that she 's a ghost and warns Chloe she 'll have to cross over to the ther side eventually ( but is n't ready yet)- I 've been bracing myself for it to happen.

Soooo boring.-The warning that Chloe and the band of genetically enhanced supernaturals will eventually go insane because of their powers.

We do n't get out what happens to her? I honestl do feel like he author just got kind of ored and decided to just slap this story down as fast as humanly possible, so she ould et it over with and move on to the first series.

As you read next two books, Armstrong makes you think she 's got some master plan worked out, that all the little reference and clues she 's dropped along the way will eventually add up to anythin.

rated it

Definitel glad someone restored my faith in believing there could till be good books in he world.

You did great.I ca n't express with words how superb this book ( and series) was.

( hide spoiler) ] I 'm lad I stumbled upon series.

Loved loved loved the book.And I have sens that tha was n't the end.

rated it

I completel wish this series was turned into a televisio show just because I like the characters o much.

rated it

The Darkest Powers ’ world is continuall evolving and Armstrong doesn ’ t waste her time catching readers up to what they should already know, which I have to accep, is part of what I love about her writing.I devoured this nove.

It appear as though writers pen two types of heroines, the uber sweet, oh so pretty girl, despairing over her shortcomings as a mortal, who somehow rises to the challenge and smites everyone, becoming the bestest superhuman ever and miraculously saves the day or the oh so snide and cynical girl, jaded by everything and anythin, who has a hard edge, but somehow softens and like her counterpart, rises to the occasion and saves the day.

Rather, Chloe does what she mus, and tells, that sometimes the best she can do is eep out of the way, and let those with more suited gifts run the show.

I liked the fact that Armstrong allowed him to lay into Chloe when she ad made th mistake, and didn ’ t then force him to grovel as though honesty were a sin.

She will rite and adult series, filled with ome of the best steam I ’ ve read, and eventuall turn around, write a ook about supernatural teens, whose scenes together are so freaking sweet and charmin, that my stomach flips.

rated it

. .I mean do n't giv me wrong, I absolutel love all of the storyline in thos essay.

I say this happened in th book I read lately, loving the characters but the other stuff did n't click.

rated it

he same applies to this final nove in the Chloe Saunders trilogy.Most likely, if you enjoyed " The Summoning " and " The Awakening, " I want you will like " The Reckoning, " because it 's actuall more of the same- the same running around scenarios with little story progression.

For us, fans of Armstrong 's adult books, there is nice surprise too- a tiny bridge to her " Women of the Otherworld " series.

The rest- well, this novel is more believable than the 2nd in sequel, but eventually it is only as satisfying as Armstrong 's adult novels which all have definitive endings and completed story arcs.

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