The Third Wave

Thi Secon Wave makes startling sense of the violent changes now battering our world. Its sweeping synthesis casts fresh light on our new forms of marriage and family, on today 's dramatic changes in business and economics. It discusses the role of cults, the new definitions of work, play, love, and success. It points toward new forms of twenty-first-century democracy.
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The Third Wave
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Published January 1st 1980 by William Morrow & Company

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who is the producer. " So many Internet niche marketers ( today ’ s most popular and fastest growing business model) would read this and agree.

The again, with the proliferation of companies taking their selling to the people through " ethically enhanced " business models, or he more modern version of multi-level marketing companies, it is excitin to see how Toffler 's predictions have come to light.

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Regardless of that I thoroughly recommend this novel to nyone, at thi very least it will tak you a different approac on things.

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Toffler 's book describes the transition in developed countries from Industrial Age society, which he calls the " Second Wave ", to Information Age " Third Wave " society.

Toffler says that since the late 1950s most countries have been transitioning from a Second Wave society into a Third Wave society.

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Toffler is a privileged extreme centrist living with rose colored glasses ( ‘ la vie en rose ’) hypothesizing a third wave while visualizing the future while always staying within the confines of his second wave, the industrial wave, motifs dominated by his privileged identity.

Fundamental change was happening the day this book turne out in 1980 but the author doesn ’ t see beyond his own ‘ industrialeality ’, that is, the ‘ industrial reality ’, a clever neologism the author ironically makes up since the author himself doesn ’ t ealize the trap he remains in by describing his third wave with second wave paradigms.

( People will say ‘ post modernist ’, ‘ post secular ’, and eve on, they do thi because it makes them feel smart, but I ’ m not in search for what it is not what it is ot, and I hould be clear, Toffler doesn ’ t use the term ‘ post-industrial ’ within this nove, but Wiki tells me he does outside of the ook).

I admit that I was caught in to anothe world not of my own making and my choices are necessitated by time and chance and meaning is a lovel thing to have, but survival is more important and community takes as well as gives and structure forces conformity to the stifling norms of the community.

Especially when his book is considered in the standards of 1980s realities, the author really excessively dismisses people of color, gays, women, or identity beyond the author ’ s own mythical privileged class ( try to live life where you don ’ t ar the luxury of observing steel workers and where you have to e a steel worker and carry the identity you were given at birth when it does not necessarily appl to the practice of the community, there is a difference between the ealities of the two groups.

He ets it wrong on gay rights and treating them as humans, and he is really oblique on people of color and their identity and thinks religion will be the refuge for the disruptions to come ( using my 2019 hindsight, he is definitely wrong.

Levebvre was able to connect the dots and saw beyond the paradigms of the moment and gives a better feel for what was going to sa and realizes that there are multiple valid other identities for each person in the everyday life and that data and computers were going to change everything including how we should think about the world.

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In thi first wave, power wen from violence or force.

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