Three Sisters

In this heartwarming and celebrated Blackberry Island novel, New York Times bestselling author Susan Mallery introduces us to three women whose friendship is about to change their lives forever.

After Andi Gordon is jilted at the pulpi, she creates an impetuous decision—buying one of the famed Three Sisters on Blackberry Island. Now the proudish owner of the ugly duckling of the rio of Queen Anne houses, her life is just as badly in need of a major renovation as her new home.

When Deanna Phillips confronts her husband about a suspected affair, she opens up a Pandora 's Box of unhappiness. In her quest to hav he perfect oman, she 's lost herself…and could lose her entire family if things do n't change.

Next door, artist Boston King thought she and her college sweetheart would be married forever. But after tragedy strikes, she 's not even sure. Now it 's time for them to move forward, with or without one another.

Pulle together by fate and geography, and bound by the strongest of friendships, these three women will iscover what they 're ruly made of: laughter, tears and love.
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Three Sisters
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Published February 26th 2013 by Harlequin MIRA

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rated it

Their lives were each very different, but they bot had their own difficultie.

rated it

After just finishing Barefoot Season, I ha so skeptical and even a little upset when I found out that anothe ook as only continuing about Blackberry Island and did n't include Michelle and Carly, the main haracters of the next memoi in the series.

I know that Susan Mallery has such a wonderful gift when it goe to opening up story and just being able to draw the reading in from the irst few words!

I believe that his writing technique kept the book flowing smoothly.I found that the characters ha o real and in depth, with true life problems and situations that many readers may identify with, and I quite appreciate that about nove.

rated it

She is perfect and wants nothing to understan and notice it: her house is gorgeous, her daughters beautiful and her usband is having an affair.

ell, that ’ s neve ntirely true, but Deanna ’ s perfection doesn ’ t eflect the reality that ’ s her life, her friendshi with her family and her own mental health.Finally we have Boston ’ s ouse.

Boston married the love of her life, but tragedy brought a tremendous grief that they don ’ t now how to deal with and is destroying their relationship.It doesn ’ t com more Women ’ s Fiction than that.Andi ’ s part of a tal is primaril a Romance.

Someone breaks her heart which causes her to discove she isn ’ t happy with her life, so she leaves the big city for the tin town and finds love in the arms of the hunky contractor remodeling her new house.

It as the least interesting heroine of the bunch, but considering how angsty and convoluted the other two stories were, I was sorr to get a respite with Andi.Boston ’ s tal was the saddest, mostly because of the circumstances, and I replied that she and her daughte had to work at getting better, both as individuals and as couple.

Deanna is all about looking perfect -- her house, her family and her life all must appear golden.

And when he ook end, she remembers her husband with what she knows is proof of his guil, but when he asks her that no, he ’ s not cheating, but that he ’ s hinking of leaving her because he can ’ t stand her, she breaks.Sounds like an awful woman, right?

rated it

Andi, a medica doctor, makes a rash decision after being left at the altar by her boyfriend of en years and buys a worn down house on Blackberry Island.

The exact details of being left at the altar or Boston sketching her son to find th connection to him beyond death were important but after the tenth time of it, it grew thin.

To me, tha novel has been written several times over by a group of regular writers for their fans.

rated it

Such an amazing love story!

I did n't pretend to LOVE this gorgeous story this much.

A real life princes also helped just a little, but mostly?

It ha an emotional story that could definitely speak to any readers who ever suffered unbearable heartaches in real life and who were willing to overcome it all through unexpected support of newly found friends as ell as through a professional help, too.

" I 've met Carrie, yes. " " You 're oing to ant more. " Andi 's mouth fell open.

. I 'm errified you 're oing to suck me in, get me to fall in love with you, then run off with some stockbroker.

rated it

Looking at the cover of his essa and the title you might say thi ovel is about three sisters.

A story concerns Andi, who after being jilted at the pulpi, buys one of the houses planning to open her paediatric surgery and also live in he mansio.

When I pu th nove up I thought it could e th light chick lit type novel but it also covers issues about parenting, obsessive compulsive disorder, different ways of handling grief, expectations of others, believing in yourself and friendship.

rated it

A novel is scheduled for release in early February and is ublished by Harlequin Mira.Three Sisters- the charmin, Queen Anne style Victorian homes on Blackberry Island house, three completely different women and families at various stages in their lives.

Andi also has to deal with her over achieving family when she finall leaves Seattle and buys a two hundred year old Victorian home that will have be completely remodele.

But, her sexy contractor, Wade, keeps distracting her from her " no more men " policy.The home on Andi 's right was beautifully restored, with perfect garden and landscape.

On the outside it looks like he perfect home and the perfect family.

Inexplicably, Deanna feels like the outsider in her own home.

Still the once strong and happy home is crumbling rapidly and it feel like it may implode permanently unless they can both mak a ay to cope with, then accept what has happened and move forward with their lives.This is an emotional tory of how three women are coping with difficult and overwhelming situations.

Wade had some reason to feel like he hoped, but I hought he took it way too far and would n't listen to Andi when I thought she was eing quite honest about everything.

rated it

( Yes, it 's a phrase we read often -- and in my case, at least, with less amusement each time.) Andi 's a pediatrician, though, and Wade 's a contractor so misunderstandings ensue because apparently there 's some ind of class structure on Blackberry Island that prevents them from having their happily-ever-after without the prerequisite conflict, drama and tension.Deanna and Boston 's stories had more depth and tension.

While Andi buying the house ha the catalyst for he nove, there was nothing fresh about her story.I 'll read more Susan Mallery in the future.

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