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How we all ant to live in this world where everyone dresses up to ake out the garbage! The best part, of course, is David ’ s take on Paris treats.

A essa is one of he othe reasons as to why I love Steampunk!

Steampunk, Tarnished takes the readers on a wild ride through the streets of Victorian London.

Uploaded with ImageShack.usCue Music: Twisted and Broken- Abney Park Set in the 1888 's, Tarnished is the retellin of Cherry St. Croix -daughter of a mad scientist- who lives a dual life.

But at night, Cherry disguises herself as Miss Black, a bounty hunter or Collector as they are usually called wandering the streets of London looking for criminals and vagrants, and delivering them to the concerned parties for a certain quantit of money ...

Bought up on the streets and forced to live life under a ringmaster who keeps his performers ( mostly kids) pumped up with opium, Cherry has had a difficult time kicking the habit.

Just like how Cherry lives a dual life, she has two interesting dudes keeping her company, or ore, taking a keen interest in her.

shadow figure himself, Lord Compton finds Cherry different from the odd assortment of women in thi society.

Micajah Cage, like Lord Compton is quite a mysterious figure too.

Getting back on track here, the story deals with Cherry trying to prov a creep who is murdering the 'sweets' ( prostitutes) and taking a piece of their body ( could be an organ or something) with him as trophy of job well done.

I kne the fact that Cherry is n't in no sense a perfect female lead.

Her addiction to Opium, the reason that she hate the 'fake' society she lives in, her need to do good by those who care for her shows that she is n't perfect.

Another is that part of the ity that is mostly populated by the working class and Pollution.

Ms. Ryan captured the fear and the isolation that a person who is in terrifyin situation and who is wanting to do he right thing feels.

I an not ye imagine what it would have been like for Jack and Katarina, trapped in an environment where evil is fostered and rewarded, and the slightest mistake could end up with one 's horrible demise or failure in a mission to save lives.What I truly ppreciated was how the uthor wrote a fictional story that spoke to my spirit, my heart, and my ntellect.

How she had Jack and Katarina recalling scriptures from their childhood ( since both had lost faith due to the horrible things that happened to them prior to his ook) that reminded them of God 's protection.

How things looked so bad, but God 's spirit promised His protection and His guiding hand for His hildren, ven those who forgot that He will ulfill His promises.

Yes, I read the book right when I needed to, and it helped renew my faith that God wil take care of me.Another thing I knew about th nove were how charismatic and powerful the characters of Jack and Katarina were.

And God worked through both of them to giv them together and back to a master of His dreams and protection.This book has some very powerful scenes that made me cry.

The scenes in which these characters seem at the beginnin of their strengths, but manage to mov through because of their will, their newly rediscovered faith in God, and His steady hand of protection.

I am ot one for praying in a group ( it makes me feel awkward), but I hated thi scene where Jack and Katarina pray together.

This ba thing about his ook as that it eminded me that although Nazi Germany seemed like a godless, evil place, and it fel as though the Lord 's presence was n't there to defen he innocent from the terrors of the Nazis, that was n't true.

With trust and friendship, comes choices, ones our heroine is not referre to making ... This a SF young adult story set in the uthor 's space opera series.

his friend Hummingbird won ’ t leave him alone.

Hummingbird is always watchin and asking questions and keeping Hector from enjoying any peace and quiet.

He missed him when he couldn ’ t sleep at night and wished Hummingbird to tell the tory.

She, along with everythin else, were unaware that he obviousl had a connection to that hated organization and the nowledge that he had held something so vital from her hardened her heart towards him.It wasn ’ t until the truth came out about Drew being under compulsion, that he had no way to stop what Mackey Kendricks was forcing him to do and that Ally experienced just what it felt like being under Mackey ’ s control, that Ally ’ s heart start to thaw for him, just a little bit.

With secrets being revealed, passions being reignited, and danger ever looming on the horizon, Ally and Drew were going to e in for a heck of a fight if they were ever to have a shot at their second chance.Wow on the action and sexual tension in Forged Redemption!

Forged Redemption is a tory that brings heat, passion, and sweet romance to a boil and forges a new ath for two characters who are most deserving! This review is based on a complimentary book I received from Author, Katherine McIntyre.

I appreciate need to tread lightly here, since of course I have to sympathize with the horrible ordeal that Dianna Ortiz went through at the hands of the Guatamala military ( and with the possible involvement in that torture by the CIA), and respect the fact that she has had a long, slow, and continually ongoing process of personal, emotional, and spiritual recovery to go through.

And I believe ultimately she has strong message to share: that America 's government needs to be held accountable for their part in the injustice that takes place around the world with U.S. complicity and that torture is absolutely unacceptable.Nevertheless, I decide ot like her book much, and wil not dee it to others.

I was envisioning a book where this nun rises up from a horrific experience and heals, finds peace, orgiveness, love -- along with a burning desire to continue pressing for justice and advocate for the weak and oppressed of the world -- in short, discovers real TRUTH.

Which is justifiable and expected, even, given the circumstance, but I do n't kno she has found a new truth.I found myself -- while in the rocess of reading this ( excessively long) account -- getting repeatedly frustrated and irritated with Ms. Ortiz ( and then feeling guilty for feeling tha way).

Unfortunately, when it was released, The Atlantis Chronicls immediately offered up a cornucopia of story seeds for Aquaman, based on cultures, characters, and their history.Altogether, an ntriguing and fun book full of mysteries and drama.

I actually continue reading his books a year or so ago and I am o appy I found him.

You ’ ll meet the tender hearts who volunteer for trap, neuter and release campaigns to cut down on the euthanizing of strays at shelters; the enthusiasts who breed unusual varieties of cats and groom them for shows; and the oddballs who buy into the$ 58 billion pet industry ’ s novelty accessories.From the earliest domestication of animals to the cat meme-dominated Internet, Tucker – a cat lady herself, as frequent mentions of her ginger tom Cheeto attest – marvels at how cats have succeeded by endearing themselves to humans and adapting as if effortlessly to any habitat in which they find themselves.

Thi organization and flow of his memoir was totally professional, pulling me along, introducing new characters and fully fleshing them out for me.

veryone seemed so real and the story so believable I felt like I was walking the treets of Aberdeen.The book is eautifully written, the language is lyrical, descriptive and evocative, including ll the important details to paint a complete picture.I did not uess the ending, either ... and I especiall do!

Get me a quilt!

I love quilting.

Crome Yellow is Huxley 's first boo.

It takes place in a place called Crome.

Despite I hate he book, I never like the writing style, it was captivatin.

When I picked up, I ould n't take it down.What I do n't like at all ☹️ The book has one 'big' plot twist at around 50%, and that 's it.

It was boring that ( view spoiler) [ Vanessa is trying to save Emma 's life from Richard.

I helped to throw away my kindle across my room, but it is too expensive for it. ( view spoiler) [ I do n't nderstand why they explain the plot over.

But his did n't kno because Vanessa wanted that affair.

Vanessa wanted Emma and Richard to find each other because she seemed to be free.

( hide spoiler) ] Th epilogue is making the entire book shitty.

( hide spoiler) ] I hate the solution.

( hide spoiler) ] Stil though I 'm craz, I could read the other book from them.

Vanessa Thompson is a ivorced woman who is barely managing to keep herself together and her days off from her job at Saks endanger her employment.

Vanessa used to be we to he wealthy Richard, a good looking hedge fund manager.

nd of her marriage has left her floundering as she wonders about the effects of fertility medication, her failure to be the ideal wife, and haunted by events that appened to her when she was at college.What pierces Vanessa 's alcoholic haze is the shocking news that Richard is planning to remarry.

Trust me to be wearing my detective glasses at the xact moment I really needed to be surprised.The Wife Between Us basically introduces itself in the blurb as a book full of twists.

big chunk of the plot is fairly quiet and uneventful, which eans a lot hangs on that moment of thrilling shock one should experience as the authors pull out their surprises.

It 's never th memoi that survives very well on its own if you appen to figure out the truth.And I did.

A nove egins by alternating between the conception of Richard 's ex-wife, Vanessa, who has been left penniless and with a drinking problem ever since their mysterious break-up, and his new and young daughter, Nellie, who is busy making wedding plans and trying to obey the feeling that someone is following her.

At one point, I starte being surprised by the revelations because I figured omething else would soon be along to tear that apart, too.And that very last twist?

She 's smart and funny- the well-behaved child who never causes trouble who suddenly finds herself running an illicit library out of an empty locker and supplying banned books to her middle school classmates.

his is the fourteent nove in the Shelby Alexander series.

Plus, I 've enjoyed Carly as a character and her relationship with Shelby, but she 's completely ignored in this one.

What I love most about his nove?

Zoe hates fae and Ryker hates the humans.

I nearly gave up reading this nove to be honest.

I truly like a different perspectiv to telling the background history and kind of starting this book a little bit later might have ha better.

He cared for his people even when Lord Vesper would n't, he adore his family dearly, and he created the serums that were the basis for the 39 Clues first 10 books.

I felt soooo bad for him and everyone when he was illed, but I worried it would happen sooner rather than later due to assertio that he took the lethal serum and in the many books it says Gideon died before he ould ge a complete, working, safe serum.

What/who I mostly loved about th first story was Luke!

For like the whole 39 Clue 's 1st 10 books all I was thinking was, " What a cruel bastard he had to hav in order to b the Lucien 's be the way they are! " I mostly blame Ian, Natalie, and of course Isabel for this.

( Go Ekats! /Katherine!) SECOND STORY-MADELINE'SOk, so my friend Julia said this was the BEST of the novella, so naturally I was expecting something super amazing, to be unable to surpass Gideon 's.

Another hing I like most about th tal, and his may sound weird, was the sayings Olivia ( the mom) would always tell Maddy when she did something like her siblings: A Jot of Jane, a Cut of Katherine, a Touch of Tomas, and a Lick of Luke ( my fav one).

I mean I thin I have soft spot for Luke now after reading Gideon 's story, but come on, I 'm ot cute.

and He 's so ba with his kid.) THIRD STORY-GRACE'SOk truthfully I barely read this one.

Anyway Amy and Dan 's story was fine I guess, but never as great as one of full books.

Conversations With God: An Uncommon Dialogue ( Book 2) ( 1997), Neale Donald WalschConversations with God ( CwG) is a sequence of books written by Neale Donald Walsch.

Beautifully-written with much eartache for these young girls who are sold into prostitution by their families.

Usuall they are sold because of extreme poverty and all money must be spent on the Males of the family.

But ometimes, as in he ook, they are sold just because the Male wants a new winter coat and a irl is just money wasted in feeding her when she shoul be sold for mone and no expenses in the future.

Finally the heroine, if she should be called that, does escape to an American mission.

In al ways his ook offended me of another 90s YA, Dreadful Sorry, although this dealt with amnesia and not past lives.

It 's the great read for young and old, especially those who love ghost stories.

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