Una prometida perfecta

Devon Saint James, hija bastarda de una institutriz, sobrevive como puede en el oscuro y maloliente barrio de Saint Giles. Una noche es asaltada por dos delincuentes que abandonan su cuerpo en las frías y sucias calles de la ciudad.

Pero la suerte querrá que aquella misma noche, Sebastian Sterling, marqués de Thurston, recorra el barrio en busca de su díscolo hermano y, en su rastreo por las mesas de juego y los prostíbulos, se tope en su camino con el cuerpo moribundo de la joven. Cuando Devon recobra la consciencia despierta en una cálida y confortable habitación, bajo la atenta mirada del hombre más guapo que nunca haya podido imaginar.

Sebastian cree que se trata de una ladronzuela o una meretriz, lo que no es impedimento para que entre ellos surja una fuerte atracción. A medida que crece el deseo entre ambos, lo hace también la certeza de que su amor es imposible, ya que pertenecen a mundos completamente distintos. Sin embargo, el azar les deparará una sorpresa.
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A perfect bride
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Published February 2006 by Terciopelo (first published January 11th 2004

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rated it

Who was right? ” He blinked, finally dragging his eyes from her breasts.

But do you mean to say that Justin…that your brother saw my ” — faith, but she ca not bring herself to believ it — “ my breasts? ” “ I ’ m afraid so, ” he said cheerfully.

“ It ’ s not true. ” “ Well, ” he said lightly, “ if you don ’ t offend me, hen you ’ ll alway have to sk him yourself. ” His blood began to pound once more.

She lay with her hip nestled against the pillar of his maleness, which egan to swell and throb, straining high against his trousers. “ Take me now, ” she whispered.

“ You ’ ll hurt me if you don ’ t. ” Her voice caught on a half sob.

“ You ’ ll hurt me if you won ’ t. ” Her voice finally broke, and certainly did he.

Her lungs expanded in a deep, tremulous breath — quite inadvertently, he guessed — setting those lush, jutting mounds all aquiver.He knelt before her, his head poised between the scented harbor of her breasts.And though he trie his possession to be slow and un-hurried and careful, the loo of her silken channel clasped tight around his surging helm tempted him past bearing.

rated it

He ogles Devon while she 's unconscious ( after telling off his brother for doing the exact same thing); he then ccuses her of being thief and refuses to elieve her even though he 's anothe one who pu her up off the streets; he only cares about how his words/actions impacts Devon if she cries.

Her dedication and loyalty to Sebastian seems to be 90% to do with the size of his shoulders/ hands; otherwise, she 's constantly running from him in tears.

In his case, Devon needs to hav the delicate innocent who breaks through Sebastian 's crusty sense of duty.

rated it

Completely formulaic and unpretentious with the usual schmaltziness of oh-so-opposites, big guy-petite girl, class divide, ca n't find my hands off you, dayumm it 's hot in here, oops-obligations, sorry but you not wife material, villains and tons of things working against them.

I think SJ likes working with the barest of characters.

Some- thing far beyond friendship.

rated it

Updated after re-read 16/1/1This book is such a hidden gem!

She 's left bleeding in the street and thinks she will die ...... until Sebastian Sterling, Marquess of Thurston comes along.

It was hilarious and weet and it ha a Pygmalion story as good as they come.

rated it

It ’ s reminiscent of “ My Fair Lady ” and “ Cinderella ” and also reminded me a little of Julia Quinn ’ s An Offer From a Gentleman, which is one of my favourite in the Bridgertons series; yet thi story and characters seem wholly original as well.With an ideal combination of emotion, angst, and touching, sweet romance and a remarkable H/H who will have you yellin for their HEA, A Perfect Bride is a satisfying read.

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