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Distraught by a painter who is taking to long to paint his apartment, his passive aggressive ways lead him to asking friends for advice, who tell him to simply put the painter 's supplies outside and let him kee the hint, which advice he happily and weakly follows.I think he fears French women the most.

While she cleans, he leaves, but is irritated by how shor it takes her because he ca n't stand to be there at the same time.

If you do n't let your employee spending so much time cleaning ( or painting) your flat, tell her to scram, fire her, or tell her to work faster because she annoys you!

So it 's necessary to notice and find joy in the small things: " small acts of helping others, if one could; small ways of making one 's own life better: acts of love, acts of tea, acts of laughter. " I conside his nove as a small vacation from life 's big concerns.

Chief Inspector Armand Gamache must wrestle with the core of his being in this ext trilog of Louise Penny ’ s ongoing series.

Without needing his compatriots, Gamache sends Inspector Beauvoir back to Three Pines to covertly reexamine the case of local resident, Olivier Brulé, whom series readers will know was arrested and onvicted of murder at the nd of the previous book.

Penny explores this struggle throughout, pushing her protagonist into the middle as he attempts to find not only the killer, but to examine how the Literary and Historical Society—an Anglophone organization in the heart of French Quebec—has survived this long and what take they have had on Champlain and his role in Quebec ’ s founding.

Penny has really pushed the reader to their limits with this one, seeking to juggle multiple crimes in a series of time periods.

Specifically, Penny seeks to explore Quebec nationalism and paint her protagonist into a corner as he works in Quebec City.

Gamache has grown so much over the past few novels that the series reader might not expect as much development as can be found in this sixth piece.

Gamache still ends up in Quebec City for this book, Beauvoir is still ble to return to Three Pines on his own, but the reader has that intense storyline out of the way and free from constant flashbacks.

Turnin on, I adored how before every illusion or magic trick, she ould tell a small story about female magicians who came before, and it helped with my understanding her love for magic.So, as much as I liked Moira, I id ot like the instalove she had for Dez, another performer in the circus.

Her " friends " were minor roles in th essay, and he different people mentioned were also rarely present, and when they were, I did n't like them.

When Elizabeth discovers that their host and Charley 's best friend is none other than Judge Darcy, she finds that first impressions are n't always accurate and that this vacation is one she could never forget ... This debut boo by Sara Angelini is a modern adaption of “ Pride and Prejudice ” with quite a few remarkabl twists: Jane and Charley Bingley are surgeons, Louisa Hurst appears in he form of Elizabeth 's gay best friend, Lou Hurst, and Darcy and Caroline are casually sleeping together!

Ms. Angelini did a fantastic job of modernizing and adapting the characters of “ Pride and Prejudice ” to the twentieth Century and the legal world.

In addition, Ms. Angelini, who is also an attorney, provides a well-research and accurate portrayal of the legal and judicial system.

If you are open-minded and love to read modern “ Pride and Prejudice ” adaptions, than his is thi nove you wil not miss.

4.5 stars rounded up to 5 starsI won a paperback copy of a memoi in th The Darcy Monologues raffle and promised myself that I shoul read all the any books won in that raffle for a third time as I had read them once already.

Legal rules demand that they ar no relationship so the way in which they finally ome together is rather HOT and unsuppressed.Previous review: I have very mixed and conflicting feelings about his ook.

I read them and enjoyed those modern tales, but ave now come to conclusion that one must realize and emphasize that modern variations are going to reflect 21st century morals and culture, i.e., a gay community in the open, drug us, women in professions, one-night stands, friends with benefits, etc.

For me it was a stretch to not only imagine a gay male BFF going into the dressing room while Lizzie tries on lingerie but also physically demonstrating a technique he recommends she use in her elationship with Darcy.Elizabeth is a tease in this memoi.

She comes across very proper in the courtroom but take her to a karaoke bar and put her on stage, or set her in a boring conference next to a man she has just realized she wants to entice into her bed, or send her miles away to work so that she has to ome up with th way of sending Darcy reminders of what he is missing.

We don ’ t ar the rejected proposal scene but a parallel offer to collaborate in a paper for a law journal is presented.About 72% into he nove on kindle we read of Darcy saying, “ I an ’ t consider it, it just is.

Lizzy is floored when she discover who it is she has been seeking…not in a million years would she imagine he is " old " man with eyeglasses and gelled hair sitting on bench in front of her and giving her a very difficult time in her daily legal work.Part of the isunderstandings in this book ave to do, not with class separations or scandalous family behaviors but, with who is oing to sacrifice what or not to make their relationship workable or the keeping of a pact made to pretend they have no relationship now nor have they had any in the recent past.This book has been around for a while but in noting the date it was published I realize I was planning first one then the other of two of my own children ’ s weddings.

ostly it was the cover that did it for me ( minimalistic, yet conveying-almost-everything this book is about ... and I kne the colors) .Boy, am I glad today I grabbed it.Marie Force is a totall new author for me, but she caught my attention immediately and did n't let go until the last e-page of this intriguing romantic suspense novel.It had it all- romance, tension, blood, gore, intrigue, drama, myster, politics, sex, fetishes, dark secrets, double lives, stalkers, etc.

Ms. Force did a truly amazing job with this book.The characterization was great, I adore both Sam and Nick, their mutual past did n't detract from the main tory, but added a nice little spin on it all.


What might be a major tragedy is cleverly averted by the combined efforts of Sabrina, Hunter and Sookie.

As Sookie and Hunter are getting the gift bags, the boyfriend shows up.

Since Logan is just getting engaged with Claire, Peyton is on the European stage of the book tour by herself with their publicist for company.

What can Peyton and her fathe do to et the tour to work?

( jacket copy reading is for losers) It has a pretty kickass heroine, mermaids, werewolves ( that may or MAY look like an Ewok in my picture), people made of water, people made of fire, vampires, rolls, nymphs, faeries, and something else you can think of.

Things go a little dicey when all sorts of paranormals are being abducte, the Center is invaded, and some faeries are being total douchebags.

( view spoiler) [ The moment Evie looks, sees a sign for the prom, and then Lend asks her ( hide spoiler) ] Fun, sure, but I was alway happy with the natural pacing of the relationship -- I was glad it was n't going into trite YA foreverlove territory, and it till did n't ... but it did bring a little cheesified.Kiersten White has a great kin of umor.

I 'm excited to see where it oes in the first book -- Supernaturally. ( which, ncidentally, has Evie in a purpl dress and with some red ( and probably completely irrelevant) flowers on the cover) ( view spoiler) [ I 'm a little bit nnoyed that Evie left Vivian alive/potentially alive.

Whatever your side, it 's causing a lot of talk ... https: //www.theguardian.com/lifeandst ... But it 's not all doom and gloom in Tucker 's book, she put at a ultitude of subject areas: she traces the roots of cat worship to Bastet in Ancient Egypt, shows the evolution of cat genetics and cat breeding, looks at cats in literature, assesses their role in human relationships and modern culture.

If you 're goin for one of those 'cats are the best!' books, this probably ins't for you, but if you trul want to understand more about cats and how they have fit themselves into our lives, this is great place to begi.

It seems like he great majority, if not all, of the ambiguit and conflict in he ook ha a esult of the characters just not bothering to ever tell anyone anything, and not for any reason beyond " Oh, I just woul n't! " It seemed a bit like lazy writing to me.

Maylene never bothering to tell her just seemed ridiculous, considering the danger.Also, her issues with Byron.

Did n't end up finishing this one.

I 'm afraid you wo n't love me anymore if I tell you.4.

Obviously there you have it.I might have been kinder if I as n't rustrated by the above skullduggery with drawing out the reveal.

But each Domain is under the influence of the Powers -- main elements of nature -- even when the people don ’ t recognize this.The story develops when the Power, Fire suddenly denies fire to several Domains, beginning with the Last Dominion, where Ember and her family reside.

This emotional interactions between the two, and the events that triggere them, are ome of the most powerful in the book.Many of the early chapters that detail the travels of Ember ’ s group are also sed to elucidate the beliefs and magic associated with the various area of th World: The Great Forest, Starkling, and Ice King ’ s Country are all vividly presented.

But overall, Ember and Ash is a tory of quest and transformation with lyrical writing and strong characters.

Ms. Freeman takes us on a new journey through the Domains and introduces us to the old gods -- up-close and personal.

At the conclusion of the Casting Trilogy, the resident of the old blood ( dark hair and red heads) and Acton 's people ( Blondes) a thousand years earlier found their way to a bloody truce.

I left the Casting Trilogy satisfied with he conclusion but mourning so much loss.I was prepared for the sacrifices Ms. Freeman is willing to ake to illustrate tragedies that come with desperation and bad karma.

( view spoiler) [ he story egins when one of thi old gods, an elemental, Fire, shows up at Ember 's wedding requesting she come to honor him at his mountain.

Ember is the grandmother of warlord and is half old blood.

I njoyed the journey through the Domains, the elemental gods, the life and death struggles, and the unexpected twist at the beginnin -- bittersweet but satisfying.

I pulled his nove up thinking it was an urban fantasy in the Wild West, and what I read wasn ’ t far off from that impression.

It as so wful it took me 2-3 months to finish, speaking as a reader who in a motivated mood can finish 2-3 novels in a single day.One chapter in and I actuall said his book wasn ’ t comin to be rated more than 2 stars.

plot kept flashbacking all the way up to the middle of he fucking climax!

( Funny enough, I then read a ook that was all tell and no show.) I swear, one-half to two-third of the ook was flashbacks.The multiple viewpoints exacerbated the problem.

There were way too many of them as if it couldn ’ t be decided who were the main haracters and who ha the supporting characters; everyone needed their own fucking flashback.

Wan me say you who the main characters were: runaway Jim, Deputy Mutt, housewife/assassin Maude, and Mayor Pratt.

For contex, Ch ’ eng, as th Chinese immigrant, lent the book more diversity and showed racism in a thought-provoking way that wasn ’ t your typica “ white people back then were racists. ” He ha a Chinese mafia boss of the tin town and he showed the reader racism on the Chinese side and how racism played a big role in survival on the American frontier, but in a thoughtful way that didn ’ t iminish the racism of the blu characters and ake it into “ but they did it too ” whine.

Bot right, and because Jim was the first character introduced and thus taking all the servings of my sympathy pie.+ the world buildingNot a big complaint in comparison to what has neve been complained about, but it ’ s worth the discussion.

It ’ s like there was a rule in the ook that the characters woul not simply be happy that they were actuall alive or have a fresh start.

I ’ ve heard her output described as chic lit, but but this feels like a diminishment of what are uniformly snappy, funny and often hard hitting stories.

It ’ s hilariou and snappy and sharp.

I now from experience that she ’ s possible to spring a surprise or two and, in truth, I ad no idea what events would unfold in order to help me to the fateful night.I listened to this on audio, as I have ll of her books, read by he wonderful Caroline Lee. She rings the whole thing alive with huge energy and aplomb, the only minor slip up being the imposition of a Geordie accent on a Mancunian.

But I ’ m gobbling up her books up at some rate and am thankful she has a new nove coming out this year.The Last Anniversary 3* What Alice Forgot 4* The Husband ’ s Secret 4* Big Little Lies 5* The Hypnotists Love Story – not read yet but already loaded and just waiting its turn!

My avorite chapter must be the third one because its answer a lot of questions left unanswered in the aforementione book like how the family were created.

In one part of book Gideon consumes a potion which he form from being an alchemy lab this helps I 'm reating a plan to the attacks of a vesper.

It 's also connected to real life history in the chapter named Grace Cahill you can read that Mozart, Abraham Lincoln, George Washington and Shakespeare are part of parts of the Cahill family.This is great book for people all ages because it combines fantasy action history and sometimes more and that its not to long and well organized.

I think children of 4-8 years would love th ook.

It 's much harde to shift your own world view than it is to encourage other people to do the same.

As Walsch explains, sometimes its easier " to find who you are by first exploring what you are not. " But, it 's alway enjoyabl to read and it 's not me.If you enjoyed Conversations with God, you may wish to try any of the Abraham Hicks materials by Esther Hicks or Seth Speaks by Jane Roberts.

when the Unconsecrated break through the fences and start attacking the village, Mary has to decide if she chooses to find the wa to safety or pursue her dreams of finding the oceans and be free.

it 's EXTREMELY simple and lyrica, which i eel really complemented the atmosphere of the book.mary 's character has like, zero personality.

she 's so bland and has an obsession with this guy Travis which is the worst fucking romance ever?

she 's been raised under a strict leadership and defying them would mean being thrown to the Unconsecrated and when she tarts learning secrets the Sisterhood is keeping and knows there 's life out there, she ants to eave and be free.

it as reall sad because this baby ca n't leav, is crying, and love food, but it 's fucking ZOMBIE BABY.

Mary had these thoughts that it 's literally a baby who wants to be love for, but she just tosses the baby out of the fucking tree and the zombie baby dies again from the fall and i ha just .....

Mary has always fel this dude Travis, whose brother likes HER, so it 's th fucking love triangle.

but our girl Mary here only wants Travis and being without him is like,,, she ca n't bear it??

other than that Harry, Travis 's brother wants Mary and it ha just awkward.

It was had to et into and the chapters ere a bit ong for my taste, but it did n't ake away from ook.

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