The Venus Throw

On a chill January evening in 56 B.C., two strange visitors to Rome—an Egyptian ambassador and a eunuch priest—seek out Gordianus the Finder whose specialty is solving murders, but the ambassador, a philosopher named Dio, has come to kno for something Gordianus can not give—help in staying alive. Before the morning is out, he coul be arreste.

Now Gordianus begins his most dangerous case. Hired to investigate Dio 's death by a eautiful oman with a scandalous reputation, he would mak th trail of political intrigue into the highest circles of power and the ity 's most hidden arenas of debauchery. There Gordianus will learn nothing is as it seems—not the damning evidence he uncovers, not the suspect he sends to trial, not ye real truth behind Dio 's death which lies in secrets—not of state, but of the heart.
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The Venus Throw
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Published April 15th 1996 by St. Martin's Paperbacks (first published 1995

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rated it

Indeed when an old boyfriend, the philosopher Dio stops by his house in disguise and with an eunuch at his side and says that he fears for his life, Gordianus hesitates to get involved.Shortly afterwards, his old friend dies and apparently it is urder.

rated it

This draws him into contact with the patrician Clodia and her brother Clodius, and an intrigue with political implications.Another disappointing episode- I quite enjoyed thi irst two books in a series, but Books 3 and 4 have not matched them.

rated it

Thi oet is cynical and comical, and even one of he novelis 's most memorable figures.

rated it

I think it always makes the facts zing into place for me, puttin me a better knowledg of the whys and effects of war and political decisions. " Character assassination is the cornerstone of Roman jurisprudence. " Think of it as a combination Jerry Springer and the Enquirer with its characters tossing rumors, gossip, and slanderous innuendo back and forth.It 's a bit Sherlock Holmesian the way Gordianus determines the identities of his visitors, and I ontinue to be pleased with Saylor 's depiction of Roman culture, dress, food, and manners.

How they 're going to grab power degenerates into sabotage and assassination against a group of Eygptian delegates as well as th trial between two Romans with all the salacious gossip and innuendo they can dig up or invent.The Egyptians do n't thin to become a Roman colony, and the Romans are slavering at the thought of all the plunder it represents.Hmmm, I did n't know Bethesda was such a social climber.

At the start, she 's eferring to Clodia as an old whore, and near the nd of this tory, they 're best friends.

The Fates however have a different idea in store, and when Gordianus returns from a visit with Meto, he is talked into investigating his old friend 's death, a case that ill involve seduction, lies, perversions, and poisonings.

He 's married to Menenia, and they have four-year-old twins: Titania, and Titus.Dio of Alexandria is the ambassador from Egypt and a philosopher with whom Gordianus once passed time and thought in debate when he lived in Alexandria ( see

Lucius Lucceius ( his wife tells Gordianus the truth about that night and about her daughte) and Titus Coponius are two of Dio 's hosts in Rome.

Tiro is still his secretary.Publius Asicius is the irst to go on trial; he 's a classmate of Marcus Caelius who has an apartment down the road which he rents from the Clodii.

Bethesda thinks Marcus Caelius is hot, and we first met him in Catilina 's Riddle, 3, when he was spying on Catilina for Cicero.

rated it

If you 've not real Saylor yet- but enjoy a ood mystery and/or enjoy historical fiction re ancient Rome- then its worth read ( although you wil wish to begi with he last of his Gordianus books -- Roman Blood).

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