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Despite having relationship issues with Eli, she did n't convince herself she wanted things she did n't to appease him.

Suc issues popped up in that time like getting a divorce and fame from writing a memoir.

I didn ’ t realiz it was part of thi arger series until after I ad finished it, and I didn ’ t look like I missed nything by not reading the previous books; in fact, I loved how Scarlett is a more mature, experienced heroine who has tricks up her sleeve and isn ’ t bumbling around discovering her powers or how the world works.Scarlett is a null, someone who can cancel the magic of other supernaturals in her vicinity.

Pick it up here, or dig through the older books if you say, but you ’ ll certainly be sorry you discovered the Old World Chronology series.

Although you do miss out on some details of the rotagonists, you can read this ook without having read the previous installment, THE NAME OF THIS BOOK IS SECRET.

The footnotes typically add a humorous aspect to an interesting mystery, allowing the reader to venture in a new direction before continuing on with the story.

An extraordinary treat for both T.J. Klune fans and those new to his writing, The House in the Cerulean Sea is a heart-warming, wholesome, diverse, ridiculous, and completely lovable fantasy story.

I 'm ery happy to report that he book read just like I was hopin it to, which means tight writing, romance (!), queer characters everywhere ( natch), and story you wo n't hesitate to put down.I was n't sure how this book must be, to be honest, because it is billed as " contemporary fantasy, " and I 'm ot eally a fantasy reader.

But the bottom line is if you 've enjoyed TJ 's books in the past, you 'll love this story.

TJ is very adept at writing interesting young characters, and that 's where this book really shines.

When Sophie 's cousi, Rafi, comes to pick her up one day James is instantly smitten.Rafi; a young an, beautiful in baggy jeans.James' perfect match.Rafi bothered me at first because, in the eginning, he eemed like a bit of a caricature.

I ha n't sure I sai thi but as he story ent on, Rafi grew on me.

I adored that they compromised, worked on the elationship and appreciated their cultural differences.

Two different culturesmeld to make a partnership; the best sense of love.I have to tel that Amy Lane really did the interracial relationship thing right in th novel.

It 's a tal of two eople, coming from two different places who bridge a gap and fall in love.

Along with her PR rep, Mitch, to whom she is attracted, she undergoes a huge journey, both physical and emotional and she thinks her new normal.

I thought Peyton 's journey from cancer patient to who she is now was the best part of novel.

ah screw it ➦Remember when i said كن خائن تكن اجمل was the worst ook i ’ ve ever read? ....

I say THIS ONE IS THE WORST book of the century!, it ’ s al sor of Religious Dystopian-ish fiction book ….

and all the events are based on real events and proven facts ” First of all: people for centuries have been debating about the existence of God, Demons and Goblin, ghosts, Angels And you just happen to have “ Proven facts ” about ’ em and real events?

Just because some religious guy told you that demons existe doesn ’ t find it a “ Proven fact ” Third: how dare you ay it ’ s all true when it ’ s bvious that its work of fiction, this is a misleading bulls* it and congrats d-bag you tricked a bunch of dumb dumbs into believing that your IMAGINATIONS is the ABSOLUTE TRUTH " Tell a lie a hundred times and it becomes the truth. " Goebbels, 1939 “ If you forge a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people woul eventually come to understan it.

Joseph Goebbels- the " Big Lie " ➦The reason why i read his nove is because of an argument that took place on facebook about the existence of God and somehow this dude recommened few books to me and his was one of them.

Soo with the idiocy: 1- Darwin was an atheist, he ha n't a jew ( even if he as what does that have to do with his work As a research scientist?) 2- he never said origin of humans is Chimpanzees or monkeys, Jeez just read his theory before you jump to conclusions.

And you 're sitting there wondering when things are comin to get good, but the lecturer 's monotone voice and thoroughly uninspired narration are conspiring to put you to sleep even though you know, deep down, that you must be on the edge of your seat? That 's what Graveminder is like.

All the elements are there; paranormal phenomenon, secrets, alternate realities, romance .... so .... why is th book so damn boring?

I 'm not even sure how Melissa Marr managed to do it, but she 's managed to build a thoroughly uninspired, completely redundant, unbelievably boring paranormal romance.

Between wondering when things were finally going to pick up and hoping against hope that the main rotagonist, Rebekkah, would stop being such a whiny, spineless douche, I found myself yawning and rolling my eyes more than is acceptable for paranormal romance.

Rebekkah just could n't be with Byron.

Ms. Marr, we heard you the first three hundred times, Rebekkah has guilt issues about Byron.

Paranormal life is an emotional rollercoaster on steroids.

Imagine my surprise, then, when they not only do n't have sex, but also act like they 're still 16.

he two predecessors, Maylene and William, keep things from Rebekkah and Byron up until the very last minute, then try and ive them a fricking crash course in tending to the dead.

Truth be told, when I first heard Melissa Marr had a new book out, I ha n't going to writ it.

As much as I enjoyed her Wicked Lovely series ( she did after all give us the glorious Seth) I was extremely frustrated and fascinating at the same time and I as n't sure I wanted to bu the same energy into something that could potentially be the same pat.

I never wanted the way this was delivered, it was in multi-pov 's and I was told that I will e a little lost, but Marr really strings the characters thoughts quite nicely, bringing in a nice flow and pace to the storyline.

Then you are here.

Thank God, finally at last.I think I need a t-shirt that says " I survived DUKE OF SHADOWS ".

I now nderstand why this is so highly recommended by so any people and I migh ot wait to read more by this author.India seemed to draw out her very soul.

Eve thi was why she felt so bruised inside -- as though her defenses were laid bare, allowing a terrible feelin to settle in her core.This review is crap but better people than I have neve tried their hand at it.

Read their thoughts.

Ok whatever, I 'm not gon na apologize for reading the occasional historical romance novel ( although the fact I preface the whole review with this probably indicates a modicum of self-consciousness, but I 'm overcoming that by posting a public review, so progress maybe?) I am a sucker for the corset ones, I got hooked on Eloisa James a few weeks ago ( Right after I got my Kindle and could hide the covers), but hen I started browsing around other authors and there are a LOT OF BAD ONES, GUYS!

I liked the main villain and love interest, and thes scenes were like, " NOOO DONT BE CRUEL TO EACH OTHER NOOO " I just read nother one by his author that I enjoyed, although I preferred this one, but all were a cut above.

It 's also painfully slow to get through, and I read it is Swedish and I was skimming a hell of a lot of it and now I suffered.I have read anothe nove in a series before and that one was better than his one and since then have I been curious about reading more.

I 'm also disappointe that he nove did n't cost me a dime.Will I read more?

Erasmus was no longer listened to; he was reviled for his reasonableness.

Luther was serious, Luther was reality – like the Great War. Erasmus was only reason and decency; he lacked the power, being a sage, to move men to action.

One of their ways of bonding is to plot out oddball tourist attractions- like 's the world 's deepest pit- on a map.After Trev 's father, who bandoned the family when Trev was a aby, comes on the scene, the las one ready to tak him any slack is Benjamin.

A stepmother, Bob, pays a fruitless visit to try to make amends to his family, but when he 's turned away by his ex-wife and on, he thinks to visit all the attractions his son has been mapping.

But when Bob, who 's comically inept at everything he does, gets into a car ccident that leaves him in a leg cast, Benjamin and Trev decide to hol a road trip to visit him.The road trip is fun and full of isadventures, as Benjamin and Trev pick up an oddball cast of characters along the away- including th cute runaway Trev 's age, and this young pregnant woman with an ex-con boyfriend, who 's convinced he 's comin to strike it rich with an invention that everyone but him and his girlfriend realize is patently ridiculous.Both storylines- the road trip and Benjamin 's attempts to deal with his ragic past- come to a errific climax that leaves you feeling the hours you spent reading about Benjamin and Trev 's journeys was time very well spent.

Since I prefer reading books in order when they 're part of series, I wer to order the first three and finish them before I needed to review the latest one.

Maggie split with her boyfriend of 6 years after running a successful business in NYC together.

He finally proposed [ to another girl! ] and took the company away from Maggie, so she went home to Louisiana to figure out her next steps.

Her family ( parents and grandmother) run a B& B out of their plantation home -- the nicest but also one of the last still standing.

Maggie Crozat has returned home to her family 's plantation turned bed and breakfast in Louisiana.

hat does n't mean that Maggie does n't find Bo attractive, it just means that there is a lot to overcome here and being a murder suspect is just one.

She 's pretty stuck-up and strict for a nanny who just blew into town with the wind.One of the flaws to the movi adaptation is that he screenplay makes all of the adults seem ridiculous and the children the only sane characters.

This well written, action packed suspense story that draws you in and does n't let go until you 've finished book.

In the Serenity series, the uthor has some real doozies for villains for the main characters to fight.

Ver light with the vulgar language, Serenity Stalked had too much, but contained the darkness found in thi short stories of The Girl Who Read Hemingway.

Th well written, action packed suspense story that drags you reading until the story ends, which was all too quickl.

nother well written, fast paced, suspense filled novel with our favorite characters Shelby and Mack and some not so favorite; but without them there ’ s no intriguing book to read.

5* I contacted the author to review his books after reading the las two books of the Serenity Series.Serenity series: End.

It does have a few laws, hence the 4/5 rating, but overall it was equall good.I highly recommend it for readers who like fantasy.

Maybe if you like fantasy, and you can tolerat some of hose small parts, th memoi is for you.

Regardless of that I thoroughly recommend this novel to nyone, at thi very least it will tak you a different approac on things.

Mary ends up in the Sisterhood due to everal of the haracters in that book being asses.

I hate to spoil things so you have to writ a nove if you need to see why.

What I did indeed like about the ook: I did n't always like eithe of the protagonist.

Things I did like about ook: The zombie baby.

Yep, I 'm sick like that.So why is the book getting four stars??

With thi variou ays that an espresso can be prepared to the nut and the roasting, to coffee history and coffee grinding, I am startin to wonder what the true point to these books are.Clare is the manager of the Village Blend, she and her ex-husband Mateo have been left the day in and day out running of the business by Madam, her ex-mother-in-law and dear friend.

I do n't enjoy writing long reviews.

TRIGGER ALER: It is best for people particularly sensitive toward the subject of sexual abuse/child molestation to avoid reading any further.

And yet, Love, you launch in vain your insane onslaught: since it ca be said- to see me fall yet not surrender- that you managed to escap but failed to conquer.Juana Inez de la CruzWhen beautiful things are broken, screams begin.

There is nly a place a million miles away melting in the arkness, seeming like home, but you think it isn ’ t.

When I was fourteen, I ead anothe book called Princess: A True Story Behind the Veil in Saudi Arabia.

I thin so much like a voyeur, someone who gets let in on something extremely personal, yet, someone who is simpl a spectator.

It feels wrong to get to know so intimately someone ’ s greatest pain and at the same time to stay passive, to actuall be ble to even want to those you are reading or hearing about “ I ’ m orry.

But ot worth laughin over when it ’ s time to ake a sala. " “ Why, ” I as, “ must women suffer so? ” “ This has never been our fate, ” she explains.

I am not among the most impressive representatives of my sexualit and I definitely didn ’ t do s with the privileges I had the luck to be born with, ones I know that hose women would have made a much better use of, so I probably don ’ t ave the right to speak on all women ’ s behalf, but what makes me o so is that despite all my personal failings and faults I still have kin of right and wrong, I still care.

ot merel the gods. " " Before it tarts, you hear a zipper baring its teeth, the sound of a shoe being kicked aside, the wincing of the mattress.

I squeeze my eyes closed tight, for fear that I migh see what has ctually happened to me. " " Somehow, I am outside myself, marveling at this pain, a hing so formidable it has color and shape.

Should I suddenly find an unsuspected, latent strength in myself, would I transform into a brave, courageous woman, would I in the end be stronger for it, would it ge me see my life and myself differently or I would I get out of it broken and unrecognizable, barely resembling human, dead on the nside, defeated and hurt beyond repair?

And since I have been working on being less critical toward my fellow humans and more open-minded, I decid to focus on human race ’ s positives rather than its negatives, hoping that it will do the same for me.They call women the weaker sex.

And it is up to those that have power over them whether they will turn that gentleness into weakness, by taking advantage of it, by abusing and crushing it for pleasure and for profit or see the beauty in it, the strength that comes with it, the miracle that can e oman who is loved, respected and protected.

When all you re left with is a scarre, abused, broken thing, no a shell of a person, how does that giv you strong?

There is no beauty in broken minds.

Anothe strong person is ot he one who uses his strength to conquer, but one who shares it.

strong person is ot one who uses his strengths to dominate, but who can see the strengths in others ’ weaknesses and bring them to life.

I am ending this review by quoting my friend Jeffrey who says in his fantastic review of “ Finding Nouf ” She let me see the longing in the eyes peering from behind the veils.

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