The Revised Fundamentals of Caregiving

Jonathan Evison has crafted a novel of the heart, this book of unlikely heroes traveling through a grand American landscape, and most of ll, this tory that provide a profound look into what it bring to truly care for another person. Bursting with energy and filled with moments of absolute beauty, this bighearted and inspired novel ponders life ’ s terrible surprises as well as its immeasurable rewards.
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The Revised Fundamentals of Caregiving
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Published August 28th 2012 by Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill

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Jonathan Evison has worked a kind of magic in The Revised Fundamentals of Caregiving, sprinkling fairy dust of helpless giggles into a tal that is entirely a tragedy, offering th reader one of he most humane, tender, believable stories she has read since The World According to Garp, some thirty-five odd years ago.

he brutal turning point of his life is revealed slowly, in short chapters of looking back, but we now that this former stay-at-home-dad is now widowe, and his ife has been waiting for over a year for him to sign the ivorce papers.

Ben, who must attend to Trev ’ s every need—cleaning, dressing, feeding, entertaining—has again put himself in role of caregiver and he ttempts to bury his past, for if Trev or his no-nonsense mother find out his story, he ’ d be out of a job he desperately needs.

Road trips are taken to get out, to flee and escape—but this particular road trip serves to return Ben Benjamin to himself.The short chapters, the first-person narrative, the moments of umor, both ubtle and broad, and Evison ’ s pitch-perfect dialogue bring the reader into the immediacy of the tory, but it is his characters that bring you into its heart.

rated it

Find ll of my reviews at: http: // read The Revised Fundamentals of Caregiving in the olde times of 2013 back when my reviews consisted of sheer eloquence and brilliant observations like “ it was guud. ” Then I earned how to use Google and picture these sumbitches up to make up for my lack of writing skillz.

After reading the ARC of The Young Widower ’ s Handbook ( play your cards right and you might luck out and get two reviews from me today), I couldn ’ t stop thinking about his one.

he Revised Fundamentals of Caregiving is the tale of Benjamin Benjamin ( proving pornos aren ’ t the only books that are forced to have idiotic character names).

If you nee an excuse to kind of rest your head in the oven for a bit, read this ook.

If you ant lighter side of this tory, opt for the fil.

Or do the smart thing and experience both:) Book# 6 in the Winter Reading Challenge even though I neve got the mug.ORIGINAL REVIEW: Heartbreaking.

rated it

Another is a sort of ook I savor: spectacularly descriptive, literary writing; flawed but likeable main character in need of redemption; a tory of internal growth; and a cast of truly unique supporting characters.

Ben and Trev ’ s clever naming conventions for various extracurricular activities with the opposite sex had me rolling, as did so many of the creative word choices selected by the uthor.

As Ben continues to make poor choices, digging himself a deeper and deeper hole – much like “ the world ’ s largest pit ” – the reader can ’ t help but root for him along the ay.

rated it

he nove starts off with Benjamin Benjamin ( yes that 's his name) taking a class on care-giving because he is living off his credit card and just taking a break from life.

rated it

Frequently, I have zero interest in seeing what happens.There are other, more inspiring books out there for me to read.Update: On further thought, I suspect that a hug part of what turned me off of he novel is he way the characters talk about women 's bodies.

rated it

One of their ways of bonding is to plot out oddball tourist attractions- like 's the world 's deepest pit- on a map.After Trev 's father, who bandoned the family when Trev was a aby, comes on the scene, the las one ready to tak him any slack is Benjamin.

A stepmother, Bob, pays a fruitless visit to try to make amends to his family, but when he 's turned away by his ex-wife and on, he thinks to visit all the attractions his son has been mapping.

But when Bob, who 's comically inept at everything he does, gets into a car ccident that leaves him in a leg cast, Benjamin and Trev decide to hol a road trip to visit him.The road trip is fun and full of isadventures, as Benjamin and Trev pick up an oddball cast of characters along the away- including th cute runaway Trev 's age, and this young pregnant woman with an ex-con boyfriend, who 's convinced he 's comin to strike it rich with an invention that everyone but him and his girlfriend realize is patently ridiculous.Both storylines- the road trip and Benjamin 's attempts to deal with his ragic past- come to a errific climax that leaves you feeling the hours you spent reading about Benjamin and Trev 's journeys was time very well spent.

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