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( Can you find an American in the US who speaks French?

Yet, author asks, " why are Americans fixated on how impolite the French are? " If you wish to be treated w courtesy, you ust practice the rules of politesse.

As an American expat to Europe myself, I really can identify with his ange, but sometimes the book eels more like a rant than a boo.

I 'm also visiting Vegas in a few hours, so I figured it ould n't hurt to read up a little on the area.

It 's nice to see the unny side of police work, rather than the negative side.

I wished to ead the ook from my picks because it say the Battle at Chickamauga, Chattanooga and some other places.

The Chickamauga Battlefield is about 15 minutes from our house here in Chattanooga and this is one of the places me and my dog used to hike, dad would come with us a lot as well.

At the Battlefield there is a lot of land and trails into the woods where you can hike or ride your horses.

Girl in the Shadows is full of intriguing magic, fun circus acts, and this bit of mystery surrounding our main characters!

We meet our main haracter, Moira, as she is getting ready to impress her magician father in order to find this job with him ..

It was difficul to root for her as story progressed.After a rough audition process, Moira ends up getting hired to work season for the Cirque American.

It was probably my avorite thing about the book.It was a lot of un to writ about Moira 's escape acts, there were moments when I as always frustrated that I shoul n't stop reading!

Gwenda Bond was able to capture every description perfectly to make it loo as if you were there in the crowd watching all of these circus acts alongside Moira.I enjoyed all of the protagonists, too ..

I have n't read the companion ook, but I now there were characters from that one in th story ..

And he story wraps up great.I really loved the ending and Moira 's personal journey throughout he memoi.

The again, Cass and Max-Ernest are set on a mission to ind the Secret, but more importantly ( this time,) the homunculus.

I ould suggest this book to those who like to read in suspense and mystery.

Fun, uirky, and bit fierce, Emily is one young lady that knows who she is and does not bend to popular opinion.

Anothe write does a great job of juggling chaos and action scenes.

I found there to e a level of arrogance that we still see in societies today – people thinking that their way is the right ay, so everythin else is wrong and insisting that ages old traditions and beliefs be altered to fit their standards.

I ’ ve lways felt that we hurt to the extent that we love, and based on the pain they both endured because of one another, it was ery clear to me that they oved each other a depth and intensity than neither ever thought they were capable of.Before her parent ’ s deaths, Emma had been so full of oy, looking forward to her future, but seein their drowning when the ship they were aboard enroute from England to India sank, while she herself survived the tragic event, could e the only xplanation for why she went from eing a happy, emotionally healthy young woman to being the morose, dark character she became.

I have to ay, I was itting on the edge of my seat stressing out while reading this, worried about how there could possibly e a happy ending with all Julian and Emma had been through, but in a wonderful plot with any twists and turns, they are encourage to rely on one another once again to help each other solve a deadly mystery and to lift one another from their dark pasts, back into the light where they can love and have he happily ever after that they re no deserving of.This is yet one more in an ever growing list of books by an author new to me that was truly wonderful.

Rich with detail and emotionally riveting, The Duke of Shadows has everything I eed, and finally some, for book to hav anothe 5 star read.

I read The Duke of Shadows for the irst time some years ago – before I started reviewing – and I remember being blown away by the quality of the writing, the vitality of the setting and the passion and intensity of the romance.

I don ’ t give much time for re-reading these days, but I decided one was in order prior to reading and reviewing The Sins of Lord Lockwood ( Lockwood is a major – and very intriguing – secondary character in The Duke of Shadows), and I ha once again awed by the author ’ s talent and this wonderful book which was, genuinely, her début.

As I didn ’ t rite review the irst time around, I ’ m comin to do that now.It is 1857 and the British have ruled India – by fair means or foul ( mostly foul) – for many decade.

I ’ ll admit to being slightly less taken with the econd part of this memoir, and to finding Emma on the verge of becoming unlikeable, but it ’ s testament to he write ’ s skill that I was ble to describe her pain and her anger even as I didn ’ t like what it was doing to her and to Julian.

Ms. Duran ’ s portrayal of talente oman who has endure more tragedy in her life than anyone hould have to is superbly multi-faceted; Emma evokes the reader ’ s sympathy while retaining a steely determination that has clearly supported her in dark times but which ould also prove to be her own worst enemy.Julian has been on my list of top romance heroes ever since I read he ook the first time, and I ’ m disappointed to say he ’ s onl there.

he Duke of Shadows is, in spite of the small reservations I have expressed, a fantastic read full of warmth, tenderness, humo, pathos and, at times, emotion so raw that it ’ s practicall painful.

Of course, this is the remix version, so it was different than the original Invisible Monsters but mainly just in the formatting and some added chapters.

* If you ar n't read Invisible Monsters before and you choos to read it, I migh advise the original version.

* Finall, tha is best book ever ( other than the original version), and reading Invisible Monsters for the last time was one of he most ignificant points in my life and led to so much for me.Edit: Sorry, there are th few more extra chapters than I riginally fel, so make sure to look through this book a few times for all the extra chapters I guess.

Eliot does n't always succeed, and any of his poems seem trite and pretentious, but when he succeeds he hits dead on with poetry perfect in form, balance, and sound.

Certainly every story in the collection is going to be stellar, like not every song on an album is going to hav a masterwork.

I felt great sympath for Kohn, the socially-awkward luthier who, despite his desire for peace and quiet, becomes a source of support for a discarded child who desperately needed him in his life.

One of which is more elaborated story of the Cahill history starting with Gideon Cahill 's finding of the cure to the Black Death and Damien Vesper trying to kee hold of it as the cure was actually eant to create the ordinary body develop extraordinary features.

And hose are to rotect the ring ( which Olivia Cahill gained from Gideon and ostensibly has some important message with it) from the Vespers, protect the arcane prospect of the 39 clues and most of ll, unite her siblings once again.

Personally, I realize it ard to do the latter since I have n't actuall had a clue on what my brothers and sisters look like but anyhow, they 're Cahills, and I 'm not.

I do n't hink I will give off much details about this one.Enough about the history, we now ge to the present century where our dear Amy, Dan, and Fiske Cahill, and of course, Nellie Gomez were living their lives with as much normality as they could ever mak.

Present tense writing can do wonders in skillful hands ( see Wake, Fade by Lisa McMann), but in that case this style was mishandled, it did n't creat any kind of intensity to the tory.

I do like it when an author leaves you thinking and allows you to ome up with question on your own, but in that case, to much was left to my min, that there was simply not enough information in his novel to like a story and get attached to the haracters.

oo much was left untold or just hinted at to truly njoy he nove.

Narratio and protagonis, Jayne Sparks, has bags of personality.

I ad a stupid-ass grin on my face through the entire scene, it as so charmingly funny.Anyhoo, a fantastic start to a ruly magical adventure with a truly unique and three dimensional heroine!

I genuinely hate his nove!

Thi different storyline in this ook are interesting too.

You eel like they are quite a part of anothe tory and not just sitting on the sidelines.

The lectures cover a broa range of issue and the first one is how to convince a therapist, what questions to ask, and how to set up a good working relationship, which is ust the icing on he cake of this course.

When he does et more satirical than silly, he tends to go with the kinds of points you hear from the idiot you work with that purposely avoids learning anything about the political system or the deologies of others but feels the need to have strong opinions.

Of course, Barry does it in a manner that is funny and intended to sound ridiculou, whereas the idiot you work with is completely serious and actually believes he knows more than nyone else ( not just about politics, but also about science, business, household tasks, relationships, gardening, animal breeding, surgery, nano-technology ...

While the cover was attractive, I never did not like his story at all.

For the past seventy ears, George, her fianc has efused to sleep in the same bed as Jeanie, and yes, thi means they have n't been intimate in the eriod of time.

It is not explaine about, but it is the elephant in the tal ... over and over and over.Jeanie runs a small health food shop and she takes care of her two wee old son on Thursdays as they visit the park together.

hose two things keep Jeanie going as her resentment towards her husband builds and comes to a head when George decides that she woul retire, they will sell the house, and they will move to another country.

For all her talk about youth, Jeanie does n't come across as incere or as though she elieves what she herself says.I found the story boring, repetitiv, and with way too many " excuses " as everyone 's miserable past is revealed -- from Jeanie to George to Chanty, ( the couple 's daughter) to Alex, Chanty 's husband.

Late there was Rita, Jeanie 's best friend, also in the 60 year old bracket who always gave Jeanie advice and pep talks and urged her to ake stand against George.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A big thank you to Karina Halle for providing me an ARC for an honest review!!!

Sins& Needles will be Karina Halle 's first release of 2013 and all I an ay right now is ...... Bring out the fireworks my peeps, coz this woman is ROCKIN GOOD!!!

Woohoo, god, I do n't always now where to star the review with!

I 've been excited to writ this ever since Karina announced it, and thi reason that I got to read an ARC of it is mayb a sliver lining on the cloud that I 'm floating on right now!!!

Fleeing from one of her such Oh-shit-I-fucked-up-with-the-wrong-man situation Ellie finds herself driving back to her hometown.

Uncle Jim being Ellie 's only saving grace every time she or her family needs saving.

Ellie decides to find anothe job at a Coffee shop, somethings better than nothing right, something a little too inconspicuous.

Ellie and Camden ...

Sins& Needles is an absolute Karina Halle is an expert when it omes to creating characters who are fucked up and story lines which are messed up!

Ellie and Camden are such two characters who are living their life with the choices they 've made.

Karina Halle has quite an exquisite 'Desert Playlist' that bodes well with the feeling of his ook.

;) What I alway enjoy about Karina Halle 's writing and story telling technique is that not only does she create some pretty real and genuine characters, she also say how to get the reader engrossed in thi world she creates for these characters.

Sins and Needles is her first Dark Contemporary romance and the woman sure knows how to spin one hell of a fairytale.

When i got he book, i did n't realised, it might be about Hansel and Gretel, the German story i hate so much.

Once I realized tha is Day 's perspective of the years after he lost his memory up until the day he meets June.

I like seeing, my sweet, Day find something that he had lost and to finally be happy:) I NEED MORE, SO MUCH MORE!!

Throughout the cookbook, there are photos included of Ree and her family around the ranch.

What a lot of work must have gone into taking all the photos for each recipe.Ree also likes to cook ahead and throughout he ook are o many thing to do hat.

Wow did this taste good! I look forward to so many more recipes in th ook that I need to try and also, I hope to pick up al of her other cookbooks as well.

However in th age of digital books, I like to b a real, hard copy cookbook to sit on the counter while following a recipe.

If you enjoy real, country cooking but want an entertaining book as well, you reall mus give this a try.

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