Un final perfecto

We 're in New York. Red One is a doctor, Red Two is a high school teacher, and Red Three is a student of seventeen. All three are redheads. They dont know each other, but live nearby. The three received a letter, which relates to a different end of he tory of Little Red Riding Hood in which he girl dies. They have been chose to die.
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Red 1-2-3
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Published November 2012 by Ediciones B (first published 2012

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rated it

My family has a lot of redheads, the overwhelming majority of them female, so the setup was like catnip.

rated it

One an, th writer of hrillers and also a killer, decides to write himself into history by performing a perfect set of murders.

Or will the hunter become the hunted ... This one flows nicely, is far more psychological in nature than thriller, and whilst it is only going to win any awards for being the best crime fiction ever written, it is an intriguin and involving read.

Well I wo n't say of course, if you love a really good bit of crime fiction have a read for yourself.

rated it

We find early on that red number one is his wife 's doctor and red number 3 goes to school were mrs bad wolf works as the principal 's assistant.

Another book synopsis tells us he inflicts this mental psicological torture upon his victims, and while I hink that being stalked is creepy and scary I would n't go as far as to say there 's psicological torture involved.

He let them an anonymous note telling them he is oing to kill them a link to a YouTube video of each of the redheads doing something in their everyday lives and he calls them once and does n't say anything.Maybe it 's the lawyer in me but those things do not constitute a crime, yes it 's weird, yes it 's cary but how wil we now that he too is going to kill them?

Bad wolf is a crime writer a dark novella author who thinks he is so suave and smart and he has found he way to commit the perfect crimes and wants to publis book afterwards because he is oing to get rich.

But the worst part of essa is when reds unite and suddenly they want to strangle the bad wolf, they re n't even sure bad wolf is this guy, they do n't follow him, stalk him, have him investigated they just break into his house one day in the middle of the evenin, the silent alarm goes off and they manage to make mrs wolf give the security company the code and tell the alarm company it was an accident, but th conversation took at least 10 minutes, I 'm retty sure any security company would send the police just to Check things out, specially because they live in the mall own in which exciting things and crime never happen.

Katzenbach seriously needs to talk to lawyers before publishing stupid things, specially since he was a crime reporter before becoming an author and his ad was US attorney general.

rated it

3.5, 4 stars.This review will be spoileresqueI 'm trying not to take off stars for the author giving me an ending I did n't ant ... This was a different ind of nove.

Once it took off for me, though I thoroughly enjoyed it, could n't wait to see what ould happen next.Our killer was ... I 'm not sure how to understan him.

Overall, I enjoyed he read and would read more from th author.

rated it

I eally hate to say terrible things about any book, because I want that somewhere out there is an author who worked to hard on it.

He believe he 's gon na be the world 's most famous serial killer.

Hurry up and show me WHY he thinks he 's so smart before I get so bored I hurl the ook across the room.3) I just did n't buy his characters' reactions.

Most people really do believe that they are safe, that thi world is okay, and goo guy are what happen to other people.

It 's toug to convinc good book by sheer chance.

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