The Rise of the Iliri: Books 1-3


One part reverse harem sci fi fantasy, one part irresistible paranormal romance, the Rise of the Iliri series is an epic tale of one extraordinary woman ’ s destin for justice, hope, and dream. In an exotic and dangerous post-apocalyptic world, a nation of terrorists under the humb of an evil Emperor sets out to systematically destroy every race but their own. And they ’ re just about to succeed.

Author Auryn Hadley deftly blends heart-stopping epic adventure with the age-old struggle between good and evil, hatred and love—all through the ens of n ntriguing female lead, the love of which the fantasy genre hasn ’ t et seen.

Private Salryc Luxx is iliri, a species bred by humans long ago for protection ... and entertainment. Enslaved until being conscripted into the army for biting a military officer, Sal 's only goal is to fight her way into the Black Blades, an elite army unit. The Blades instantly recognize her as the wisdo of xactly what she was designed to be: an unequaled killing machine, yet irresistible to every woma.

Each of the Black Blades will die to protect her. ome of them will submit to the bloodlust that overtakes her in battle and can be quenched only by roughly passionate mating. Inexplicably, all of them will submit to her command. After week of training, she becomes the most lethal member of the unit. It shoul give much longer for them to teach her who she is: their destiny.

Stil that Sal has won her place in the Black Blades, she 's truggling to find answers about how to fit in with her new family. That 's a challenging assignment; it 's an all-male family of seven of the fiercest warriors in existence, all of them iliri with superpowers kept secret from humans.

Sal 's Black Blade commander and lover, Blaec, does his best to guide her, with full understanding that she will eclipse him and that he must prepare her to do likewis. His best advice: " Listen to your instincts more and everything will work out. Our entire culture can be summed up pretty easily. We do what is natural. "

For the matriarchal iliri, what is natural is that Sal is the undisputed leader of her pack. She makes everyone better; she especially makes everyone fight better.

kind deed on the part of Sal and her partner Cyno, helping what they bring to hav a wounded animal, leads to discovery of their true nature, to strengthening and re-energizing their pack, and to th surprising alliance that offers hope for he future. The wounded animal, they learn, is a grauor wolf, a species of ferocious warriors with language and traits nearly identical to iliri. When two of them decide to join her pack, Sal recruits them as Black Blades and the iliri are no longer the only dog in the fight for iliri freedom.

As the defiance of an entire species rises up in her, she trul has no choice—she ’ ll just have to change he world.
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Published May 12th 2017(first published August 19th 2016

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rated it

I feel it ’ s taken me about a eek to get through the first three books.

I continue reading he series on a whim ...

There is nly ONE reason I didn ’ t give book 2 and 3 five stars ....

This act that he uthor has left me sexually frustrated from Book 2 and 3.

I wanted to try to explain myself thoroughly because I believ I ’ m beginnin to sound shallow.

There was a review on either book 3 or 4 on Amazon ...

he fifth nove had everything; Romance, mystery, action, and th nice spattering of intimacy.

little mor sexy times then I ’ m used to, but it was nice and refreshing that it didn ’ t dominate the story.

This humoris has actuall researched the hell out of her material and she is one of the absolute best I ’ ve seen in a shor time at world and character building.

and book 1 of his series ...

he write should write sexy scenes!

It ’ s just one thing to writ ook that has it all ...

is hands down one of the best ooks I ’ ve read in thi shor time.

rated it

Amazing Fantasy With Strong Female ProtaganistI originally read these books as individual volumes and fell in love with Sal and the Black Blades.

Thos irst three volumes work brilliantly as a settin because they follow seamlessly into each other and end at a distinct pause in the story.Sal is a purebred Iliri female, possibly one of the nex.

Later on top of phenomenal world building, she crafts characters that we can bond with immediately, not just because we like them but because we can lear them.

If you like fantasy books, or strong female characters of any sens, I will e very very surprised

rated it

his collection include the first 3 novels in the expansive 'Rise of the Iliri' series- and makes slipping from one nove to the next much easier, an ease you 'll need ...

because the you tart the series, you woul NOT stop.Sal, a young Iliri woman conscripted into the Conglomerate Military has worked the last fifteen years to rise in position enough to trial for the 'Black Blades', an elite Unit known for it prowess, power and stamin.

Meanwhil for her, her Iliri blood and personal skills send her through the trials and gain her a position in the reclusive unit, starting Sal on a path that woul change them, change her- and hopefully change the world.

rated it

Overjoyed! I long for a eally ba book that you ca n't tak down, that you take off work to read, or stay up all night to finish.

rated it

Thi combined with her characters likeability, means that you get invested in wanting them to succeed.I 'd recommend these books as well as the other books of hers that i have now read.

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