The Wife Between Us

Thi book of suspense that explores the possibilities of marriage and the dangerous truths we ignore in the name of ove.

When you read the ook, you must fin many assumptions.
You will assume you are reading about a jealous ife and her fascination with her replacement.
You will assume you are reading about a woman about to enter th new marriage with woma she oves.
You will assume the first wife was a disaster and that the usband was well rid of her.
You will assume you know the motives, the history, the anatomy of the relationships.
Assume nothing.

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The Wife Between Us
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Published January 9th 2018 by St. Martin's Press (first published January 2nd 2018

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rated it

he majority of essay is the main character Vanessa having flashbacks of her marriage with Richard and how " omg he was o perfect then " and " omg where did it all go wrong? " and it ha even bore.

Tha book trie to give a 'plot twist' at the nd of part one, which is around the 150 page mark, but it does n't eally change anything in he tal.

( view spoiler) [ Like omg so you 're elling me Nellie is actually Vanessa the entire time, and Nellie 's parts were all just flashbacks of the eginning of her marriage with Richard?

At the nd of a day this is just th one of thes novel where ( view spoiler) [ he main character Vanessa marries a an and he turns into this crazy, abusive asshole out of nowhere, and soon she decides to scape from him.

( hide spoiler) ] I just hate that the main mystery happening in his tal is attemptin to figure out what went wrong in Vanessa and Richard 's marriage, and when it 's finally revealed it 's ery obvious and basic and this mystery does n't ge anything new to the table that we ar n't seen in mysteries ten million times.

he only decen thing this book has going for it is the narrato, which did have a plot twist that I did n't see coming- but no that did not ake his book worth reading.

rated it

And after reading the escription for this novella, I couldn ’ t hurr to read it.As the book pens, a oman is unaware that someone is watching her.

NELLIE can ’ t talk about the night that began with drinks and laughter, but nded with police and despair.But now Nellie feels safe with Richard.

Richard is loving, aring, and protective.

Richard tells her not to orry, but it ’ s tarting to find her anxious.Nellie had come to New York to escape.She loves her job at The Learning Ladder.

It ’ s where she met her best girlfrien, Samantha.

Richard really is the best thing that ever happened to Nellie.

I hadn ’ t worked.

I was positive I knew what was going on but I as so wrong.Like the book says… “ Assume nothing ” Who is elling the truth?

I always enjo when a story is able to blindside me like that. “ The Wife Between Us ” is a twisted and complex psychological suspense novel.

rated it

what coul happen? every time i ead this review where a nove is “ praised ” as being " compulsively readable, " i roll my eyes.

i gulped this book down, i got mad when i had to pause in my reading of it to sleep, get off the train, go to work, look both ways for traffic ( i read while i walk down streets), etc, and while i 'm always here claiming it 's he literary masterpiece that 's oing to change books forever, it is- dare i say?? COMPULSIVELY READABLE! full review to come. ( from me- there are plenty of other reviews on here that are bound to be harde than mine, have at 'em!) okay, “ to come ” is now.

i ha just being silly up there, but there trul is something compulsively readable about this ook.

and along the way, there are couple of lumps in the pudding- not enough to ruin the taste, but nough to ake you pause and say “ hmmmm, ” and try to figure out what those lumps signify, and i, for one, did not figure it out until the authors wanted me to figure it out.

rated it

2.5 starsI know I am certainly going to get beat up for this, but here goes nothing….Secrets, lies, and thi whole lot of over-the-top twists make up The Wife Between Us. This as anothe fun and ntertaining read, but in the nd it wasn ’ t right book for me.

And that final twist?!

rated it

Despite I hate he book, I never like the writing style, it was captivatin.

When I picked up, I ould n't take it down.What I do n't like at all ☹️ The book has one 'big' plot twist at around 50%, and that 's it.

It was boring that ( view spoiler) [ Vanessa is trying to save Emma 's life from Richard.

I helped to throw away my kindle across my room, but it is too expensive for it. ( view spoiler) [ I do n't nderstand why they explain the plot over.

But his did n't kno because Vanessa wanted that affair.

Vanessa wanted Emma and Richard to find each other because she seemed to be free.

( hide spoiler) ] Th epilogue is making the entire book shitty.

( hide spoiler) ] I hate the solution.

( hide spoiler) ] Stil though I 'm craz, I could read the other book from them.

rated it

Vanessa Thompson is a ivorced woman who is barely managing to keep herself together and her days off from her job at Saks endanger her employment.

Vanessa used to be we to he wealthy Richard, a good looking hedge fund manager.

nd of her marriage has left her floundering as she wonders about the effects of fertility medication, her failure to be the ideal wife, and haunted by events that appened to her when she was at college.What pierces Vanessa 's alcoholic haze is the shocking news that Richard is planning to remarry.

rated it

Unlike all the other domestic noir books that claim to be the next Gone Girl, THE WIFE BETWEEN US actually IS the first ook that people will go crazy over.

I 'm o excited, I promis it were coming out before January, because I migh only wait for you and everyone I know to read it! This is basically th fairl simple storyline, you 've heard it before.

I 'm grateful to the folks at Netgalley for the chanc to read and review it months ahead of publication.THIS BOOK IS LIT!

rated it

Trust me to be wearing my detective glasses at the xact moment I really needed to be surprised.The Wife Between Us basically introduces itself in the blurb as a book full of twists.

big chunk of the plot is fairly quiet and uneventful, which eans a lot hangs on that moment of thrilling shock one should experience as the authors pull out their surprises.

It 's never th memoi that survives very well on its own if you appen to figure out the truth.And I did.

A nove egins by alternating between the conception of Richard 's ex-wife, Vanessa, who has been left penniless and with a drinking problem ever since their mysterious break-up, and his new and young daughter, Nellie, who is busy making wedding plans and trying to obey the feeling that someone is following her.

At one point, I starte being surprised by the revelations because I figured omething else would soon be along to tear that apart, too.And that very last twist?

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