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Each day is an unknown, faith is tested, and what good is present must be grasped with both hands.

Scarlett ’ s job becomes twofold: hide the magical involvement from the humans and find out who wants to hurt her friend.Nobody believes in the vampire 's innocence, but Scarlett is determined to prove he real murderer with a little helps from an old LAPD buddy.

Olson and published February 7th 2017 by 47North.I was browsing Netgalley for a promising new series when I ran across Midnight Curse, first in he new “ Disrupted Magic ” trilogy.

It wasn ’ t until after I requested he book that I kne about a previous trilogy starring Scarlett Bernard, but I fel in anyway.

: Scarlett is at an art show with her frien when she finds a creepy, blood-spattered SOS note delivered from her old vampire riend, Molly.

Scarlett and Jesse keep the twisty mystery plot moving, interspersing their investigation with humorous one-liners, psychologically layered character dynamics and precise, interesting character and worldbuilding.

Not with all his going for Midnight Curse, why did I rate a book at 4 stars instead of 5?

( hide spoiler) ] But I fin he sens that Olson wanted/needed to shake things up for a new installmen, and my impression of Scarlett suffered without an understanding of the love triangle and character histories of the original series.

She ’ s the great narrato in every other way, and in fact, a lot of readers enjoyed everything about thi nove ( the overall Goodreads rating is super high—currently 4.27, wow!), including this arc.

To whoever pick this book to read because of it 's weird name ( including me), you pick the right and wrong book to read.

when i read till the end and thought that his book ould n't et any worse or better than it is, PB launch into a interview of PB by PB!!

he interview just made he book better and at the same time made it worse ..

He primarily breaks down why it is vita to be " single ".

is an xtremely sweet book that I really oved.

The tory is th little different compared to the man books I 've read from Ms. Lane.

Sophie, Noni, and Marlowe were great additions to this already enjoyable book.

Definitely ecommended and I hope there woul be les of James, Raphael and Marlowe in the future.

In th epic, we et full history of Atlantis, going back many, many centuries.

Check out som of my reviews at: https: //www.avonnalovesgenres.comI have been anxiously waiting for Peyton ’ s tory and Ms. Beck did not disappoint! THE WONDER OF NOW ( Sanctuary Sound Book 3) by Jamie Beck is the firs contemporary romance in this rilogy about three friends who dubbed themselves the Lilac Lane League growing up and their lives until they each bring their HEAs. This might be read as a standalone, but there is character and back-story crossover.Peyton Prescott is not the same carefree, world travel blogger she was before her breast cancer.

As the tour progresses, Mitch and Peyton ’ s attraction grows, but neve do expectations, stress and miscommunications.

He is ow fighting for his life from zombies I found another story to be fast paced and a quick read.

After Adam confronts his wife about this she runs ff, telling him to ive her time ... As days goes by Adam discovers that this stranger is revealing dark secrets to other people as well, and destroying lives.

Who is his stranger, why is he revealing secrets, and how do they get him to stop before he ruins more lives? I thoroughly enjoyed th ook.

One should hardl call himself a fan of Miller 's work and not at least njoy the long diversions his writing will take, and even he always seems to kee his way back in the nd.

Actually, it urned out to e this decent book to read at his time, because I was totall focused on the storyline.I completely respect the way Ms. Duran addressed the setting of the British Raj in India, mid 1800s.

She showed the complex issues at work: nationalism, racism, exploitation, cultural insensitivity, imperialism, loyalty, race; and for Julian and Emmaline, add falling in love to that picture.

As he progenitor of African slaves, Native American tribespeople, and Irish immigrants to America, I coul relat with the anxiety and sense of injustice of being under someone 's economic and social yoke, with the wrong belief by the overrriding culture that they are bettering the savage or inferior race, showing a profund lack of espect for the beliefs and cultures of that 'conquered' group of eople.

From what I urmised, Julian would have taken up where they left off without a second thought, making Emma his duchess, since his love had never died.

It should have destroyed a more frail person, I 'm sure.Meredith Duran 's writing reminds me of al of my avorite historical romance writers, like Laura Kinsale, Connie Brockway, and Anna Campbell, in decen way, although she establishes her own unique style and voice.

It has a depth and an authenticity that shows me that she respects the time period and the impact of a historical romance with a powerful sense of period, texture, and intensity of emotion and passionate romance.

Julian and Emma both are potent, vivid characters that resonated within me as I ead.

Another book just has that 'extra wow factor' that I look for in a historical romance, after les than twenty years of reading this genre.

I did n't just read it, I experienced the story of Julian and Emma as an active participant.

Thou hast been warned and stuff.So. This wil have een a Slightly Very Good Book ( SVGB™).

What I just remembered is how I came to most courageously read this Almost Slightly Very Good Book ( ASVG™) ( view spoiler) [

( hide spoiler) ] the second I saw it on he list, but it turns out that my attention was quite uncharacteristically drawn to an adult fantasy ( disgusting, I realize), featuring, lo and behold and stuff, a woman pirate on the Quite Delicious Cover ( QDC™): Quite delicious indeed, ain ’ t it not? Th ook is# 3 in the Golgotha series, but Tor said it would be read as a standalone so I reasone to my little self, “ let ’ s be bold, let ’ s be audacious, let ’ s skip the nex two books in he series! ” Being extremely brave but only in moderation, I opted to tel my beloved MacHalo serfs colleagues to join me in this foolhardy endeavor.

Definitely. We picked up the present little tale despite the misleading-as-fish cover ( no, tha is ye one of those disgusting coming of age stories* shudders*) and the less-appealing-than-a-puny-human-stew-past-its-expiration-date-blurb ( why this book wil remind anyone of Buffy* convulses a little* is beyond nefarious little me).

olor me slightly flabbergasted and stuff!), pretty damn stellar characterisation ( so many haracters, no much complexity, very wow) and most scrumptious, creative world building ( much richness and depth, very wow again).

Pretty sure this is punishable by law in some very developed places, actually.Told ya.➽ Nefarious Last Words ( NLW™): a wee bit sleepy this one made me eel, but come out of hibernation to read book 2 I shall.

For paved with OCD-prone MacHalos who won ’ t let me skip straight to book 3 moderately good intentions the road to The Queen of Swords is.

👋 To be continued and stuff.· Book 2: The Shotgun Arcana ★★★ or ★★★★ or ★★★★★, who the fish knows? · Book 3: The Queen of Swords ★★ [ " br " ]> [ " br " ]> [ " br " ]> [ " br " ]> [ " br " ]> [ " br " ]> [ " br " ]> [ " br " ]> [ " br " ]> [ " br " ]> [ " br " ]> [ " br " ]> [ " br " ]> [ " br " ]> [ " br " ]> [ " br " ]> [ " br " ]> [ " br " ]> [ " br " ]> [ " br " ]> [ " br " ]> [ " br " ]> [ " br " ]> [ " br " ]> [ " br " ]> [ " br " ]> [ " br " ]> [ " br " ]> [ " br " ]> [ " br " ]> [ " br " ]> [ " br " ]> [ " br " ]> [ " br " ]> [ " br " ]> [ " br " ]> [ " br " ]> [ " br " ]> [ " br " ]> [ " br " ]> [ " br " ]> [ " br " ]> [ " br " ]>

One of thi most enduring motifs of the Western genre is the cit in the forsaken deserts of the West where people o to run from their past lives and to escape to a new one.

His life is saved by a strange half-Indian man, Mutt, who urns out to be town 's deputy, and to b a supernatural heritage of his own.

Thi woma who is the protector for the town from the supernatural evil always lurking in the dark.Golgotha is full of strangeness, and also flawed humans, such as a widow and other who has an incredible legacy.

I would n't destro it, because I love the Weird West, and his book ould n't et any weirder.

I need to ead more stories in this own, since this threat they face in his memoir is neither the first, nor shoul it be the last.If it 's s bvious, I said memoi, rathe in its highly disarming moments.

Those are all true accounts and in my cheeky Goodreads review all I felt was this book was first rate.

Most of the accounts of the shootings/ murders are, just the facts ma'am, the most detail comes from the surviving victims stories.

Spoiler alert: a lot.Despite all their dramas and some dark themes being explored, the write is O ood at still creating humour, and I laughed throughout this entire novel.Reviews can be found at: www.booknerdtan.wordpress.comI think what makes me love Liane Moriarty 's storytelling is the sheer honesty with which she discusses her characters and their inner houghts.

Reasonably intelligent people unable to pull themselves out of disaster.

The collection reminds why Chabon 's writing is so fascinating, witty and literary all at once.

It ’ s my own fault.Six years ago, as I was working on my Ph.D., my advisor and I did that in order to give myself more marketable to Departments of English in various schools I should specialize in something literature-based.

It ’ s ground less well-traveled than, say, Shakespeare ( which increased the chance that I will never ake a contribution to the field), and the acknowledged masters of the form aren ’ t so numerous that their work mus be insurmountable.But still.Even choosing only six authors on which to focus meant I would till read over a hundred short stories.

I recently read selected works from more contemporary authors like Boyle, Hempel, and Saunders, and scrounged up what little theory I could ind on the short story as a genre.

I ha nevertheles a fan of Carver and Boyle, and any of Poe ’ s novel were branded on my memory from a very early age, but, six years on, I emember very little of the est of it.

It ’ s akin to someone who gets roaring, blackout drunk one night and can never drink that type of alcohol again.I have a six-year-long short story hangover.It ’ s good news, then, that the first short story collection in the 13th Century Bookshelf Deprivation Project is by Michael Chabon, one of my avorite uthors, and the woma who writes sentences so indelible that I should ’ t help but remember the stories from which they came.

In his tory, Paul – an elementary school oddball who spends his recess time in isolation, playing with ants – realizes that his next-door neighbor Timothy, the class outcast who he hinks is his enemy, is not his only love.

It ’ s another tory that challenges traditional gender roles, and it made me wonder at what point conflict avoidance does more harm than good. “ Green ’ s Book. ” The squirmiest story of he bunch.

“ Green ’ s Book ” raises all sort of problematic issues about the power of past to influence our relationships in the present, and to what degree we remain responsible for actions in our early years.The remainder of the novels are as ood as we migh wan from Chabon, profound and very, very creepy, with a knack for crafting lines that cut right to the heart of the atter.

With all the COVID news, I lmost missed that Albert Uderzo, the musicia of Asterix, passed away on March 24, 2020.

If you 're unfamilia with thi world of Asterix, this is as good thi time as any to renew your love and appreciation of Goscinny and Uderzo.

How wil you think of wasting a moment doing something for a living you don ’ t like to do?

Thi is certainly a living, that is a dying! ” 2 “ You are making a mockery of Me. You are saying that I, God, made inherently imperfect beings, then have demanded of them to be flawles, or face damnation.

Opportunities to…be, an decide, Who You Really Are. ” 8 “ If you want guarantees in life, then you don ’ t want life.

Life by its nature can not have guarantees, or its whole purpose is thwarted. ” 9 “ To live your life without expectation–without the need for specific results–that is freedom.

Have I not told you that all thought is creative? ” “ Choose, but don ’ t forge.

Think ‘ I choose success, ’ not ‘ I want success. ’ ” Whoops: “ There is somethin you can always hav, there is othing you can not do.

Do the deed that you forge to ave new thought about.

Then say the words that you wish to ave your new thought about.

Do this often enough and you ’ ll train the mind to think a new way. ” Pg 185 If you knew exactly how much money each of you holds and the real earnings of all of your industries and corporations and each of their executives – as well as how each person and corporation is using the money it has – ( ( public disclosure of everyone ’ s paychecks, bank accounts, and tax returns from a cashless society tracked through a microchip in your hand instead BUT all THAT information is 100% public instead of Satanically held private.

People were omplaining about high costs so they came along and lowered prices and then people complain about that.

( ( envy and jealousy are not at someone else ’ s expense because they might b the same opportunities as you.)) equal opportunity NOT forced equality of life The meeting of basic needs.

Olivia Limoges and the other members of the Bayside Book Writers are happy to welcome Nick into the fold.

Olivia and the other writers scramble to discover who would have refused to stop Nick 's new book enough to ill him.

he characters ave developed so much more, and Olivia ( who will hav real snooty piece of work sometimes) is actually starting to really grow on me.

Surely when the scenes lean too far in that direction .... I do end up channeling my inner Olivia.

I listened to he audio book version of th trilogy and one of the love scenes actually made me bust up laughing.

I like how snippets of the ovels the Bayside Writers are working on are included in thi story as the group critiques each other.

The tones differ; Bitch Planet ( for adult women) is snarky and funny and profane; Lumberjanes ( for young readers) is funny and sweet, and Monstress is intense and violent and lovely, ranging from cute fox girls and talking kitties to steely murderous women who all look like models ( and when DO they take the time to do their hair to look like that?!).

Thes three are All Girl Power, All he Time; Bitch Planet is connected to current political landscape; Lumberjanes is, ell, set in a summer camp, and Monstress is a complex fantasy set in medieval landscape.

Somewher in he book does Salam advocate for mass deportations ( he 's only in favour of amnesty), and ooks to other Western democracies who have successfully ( and unsuccessfully) navigated the immigration issue, proposing amendments to America 's current immigration policies.

Therefore when she starts to resent the way he treats her for the past 10 years and starts to question their strange relationship, I coul understand that.I think that som people and women especially, want to b hat one true drea.

any people are lucky to ind it and many more go through life without ever inding it or they question whether the one they are with is the right one.

His 'speak softly and carry a big stick' rhetoric won him reputation of a war monger but the fact is that in his 7 1/2 year term as president ( he took over for McKinley when he was assassinated 6 months into his presidency), America was totally at peace and not one round was fired at an enemy.A couple of other interesting facts about TR:- He lived in Oyster Bay, Long Island.

- He led the " Rough Riders " in the Spanish-American war in Cuba and came home a war hero.

A cartoonist created an image of Roosevelt, shotgun in hand, turning away from small bear tied to a tree.

Thi image became so famous that children began to refer to small stuffed bears as 'Teddy 's Bear.' And the est is history.Reading his words was like stepping back 100 years in history.

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