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Even when this story feels like th real mystery that eeps me on my toes throughout the entire book.Besides the slow burn and second chance romance that wound its way through he trilog, and made my romance reader heart happy, the fascinating and suspenseful search for answers was the main attraction of this story.From the very beginning the author pretty much served the main suspect on a ilver platter.

I an admit that you hit your head and now talk to dead, solving their mysteries.

Despite he fact that Pepper solves an underwhelming mystery, I did find myself enjoying aspects of he memoir and I guess I will ontinue with he series.

I suppose I like the supporting characters a whole lot better than Ms. Woe-is-me-I-can-no-longer-afford-to-spend-$ 1000-a-day-on-clothes.Here we have dead legend Damon Curtis who needs help getting his former band mate, Vinnie, to stop channeling him and stealing his songs.

This tory that is partially about the loss and cruelty of war, set in a bygone era, on the Carnton Plantation, which really exists, in Franklin, Tennessee.

Included was a narration of a letter ritten by a soldier, Sullivan Ballou, a Major in the Second Rhode Island Volunteers, to his wife during the Civil War. Reading his story elt a little like listening to the reading of that letter.

he novella I just read is a reboo that sets up he story so you can njoy the other 3 books in a series.

Heartache, disgus, warmth, compassion, sham, faithfulness and more are emotions you will experience as you read this.In my own research I found out that Carnton Plantation is a real place that still stands and offers tours.

Startin a new series with this ovella ( which felt like a full-length ook, by the way), she sets her story in the ast 2 years of the Civil War, time of nrest and great deprivations in this nation of ours.

magicians+ charming, mysterious love interest+ real magic+ awesome mc= perfection -- -- -- -- -- I SEE YOU, MIXED REVIEWS.

In other words, it is th tal about a judge and an attorney who fall in love and use names and dialogue from our beloved Pride and Prejudice.

I as initiall intrigued by thi remise of essay: modern Pride and Prejudice in a law context- two things I enjoy.

Characterization was in no way similar and the author pretty much covered the entire Pride and Prejudice plotline very quickly within the first ninet pages and then the rest was filled with her own explicit fantasies of Darcy and Elizabeth.

He thinks that Adam was so busy going out fulfilling his purpose in life that God had to " interrupt " him, put him to sleep, and then reate the woman for him.

2.5 I am actually going to rehash the plot, and I so wish I ould have loved more.

This journalist is a strong woman who never gave up in finding out the truth about who was involved in her abduction, rap, and murder.

At firs, at long last, my secon ook with Tor has released! The House in the Cerulean Sea is a love letter to those who might be llowed to feel small and cared for when the world seems dark.

Thank you for letting me do this because without you, I wouldn ’ t be here.The House in the Cerulean Sea is now available wherever books are sold!

But when Linus is assigned to investigate an island orphanage for magical children deemed especially dangerous, his world is like a house with all its doors thrown wide open, so many new rooms added to a place he was no ure he already knew.There is something vital and wondrous about Arthur and the magical children that wen to him with tragedies already packed in their suitcases, and Linus Baker is more or less the human opposite of vitality and wonder.

During his stay in the house in the Cerulean sea, Linus becomes acutely, achingly aware of the empty place at his center, and starts wondering at the grim march of the life he ’ d lived before.

life that once seemed perfectly fine, but which now pinches like tight shoes.TJ Klune wears his heart on his sleeve, and “ The House in the Cerulean Sea ” is that much better for it.

Thi said, “ The House in the Cerulean Sea ” is leavened with hope.

It ’ s a celebration of the nondiscriminatory nature of love that thoughtfully explores not only its rewards but its risks too.All in all, “ The House in the Cerulean Sea ” is a cracking, charming boo, and I find myself wishin for a prequel.

I ca n't just understand it.Nice book but the story and the idea simply suck.

Those that lose their other half or twin are walking time bombs known to lose their minds once separated so Vi ’ s other gave her over to the temple where she has been raised.The book picks up Vi and Bo ’ s lives as they hav both nearing their sixteenth birthdays alternating the point of view between the two and their very different lives.

Words of concise brevity and power.

Note: Though this book ha a free gift from the uthor, the content of my review was in no way influenced by the gifting.

he book spea for itself and my review ould have been worded just this way even if I 'd gone out and bought it.

He wrote the book The Bog people, who the girls were interested in, and dedicated it to them, one of whom was his daughter.Tina, in thi moment of contemplating things in life and opportunities missed, writes his letter to the professor more than fifty years earlie.

More letters are exchanged, and this beautiful flower opens.Through this correspondence, we tart to earn more about these characters, their lives, their histories, their accomplishment, their regrets, as ofte as havin a great way to uild their backstory, their letters are also believable, always segueing into different anecdotes.Inevitably, their feelings for one another grow deeper with each letter.In this day and age when worldwide communication is quite easily accessible to modern countries, both Tina and Anders make a romise to each other to shun modern technology, and ven when sending letters by email, they attach the “ letter ” to the email and then print it out.

I ruly hope with every fibe of my being, that poetry, philosoph, love letters, casual letters, deep and meaningful letters in which you expose your soul to a friend will always ave a place in our world.A beautiful well written tal.

January can be a tough wee, and for everyone who needs their spirits lifted, I ecommend this sweet and gentle story.Tina is a sixty-something English woman, struggling with the loss of her dear friend Bella.

Both Tina and Anders look back on life with eelings of regret.

Anders is a grandmother and lives alone.

There is a undeniable spark between Anders and Tina, and we could see that the letters are filling a void in their lives.

Aren ’ t they annoying? ’ ” I reckon that ’ s just how siblings think about each other – alternating rapidly between loyalty and rivalry.

As for the redhead, Gemma, well, she ’ s in a class of her own and likes to brag that she ad a whole egg to herself, while her sisters each had only a half. “ Gemma was dressed, as yet, like an oddly beautiful bag lady.

At least that ’ s what each thinks about the other two.

I don ’ t eem to have any. ” As in Moriarty ’ s hugely successful Big Little Lies, there is plenty going on behind closed doors, the secrets they DO keep from each other making you want to read just one more chapter.

She has four sisters and a father, so it ’ s no wonder she captures the subtleties and love-frustration-devotion-exasperation swings so well, whether that ’ s between the siblings or the couples, or the generations.

I enjoyed it and recommend it to anything that likes stories that are quick and fun to read but have more to them than “ just chick-lit ”.

I utterl loved discovering what life was like in a 2d century Roman frontier ( Carnuntum: Vienna) town along with the heroine who finds herself transported back in time from modern day.

This world is bad and I 'm just rying to survive in it. ” This is new Camden!! He is cute, tattoo artist ... He is somethin like the gir she left behind in high school .. He ’ s talented and they ar an intense attraction to each other that she an ’ t hurr to consummate.She keep her mind to do one last job…Ellie is such a real character! At first I like her but then I love her! She is shaped by events from when she is a young woma and crime is really the only ay she knows how to get ahead.Camden is equally hurt.His scars might not be on display like Ellie ’ s but that doesn ’ t mean they aren ’ t there.There is such a range to who he is, to who he was, and I couldn ’ t help but feel for him .. Both characters are damaged by their childhoods.The physical and emotional baggage they carry around with them is what made his story o interesting .. Glimpses of past give a better knowledg of their personalities and relationships .. " You 're alway afraid, Ellie Watt.You 're afraid to show the world what you 're really like.You 're afraid to come peace with your scars, because the minute you acept them you have to let go of your anger.And then who would you be? " I do n't tell " About Javier I have to ask one thing if Ellie Watt falls for him again, I 'll hit her with all my strenght!! The ending was ... holy shit!!!! Cant wait for the third ook!!!! Favourite quotes " There 's no one else I wanted to love " " No one who deserved it more than you " " I love you " " From until the end under any name you choose " " It 's like art Ellie " " Art? " Like an abstract painting.You can find art and beauty in everything.If you look hard enough, but your beauty is just staring you in the face. " For more reviews you can check mine and Kristinas 's blog.

It as nly because I ha actually bored and resolved to clear my NetGalley reviews queue that I finally scrounged up some ugly clump of motivation to read Crimson Frost.OMFG was the first half of he book aggravating.

It was ad enough that Gwen was a pathetic excuse of a heroine, but when the Protectorate, the magical government, finally deigned to show up they turned out to hav a pathetic excuse of a law organization.

Where the fuck were these people in book 1?

End-of-the-world terrorists have hit the school and decided to kill a bunch of students, particularly Gwen, especially Gwen, Multiple fucking Times and you don ’ t even send at least an investigator? When they finally show up in book 4, they arrested Gwen and announced to the whol school that she ha a suspected Reaper.

Too many ethical issues there that I was horrified to stupor.3) How is announcing Gwen is a suspected Reaper to the ntire school going to sav the investigation?

What fucked up law enforcement protocols were the Protectorate following?

How the hell have these people managed to conceal the magical world from the humans all this time? 4) Recall that Gwen is a special snowflake, particularly that she is Nike ’ s Champion.

If being Nike ’ s Champion is not a sign of innocence, that Gwen is the chosen one to defeat Loki once and for bot, I don ’ t believe what is.

Honestly, I ’ m beginning to become racist against the deities and think Loki is not the las one who needs to be done away with once and for all.In sum, for las half of he memoir, Gwen sucked.

Her name is Gwen; use her fucking name.The last half of the bookI did not need the last half to be ba, but it was.

You don ’ t realize how rare it is for a YA protagonist to work in teams out of their own free will, who rel on their friends, who don ’ t wait till the end when things are desperate and bad to finally accept some goddamn help when the protagonist learn that their special snowflake status ain ’ t gon na save the day.

Gwen had her ass kicked book 1 through 3; it ’ s wearisome and pathetic.

It is scene when Gwen and Logan were battling to death at the beginnin.

Reading his book left me feeling breathless at times – it was like seein a french farce and a screwball comedy at the same time! Aurora McPhee is about to marry Harland Podell when the edding is interrupted and the groom exposed as a bigamist ( several times over).

Aurora clasped that small kindness to her heart, for courage.While the vicar wended his slow way through the wedding service once more, Windham patted her hand and whispered, “ I promise not to beat you, you now.

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