The System of Liberty: Themes in the History of Classical Liberalism

Liberal individualism, or " classical liberalism " as it is sometime called, refers to a political philosophy in which liberty plays the central role. This book suggests a conceptual unity within the manifestations of classical liberalism by tracing the history of several interrelated and reinforcing themes. Concepts such as order, justice, rights, and freedom have imparted unity to this diverse political ideology by integrating context and meaning. However, they ar also sparked conflict, as classical liberals split on a number of topic, such as legitimate exceptions to the " presumption of liberty, " the meaning of " the public good, " natural rights versus utilitarianism, the role of the state in education, and the rights of resistance and revolution. This book explores these conflicts and their mplications for contemporary liberal and libertarian thought.
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Published April 22nd 2013 by Cambridge University Press (first published January 1st 2013

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What 's good about it basically is that he lays out two main views of iberalism, one called Old and the other called New. Old Liberalism espouses the most minimal form of government in order to take care of people 's needs.

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Aaron and I writ his one out loud together and discussed as we went.Things I liked: It exposed me to many 18th and 19th century classical liberals that I as not familiar with.

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Or, at least the ideas that we now associate with Liberalism.

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This first is an account of methodological individualism and includes an intriguing discussion of sociology.

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Smith escribes the group classical as a settin of individuals with certain diverging ideas but what united them was their belief in liberty.What divided classical liberals seems to be two different moral schools: on the one side you had the natural rights based approach ( John Locke) which defined liberty as something necessary for the public good.On the other hand you had the utilitarians ( becoming ever more influential after the french revolution) which offered argued that public policy should be steered toward providing the maximum happiness for the most people.

If liberty has no intrinsic value, why not use other policies to make people happy? Smith writes in a clear and accessible style which allows the reader to easily grasp the issues at hand.

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As an individual who is eenly interested in getting involved with our political system from a non-partisan angle, I thought it necessar to lear the origins of the theorie and philosophies that gave rise to the American system of liberty.

In my research, I came across the term 'Classical Liberalism' and resolved to learn more about it, especially in regards to how it compares with both today 's definition in the United States and the definition as it may already be understood in Europe.This book did an unbelievabl job of defining the original term.

he author took painstaking efforts to continuously clarify abstract concepts and to explain subtle nuances in the justifications and criticisms presented in novel, so it was ery asy to comprehend and follow.

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