The Sweet Far Thing

It has been month since Gemma Doyle first arrived at the foreboding Spence Academy and much has changed. Having bound the wild, dark magic of the realms to her, Gemma has forged unlikely and unsuspected friendships with Ann and Felicity, and Kartik, the exotic young man whose companionship is forbidden. She has also come to an uneasy, tenuous truce with the fearsome creatures of the ealms.

But ow the time has come to test the strength of hose bonds. As her riendship with Felicity and Ann faces its gravest trial and with the Order grappling for control of the real, Gemma is compelled to decide once and for all which path she is meant to ake. Her destiny threatens to set chaos loose, not once in the real, but also upon the rigid Victorian society whose rules Gemma has both defied and followed. Where does Gemma realy belong? And coul she, can she, survive?
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The Sweet Far Thing
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Published July 2010 by Simon & Schuster (first published December 26th 2007

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rated it

Sweet Far Thing by Libba Bray* contains spoilers* I finished the final instalmen of the Gemma Doyle trilogy last night.

I must accep that thi book nded very well but I as actually very angry.I have never cried while reading before, and I have aske my friends that I do n't nderstand why people do.

When Kartik died and in the beginnin when Ann and Felicity got what they always anted, I ha ery emotional.

I look forward to reading whatever Libba Bray writes next, but ca n't imagine a character havin a strong, confused, and brave as Gemma.

rated it

If eithe of hose elements were present in his bestsellin, they got lost under pages and pages of sub-par writing; I do n't get to books like this for Great Literature, but the others were enjoyable even when I rolled my eyes.

Quickly, I did n't eally care what happened to ny of the protagonists, and the supposed-to-be-heart-wrenching twist towards the end did not wrench my heart- but I did manage to roll my eyes.

rated it

he ending is by far one of thi most rilliant, brave things I have EVER read, that does not mean that it ha n't reall horrible to read.

From absolute highs, to absolute lows ( and I do mean absolute), I loved riding the roller coaster of it all.

rated it

WrensReads Review: This ha a reread of a reread of a reread et cetera ( literally can ’ t tell you how many times I have put myself through his book).

But I felt I needed to ead a ook again to have it fresh in my mind in order to review it orrectly.

There are certainly many things going on in that essay that are just on the side, but hav so important to the characters and why they make the decisions that they make.I will let you forget that al people believe there is some “ fat shaming ” in this, and I wil see where they are goin from, but you also have to see when the ook was written and what time period this is in.

What if Felicity and Anne want the magic to change the path their parents and guardians carved for them to take?

I could ’ t review his book properly.

rated it

And o nds the trilogy that starte with A Great and Terrible Beauty, continued with Rebel Angels, and explains in th final volume.

I definitely got into the las one as the plot became more complex, Gemma came into her own powers, Felicity and Ann 's stories became more layered, and poor beautiful Pippa was relegated to the Realms indefinitely.

And it does capture the extremely bittersweet feel of the firs portion of he bestselling.

The of making good use of everything she fought for in Rebel Angels, Gemma spends the ntire ovel trying to decide whether or not to do what she chose to do at the beginnin of the next nove.

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