The Silent Girls

‘ Ambulance and police. Something ’ s happened. I don ’ t believe what. But my little girl– ’ A sob choked off the sentence. ‘ It ’ s my daughter ... ’

When beautiful young Nia Hopkins goes missing from her family ’ s farm on the icy outskirts of the Forest of Dean, her blood soaking the floor, the Gloucestershire police are convinced she ’ s been taken by the killer who stabbed to death Emily Risman eighteen years ago. They ’ re desperate to finally have the evidence to bring him away. To save the girl before it ’ s very late.

But Detective Anna Gwynne thinks the press frenzy is making them obsess over the wrong an. He doesn ’ t fit the profile she ’ s been trained to see. This killer is sadistic. The suspect isn ’ t capable of that sens of crime.
And when Anna finds a link to other cold cases, she feels the killer is manipulating the police to cover up other unspeakable crimes.

With no one listening, Anna knows she ’ s the only one who can hunt down this serial killer. But if she get out alone, is she putting her own life in danger?

An absolutely page-turning thriller that ill have you hooked. If you love Val McDermid, Angela Marsons and Robert Dugoni, you won ’ t be able to ut down The Silent Girls.
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Published January 19th 2018 by Bookouture

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rated it

Chris Hopkins woke up one snowy orning and went to his nearby stable to check on his 16 year old daughter Nia and her best friend Beckie.

Meanwhile Sergeant Anna Gwynne and her boss DCI Shipwright went to prison to interview killer Hector Shaw.

Shaw denied he was a rapist but would say nothing further.Meanwhile Seventeen years earlier Neville Cooper was convicted of murdering Emily Riseman.

Hector tells Anna he knows who killed Emily Riseman and Nia and leads her to the iller.

rated it

As I say at pretty much the start of every new series, I love the start a new series and meeting a new main character and The Silent Girls ( or Come Out to Play as it was called when I downloaded it) sounded fantastic.

We certainl need some more imaginative and different titles if publishers don ’ t know their books to be criticised simply for a title and Come Out to Play was much etter.

There ’ s no many books like this with girl ( s) in the title that it ’ s nothing that really annoys me.The opening of thi essa where a father discovers his fathe has been imprisone ( we will just put to one side why the hell he and his wife let two young girls sleep alone in barn ...) I felt was strong and did set the scene for the novel.

Anywa when we first meet one of the characters connected with th case from the past, one that has similarities to one in the present, I mmediately had them down as the killer and I pulle out to be right.

There ’ s little to no tension in his book throughout, the mystery element falls flat on its face and there ’ s ust not enough done to kee some of the characters people who would be viable suspects.

rated it

Thi prologue of his novel start with Chris Hopkins going out to his horse stable to check on Nia, his 16-year-old aughter, and her best friend Beckie.

As Christ stumbles through the motions of every parent 's most chilling, worst nightmare, the Gloucestershire police department are called in.*** Running alongside this plot line, is the sub-plot of Hector Shaw.

** The Gloucestershire police department has made a connection between Nia 's murder and a previous case -- the ape and murder of 18 year old Emily Riseman.

When Anna Gwynn takes the lead investigative position, due to Shipwright 's falling health, she is faced with this challenge of seeing past the blurred lines that the Gloucestershire police department have surrounded Emily Riseman 's case with and trying to ascertain the true urderer.

Having chapters from the POV of a killer can also be ifficult to pull off because there is also a fine line that you have you walk with disclosing information of a crime, especially when it involves minors.

There was one moment that I hought for sure that Young was about to let his killer narrate the description of the kidnappin of a minor and I think for a reaso that I ould have sat the book down at that point and walked away.

There are some way that I do n't intend to let my mind wander too close to and, aving a little girl myself, I ould ot stomach to read hat ..

rated it

This Silent Girls by Dylan Young is the next ook in the Anna Gwynne series.

Her father come to check on her and asks her friend drugged and barely conscious and his daughter missing.Soon, Nia is found dead, in th shallow grave, with her arm reaching out and stab wounds all over her body.

rated it

If you are ooking for th new and refreshing detective series to follow, you must go meet Anna Gwynne! When a young irl disappears near the local forest, the police are convinced she has been taken by the same killer who murdered young Emily Risman eighteen years ago.

Cold case investigator detective Anna Gwynne suspects otherwise ...

But woul she find proof before it 's too late? There is no oubt that The Silent Girls is a very promising start of this new detective series that ill be on my radar from now on.

From a flowing, engaging writing style, interesting plot, refreshing cold case angle to great characters and a healthy dose of uspense and creepy suspects; The Silent Girls has it all.

rated it

Silent Girls by Dylan Young is the third essay in Detective Anna Gwynne police procedural series introducing Anna as an upcoming detective charged with finding th murdere.

In a case it felt a bit dry like I was only reading police files myself.Also, there is scene at the nd of memoi that I didn ’ t quite like in how it ’ s done.

rated it

When this young woman is found urdered in a stable in a imilar manner to an 18 ear old murder, Anna is on trail to find he real murdere.

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