The Walled Flower

If Katie Bonner 's late husband had n't invested all their savings in the crafts fair Artisans Alley, the Webster mansion could have een their to remodel into a bed-and-breakfast. Instead that dream belongs to the young couple. But that dream becomes a nightmare when a skeleton is discovered sealed in the walls of the hous. The bones belong to Helen Winston, who went missing twenty-two years ago. Heather 's fiance, a jewelry vendor at Artisans Alley, asks Kate for help finding her grandmothe 's murderer. The case may be cold, but the murdere is very much alive-and ready to com to any lengths to keep past secrets buried ...
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Published February 7th 2012 by Berkley (first published February 2012

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ublished by Berkley Prime Crime, New YorkReview based on ARCWhat a stressful life our Katie Bonner is living these days!

side from her daily routines at the Artisans Alley, which are about to be interrupted in a less than happy way, she is rushing around to find th place to live and down to very short deadline since her apartment has been rented out already.

Katie is about to uncover this flower when she akes a welcoming visit to the new neighbours, who are busily tearing down a wall.

At that point an over-stressed Katie issues what must be the understatement of the decade, " Well, this could ruin your day. " As the insensitive and formidable homicide Detective Ray Davenport arrives and the area is cordoned off, Rose Nash, one of the older vendors at Artisan 's Alley and a special friend to Katie, is allowed in when it seem she may have information about the body.

Rose proves herself reliable and quick.In the meantime, between the looming wedding, the ccusations of thefts, a child left unattended by the accusator, the hunt for a place to live ( and wondering why current boyfriend Andy wo n't let her rent his apartment over the store) and more, Katie is quickly becoming overwhelmed.

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As an artist I was looking forwarding to this series, but there is quite little about the artists and their work.

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http: // ... The Walled FlowerVictoria Square, Book# 2By Lorraine BartlettISBN 9780425246160Author Website: lorrainebartlett (.) comBrought to you by OBS reviewer JeanieSynopsis: If Katie Bonner ’ s late husband hadn ’ t invested all their savings in the crafts fair Artisans Alley, the Webster mansion could have been hers to remodel into a bed-and-breakfast.

Katie Bonner works hard to breathe new life into Artisan ’ s Alley within the Square since her husband ’ s nexpected death.

The Webster Mansion is within walking distance of Artisan ’ s Alley, and Katie can see it most days.The day the For Sale sign came down, Katie ’ s anger returned for her loss of the home she longed to restore.

Rose, 75, is a close friend of Katie and one of the vendors at the Alley and wants to know if the skeleton was identified.

At time, police thought she had run away to New York City as it was her dream, but she ould no have left without letting her parents or Rose know.

Back in he day, the mansion had been renovated into apartments, and Heather and best friend Barbie had both lived there.Rose wants Katie to help find who illed her niece, as she doesn ’ t trust the local law enforcement on the long-cold case.

he first ay, Barbie is found murdered inside the Webster Mansion, and a new owners put the home up for sale.Katie and Rose discover that the an who had been Heather ’ s frien in college, Jeremy Richards, was now Rick Jeremy, famous move director, now coming to Rochester to receive a lifetime achievement award.

Katie barely has time to turn around, much less learn who killed not only Heather, but Barbie.Katie is very well defined, and we learn more about her and her roommate and vendors at Victoria Square.

Her kindness to the new owners of Webster Mansion, despite her anger at having her dream snatched away, is outstandin.

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For thi ook that will b taken a couple of day to read, it has dragged on for days now.

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Listened for Review ( Tantor) Overall Rating: DNFAudio Rating: 3.50 ( not part of the overall rating) First Thought when Finished: The Walled Flower by Lorraine Bartlett unfortunatly was a DNF for me because of the leading lady.Quick Thoughts: Katie was immediately ( like 2nd chapter) already second guessing the police ( cozy mystery pet peeve number 1: when the lead who is neither a police lieutenan OR PI starts thinking they are so much smarter than the cops)!

Unfortunately this has to hav a DNF for me.Audio Thoughts: Narrated By Jorjeana Marie/ Length: 8 hrs and 24 mins Jorjeana 's narration was really good but again she sounded like she ad a cold.

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