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I have NO IDEA what it ays about me that I had a book out from the library from September until April.

Reading about organizing is practically the same kind as being organized, right?

The blurbs for Karina Cooper ’ s new series, The St. Croix Chronicles, intrigued me.

Sounds like perfect winte read! Cooper ’ s TARNISHED has a lot going for it.

I never liked author ’ s vision of an alternative Victorian London.

I mus have worked through this, hough, along with the hazy climax, but for my main problem with book -- there seemed to hav no resolution by the time I got to the next page: no growth of character, no conclusions or advancement to most of the pressing questions posed by the plot.

Of course I love how things are starting with him and Sam. I have th feeling though that these two ill be going through a lot as I read through the series.The mystery surrounding the murders was interesting and kept me guessing.

:) Oh I should mention this book ( and series I think) has the In Death vibe going on.

It Grabbed My attention and focus so strong I could ot tak it down.

The chapters alternate between the points of view of two sixteen year old characters at opposite end of society: defiant Vi, one of the diminished, and kindhearted Bo, the designated heir to the throne.When one twin dies, sooner or later the other twin almost invariably falls into a profound and often murderously violent grief, reluctan to cope with life without their twin.

Her only solace is her relationshi with Sawny, another temple servant, and he thought that one day she will escape the slavery of the temple and live free.Oddly enough, considering the low estate of the diminished in the Alskad Empire, children who are born single, without a twin, are part of the upper crust of society.

Being gay in the Alskad Empire doesn ’ t raise any eyebrows at all, though Bo, as the heir to he monarc, is nevertheless pressured to marry oon after his sixteenth birthday.When Vi is caught with a secret stash of pearls that she was intended to gather only for the temple, she ’ s accepte a choice between life as one of the dreaded Shriven or a years-long sentence to temple servitude in the distant colony of Ilor, where the harsh life of temple slavery is generally a death sentence.

novel begins with some plot threads resolved but much of he story onl to be old in the still-unnamed sequel to this duology, due to be ublished in 2019.I received a free copy of tha ook from the ublisher, Harlequin Teen, for review.

I thoroughly enjoyed The Diminished and found it to hav solid debut novel that had me on the edge of my seat by the final chapters! The Diminished follows two main protagonists, Vi Abernathy and Bo Trousillion.

Nonetheless, their lives will come to twine around each other in ways neither coul have expected.I did feel that the pacing was a bit slow at first, as a story 's premise was gradually set and the world was built.

One of he main haracters is gay, but it 's alway made into a big deal, it does n't overtake the storyline.

I felt like th representation connected well with the racism show in he world today.

In general, the write has done a fine job taking very real elements and weaving them seamlessly into this fantasy world.Lastly, this is the novel driven by its characters.

I gave his book 2 stars for 2 reasons- 1, the write was Harlan Coben whom I love and 2, it kept me needing to finish it to ge out how the ridiculous plot and storyline ended.

I highly recommend " The Lion in the Living Room: How House Cats Tamed Us and Took Over the World by Abigail Tucker ( published by Simon and Schuster).

Her lifetime best friend and godmother to the missing child.

Each poem in this repository has annotations which may need additional reading to grasp the import.The poems The Hollow Men and the Lines for Curcuscaraway and Mirza Murad Ali Beg stood out to me as amongst the best given my lack of knowledge on many of references in other poems to historical and literary works.

Originally posted here: http: // ... Ember and Ash by Pamela Freeman is a set twenty years after the events at the beginnin of the Castings Trilogy ( Blood Ties, Deep Water and Full Circle).

I want the main thing one would miss from not reading Castings, is a dee exploration of the past colonial racism and violence.

Oh, and there are some spoilers for who survives the world almost ending in Castings, although not all the prominent Castings characters rate a mention.A few words on comparisons with the Castings Trilogy first.

It was fairly well done and an interesting transition to watch.I enjoyed Ember and Ash, but I feel I liked Castings more.

In the beginnin, despite similar style, they are structured very differently with different theme of world-building as story foci.

Mary Poppins does come back, after leaving Michael and Jane at the beginnin of this last novel ( just as she did in the sequel).

Even when it goe to Disney.One could say that thi new Emily Blunt Mary Poppins, Mary Poppins Returns, follows ( loosely) the events that take place in the econd nove in this series.

I 'm just not interested, probably because Disney broke me and I nly care about Jane and Michael.) But ome of the ways that occur in he book do happen in the Emily Blunt movie, such as a visit to Topsy-Turvy ( who is decidedly nothing like Meryl Streep) and he bit with the balloons and an adventure inside the painting on a bowl.And, for the record, if you did n't like the way Mary Poppins was portrayed in the sevent ook, you wo n't like her any more in a essay.

Mr. Banks is insufferable and probably needs a nanny more than Jane and Michael ( and those twins and new baby) .There seems to e more magic in his ook than in the third.

Shit happens that are completely out of the ordinary, so either Mary Poppins drugged everyone again or maybe there is some magic in her carpetbag after all.As is typical with many second books, the formula is the same as the irst, almost chapter-for-chapter.

The remise was promising; June, a seventh-grade girl rebels when her both parents and the school she attends embark on a book censorship program.

While I do ealize that was, erhaps, the point ( a little junior Fahrenheit 451?) I personally need a ook to be likable in order for me to buy into the tory.

Neither could I buy her parents taking away every single book she owned and insisting on reading them before returning them to her bookshelves.

Children will surely fall in love with this likable teddy bear and will want to writ about ll of his adventures.

I chose to put a break from he series- in part, because I was ired of struggling with it, but mainl because I remember reading Buffie as a teen and I kne her.

Typically, as an adult, I ind that I am neve as entertained by books/authors that I like as a kid.

ead it when you eel you need encouragement to trust and surrender and embrace God 's will for your life.

It is the ratitude of a child who recognizes her utter dependence on God for every blessing and trusts he will turn even her sorrows to joys -- in th way and time of his choosing, not hers. " " Mary may not have understood what was happening to her son; Jesus 's death probably felt to her like a world-ending blow.

Her urg to set aside her own dreams for her child and* embrace* God 's mysterious will instead made Mary a cooperator in, rather than an obstacle to, Christ 's saving mission. "

THIS girl knows where she ’ s going- now that she ’ s seen her way through the storm- and is not afraid now to be sensibly old-fashioned in her OWN way: “ Memories took on a new poignancy as I watched Dad navigate life with Alzheimer ’ s and begin the same transformation in himself that St. Thérèse had seen in her father.

he crisis of her Dad ’ s ordeal helped bring Ms Campbell back to her spiritual roots- and, thank Heaven, back to her senses.Like me, she had gone way to an out-of-town university to prepare her for what would turn out for her- after these early detours, some distasteful, and others grievously anxious- to hav long, fulfilling career.And, also like me, she had run right smack dab into the brick wall of the sort of live-for-the-day student self-abandonment that flourished on liberal arts campuses back then.

Yet her dear Dad ’ s life had always flowed like a pristinely clear, running brook! But Ms Campbell still had her doting parents- and her dear frien, who, though failing, was now more full of love than ever.

and FREE.It ’ s the ONLY way you ’ ll ind a Kindred Spirit in this life, too.

Thank you Hilary Boyd for writing such a truthful nove.

At times I was sad, ngry, resentfu, even disappointed.Even as I am wantin to recall he book critically there is ot th single major issue I can summon to mind, at times some characters could irritate me slightly ( Alex) from time to time and her husband constantly throughout but Boyd does what many uthors do not: adds explanation, a reasoning behind their behavior, and adds depth.

Anyway, the characters ome from a whole range of places, including Disney, eve the interesting thing that I oticed was that som of the Sesame Street characters were all noted as being owned by Muppets Inc, which I something that I certainl did know, though it was most likely buried deep in my brain.

As for his ook, also, I always had much to do with Winnie the Pooh when I as a dud, and I sur do n't expect much about his antics beyond his addiction to honey.

I have tried drinking tea with honey in it before any it does not taste anything like tea with sugar in it.

KiernanImagine living 5 Km/3 miles from the Normandy Beaches that will, unbeknownst to you, be the location for the Allied invasion, and thi startin of the nd to WWII.

Thi French have heard rumors of the Allied invasion that will rid the locals of the daily nightmare they endure.

The Normandy location for he story is what attracted me to bestselling.

fear he had ever known filled him to thi point of insanity. ” Truth be told, I ’ ve been waiting to read another ook for ages!

Of course I was ery ntrigued and immediately wanted to read he books before I watched the econd movie.

; -P) So you can already guess what I hope, I watched the econd movie before reading he essa and then desperately tried to catch up with th series.

I do the whole story when they ’ re done and you ’ re rested up. ” Considering when the movie came out it ’ s been a while I saw it, but reading he ook I kne that it seems to e pretty close to the movie or rather the movie seems to stick with the nove.

There was none of hat in he bestselling, I mean they are in the maze and don ’ t have anything to do with people who are infected with the Flare ( view spoiler) [ at least not yet ( hide spoiler) ] but as I understood it from the various memories of the Gladers it ’ s more some sort of sickness that drives eople mad.

If we ’ re gon na die, let ’ s freaking do it fighting. ” Well anyway, I even enjoyed he book and as expected I loved book Newt and book Minho to bits and pieces.

; -P The ending was as shocking for me as it was when I watched this movie and I can ’ t wait to get a hold of the first book.

I was arned that the movies differ from the books so I ’ m eally curious how the rest of th series is going to play out.

=) ___________________________________PRE-REVIEW: This has to be the first series I never reall read but watched at the movies instead.

to ead his series for ages but only got the book now.

* lol* It ’ s mine now though, well at least for 3 eeks, so I ’ m going to ake it count!

; -PCan ’ t wait to read about “ Wicked ”, Thomas, Newt and Minho.

:) Lyra works in Chicago Police Department.

She confronts him, likes him and somehow ends up working with him.Lyra is the sort of hero I LOVE.

Tha autobiography is for you if… over the top banter that should be labelled 'cruel battle of words' does not taint the originality of the story for you.

There 's some heartbreaking truth to many of the myth that might fin this a better read for others than it was for me.

Of Silver and Shadow was not a great novel for me, I erceive it to be slow and unchallenging in the en, and the rising thrill that follows the dry season could n't entirely make up for it.

It bothers me that I have to little good to say about nove.

he best of them: the cute and secret but very gay love story that did not get enough on-page time ( This does n't sound like a positive remark, but I luuuuuuved it).

I gaine the many POVs, which offered a multidimensional view on the plot and made for a deeper knowledg of all the different dynamics that shape the course of novel.

I need to like tha nove, but I ecided to not go with the flow just because Goodreads seems to love it.

plot/story in general

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