Tombs of Endearment

Cemetery tour guide Pepper Martin never imagined she 'd et to meet rock legend Damon Curtis, the bad boy poet who made millions of teenage girls scream. After all, he icked the bucket years before she was born. But thanks to her newfound ability to chat up the dead, Pepper 's got a front row seat perfect for swooning over the still-sexy Damon 's latest lyrics. He 's onvinced that his former bandmate Vinnie Pallucci murdered him back in ‘ 71, and he 's promised Pepper she wo n't give any rest or peace until she elps him rove it.

But when Pepper goes behind the music, she finds Vinnie with a knife in his heart and the remainder of the band members running for their lives. And if Pepper does n't snare the killer quickl, Damon 's next hit from the great beyond might be her swan song.
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Tombs of Endearment
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Published September 25th 2007 by Avon

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rated it

And by the second ook, I do n't cheer on characters that do n't progress, let alone go backwards.

Imma give the second one a try and I hope he author can redeem dear Pepper 's love life choices.As far as he story begin ...

rated it

I love Pepper Martin and I love he story line of his novel.

rated it

I an admit that you hit your head and now talk to dead, solving their mysteries.

Despite he fact that Pepper solves an underwhelming mystery, I did find myself enjoying aspects of he memoir and I guess I will ontinue with he series.

I suppose I like the supporting characters a whole lot better than Ms. Woe-is-me-I-can-no-longer-afford-to-spend-$ 1000-a-day-on-clothes.Here we have dead legend Damon Curtis who needs help getting his former band mate, Vinnie, to stop channeling him and stealing his songs.

rated it

I actually have a great time with each story and once again Casey Daniels took me away with his new ovel and I ’ m delighted! It ’ s time for Damon Curtis, a famous inger, to ge on the scene and to ask our heroine for help.

And I was often shocked to meet Pepper ’ s ex-fiancé and I shal say I was gla of her.It was like I aid, once again, th very nice novel and I ’ m curious to read more!

rated it

Being poor is not the beginnin of thi world, and fancy designer labels are n't all they 're cracked up to be.

A reader knows who the murdere is the econd the character is introduced.

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