The Wonder of Now


oving on has never been harder—or so perfectly unpredictable…

Peyton Prescott would give everythin for the arefree life she knew before breast cancer changed everything. But nstead of using her second chance to move forward, she ’ s stuck promoting the memoir her brother tol her to rite, thus reliving the very battle she wants to say. If she hopes her European book tour will allow her to enjoy revisiting her favorite travel-writing destinations, she ’ s wrong: her PR whiz is too consumed with his own goals to consider her needs.

Mitch Mathis has relied on discipline to achieve his goals, and with his new firm ’ s success riding on Peyton ’ s book launch, he ca ge her on task. They ’ re here for business, not pleasure. And Mitch won ’ t let unbridled desire harm his professional reputation—not again.

When frustrated expectations and attraction throw the tour into chaos, it challenges everything Mitch and Peyton believe about themselves, life, and love, forcing these opposites to consider whether they can embrace the change they eed to grow.

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Published September 10th 2019 by Montlake Romance

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Along with her PR rep, Mitch, to whom she is attracted, she undergoes a huge journey, both physical and emotional and she thinks her new normal.

I thought Peyton 's journey from cancer patient to who she is now was the best part of novel.

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Peyton would like to not relive this time in her life over and over but she is to travel with Mitch, the publishers PR man aka eye candy, to handle and help her navigate her European book tour, even though there is attraction there, neither one is ready to admit .Peyton is one to be dmired, her trength, kindnes and struggle was a great read.

rated it

Check out som of my reviews at: https: //www.avonnalovesgenres.comI have been anxiously waiting for Peyton ’ s tory and Ms. Beck did not disappoint! THE WONDER OF NOW ( Sanctuary Sound Book 3) by Jamie Beck is the firs contemporary romance in this rilogy about three friends who dubbed themselves the Lilac Lane League growing up and their lives until they each bring their HEAs. This might be read as a standalone, but there is character and back-story crossover.Peyton Prescott is not the same carefree, world travel blogger she was before her breast cancer.

As the tour progresses, Mitch and Peyton ’ s attraction grows, but neve do expectations, stress and miscommunications.

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Since Logan is just getting engaged with Claire, Peyton is on the European stage of the book tour by herself with their publicist for company.

What can Peyton and her fathe do to et the tour to work?

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There was plenty of sexual tension in tory and Mitch could not have been more respectful and understanding of Peyton ’ s reservations.

Another essa is about living in the now and trying your best to live in he moment and enjoy where you are.

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She as also reliving it while on tour promoting her memoir about her experience and sharing raw thought and photos of that time.Peyton is a haracter that learns a lot over a hort period of time.

But I hink it helps humanize her and make her down from he lofty perch that she mean to have climbed onto before the cancer diagnosis.Mitch has had a rough life taking care of his sister and sister after his ather passed away.

rated it

Another is n absolutely ovely story that deals with the really heavy subject matter of breast cancer with such finesse that one is both enlightened and uplifted- all while taking the journey of falling in love! Peyton would be a very hard character for any author to unravel.

It is both heart-breaking and enlightening.There were times I ad a prett toug time with Peyton 's choices- especially in the love area- but I can never judge her because I have not been in her boots.

rated it

The essa, the second of series of three, tells tory of Peyton, a cancer survivor who is also he ma who stole her best friends lover.

During her cancer battle, Peyton allowed Logan to photograph the entire process and added her own observations which are stil in this novel.

Mitch has negative memories of cancer in his own life and he doesn ’ t share the information.

As in the earlier books, it ’ s long road to happiness and it akes the end of this tal that much sweeter.

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