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Being poor is not the beginnin of thi world, and fancy designer labels are n't all they 're cracked up to be.

A reader knows who the murdere is the econd the character is introduced.

In his 8th book in the 'No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency' series, the firm has three cases to solve.

Another ook will be read as a standalone but familiarity with the haracters is a bonus.***** The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency in Gabarone, Botswana- owned by Mma Precious Ramotswe, shares premises with Tlokweng Road Speedy Motors- owned by her husband Mr. JLB Matekoni.

Mr. Matekoni reports the matter to his fiance, and hoping to expand his horizons, asks if he an do the investigation.

Mma Ramotswe agrees and Mr. Matekoni proceeds to surveil Rra Botumile.

Charlie keep his business off the ground but his skirt-chasing habits soon cause big trouble.Popular recurring characters also make an appearance, including Mr. Polopetsi, a part time detective who helps Mma Ramotswe with the hospital case; Mma Potokwane- the orphan farm director, who makes excellent fruit cake; Motholeli and Puso- Mma Ramotswe 's foster children; and Violet Sephoto- Mma Makutsi 's glamorous nemesis from secretarial school.Throughout the book Mma Ramotswe demonstrates her usual empathy for thes people, including wrongdoers.

For contrast, if you are holding on to a crat of clothes to consign, you are taking on job of clothes retailer.

I love that there are real historical figures included in he retellin, and I know how careful Alexander always is in her uthor 's Notes to explain what is based on act and what is more fictionalized.

She has provided great set up for the first full-length ook in tha series, and I am still so eager to read it.

Olson 's website, this arc -- entitled Disrupted Magic -- will be nother trilogy.

Timeline wise, it has been three years after Hunter 's Trail: Scarlett is living with his werewolf boyfriend, Eli, while ex-LAPD Detective Jesse Cruz is now a divorcé who " stars " in his own ook ( although a ghostwriter actually done all the work).

Anyway if I also hought that Scarlett developed a bit of a temper -- but I kno if I was dealing with an overprotective boyfriend like Eli, I ould be annoyed as well.As for Jesse, he must hav started this book to be having quite a depression, after his ivorce.

I actually lost my good night sleep finishing this one!! Last but not least, I adore he connection that Olson made in regards to her other series -- I am confident that one particular progress in his ook might make way to Lex 's next trilogy series.This book ended without any cliffhanger sense to it; unless if you count the romance factor ( view spoiler) [ since Scarlett and Eli broke up by the beginnin of this nove -- different principles and life-purpose -- so she and Jesse were practically single again ( hide spoiler) ].

I 'm actuall actuall in it for the romance though; it is les of the world that Olson provides.I genuinely have no complaints; I will ot WAIT for the las nove ( like I though, Olson wrote that Disrupted Magic series would e a trilogy) to be released.

I honestl enjoyed following the steps of the case and I was amused and sad at the ending.

A Heroine Sergent Sam Hollard has had a lot of problems lately, including a catastrophic incident, triggered by her decision, which esulted into a child 's death.

Sam is a prett good cop.

In thi same way I found Sam 's dyslexia interesting, I disliked his anal tendencies.

Sam and Nick met once years earlier and had a one night stand.

I disliked in that case we should 've seen something of that encounter, or it could 've been tol to us, through th dialogue, since it was that important and that magical, since it was not love at irst sight.

Since Nick is a testimon, their friendshi is a big* No-No* and Sam is determined to mak the rules.

he side charactersI thought it was significan to mention them, since every single person that showed up in his novel, whether a suspect, or family member or a cop was amazingly written, with bot their quirks.

Freddie, Sam 's partner, whom I liked.

And ... What happened with Freddie at the ending and ( view spoiler) [ did he finally lose his virginity?

I just hope Freddie gets his own memoi, initially.

4.5 StarsI 've been curious about reading his story ever since I read You Ca n't Make an Omelet sometime last onth, but I have been eager to read it because I have ot enjoyed several of Amy Lane 's books in the past.

In Omelet, Jimmy and Rafi seemed like th great couple so I was interested in finding out the remainde of their story.

I shoul imagine doing what he did if I were omniscient and was, in my innocence, prepared to give him the benefit of he reaso ( maybe really old therapists become omniscient?), but th approach, quite the opposite of the Rogerian, rather shocked and intrigued, reminding me of the self-criticism practices in Peoples China during the Cultural Revolution.

Most of thi time spent reading books, he reiterates, is wasted: only a handful are any good.What, then, the purpose of his nove? It 's not entirely clear.

( But why would we need book on books, if reading itself is such a waste of time.) The style, as usual, is easy, and breezy, and Miller seems to writer effortlessly -- but without any overarching discipline here, he just writes and writes, not attemptin to find his thoughts cohere.The problem could be the books origination: a friend suggested he write a list of the 100 books that most influenced him.

( And if I missed it, it 's really not an extensive discussion.) On the other hand, there 's a chapter on reading books while on the toilet -- which seems like parody.

Somewhat dry if you 're not into this ind of thing.From the appendix The 100 Books that Influenced Me Most:1 Ancient Greek Dramatists2 Arabian Nights ( for children) 3 Elizabethan Playwrights ( excepting Shakespeare) 4 European Playwrights of 19th Century5 Greek Myths and Legends6 Knights of King Arthur 's Court7 Abèlard, Pierre, The Story of My Misfortunes8 Alain-Fournier, The Wanderer9 Andersen, Hans Christian, Fairy Tales10 Anonymous, Diary of a Lost One11 Balzac, Honoré de, Seraphita12 Balzac, Honoré de, Louis Lambert13 Bellamy, Edward, Looking Backward14 Belloc, Hilaire, The Path to Rome15 Blavatsky, Mme. H.

P., The Secret Doctrine16 Boccaccio, Giovanni, The Decameron17 Breton, André, Nadja18 Bronte, Emily, Wuthering Heights19 Bulwyer-Lytton, Edward, Last Days of Pompeii20 Carroll, Lewis, Alice in Wonderland21 Céline, Louis-Ferdinand, Journey to the nd of the Night22 Cellini, Benvenuto, Autobiography23 Cendrars, Blaise, Virtually the complete works24 Chesterton, G.K., Saint Francis of Assisi25 Conrad, Joseph, His works in general26 Cooper James Fenimore, Leatherstocking Tales27 Defoe, Daniel, Robinson Crusoe28 De Nerval, Gérard, His works in general29 Dostoievsky, Feodor, His works in general30 Dreiser, Theodore, His works in general31 Duhamel, Geoges, Salavin Series32 Du Maurier, George, Trilby33 Dumas, Alexander, The Three Musketeers34 Eckermann, Johann, Conversations with Goethe35 Eltzbacher, Paul, Anarchism36 Emerson, Ralph Waldo, Representative Men37 Fabre, Henri, His works in general38 Faure, Elie, The History of Art39 Fenollosa, Ernest, The Chinese Written Character as a Medium for Poetry40 Gide, André, Dostoievski41 Giono, Jean, Refus d'Obéissance42 Giono, Jean, Que ma joie domeure43 Giono, Jean, Jean le Bleu44 Grimm Brothers, Fairy Tales45 Gutkind, Erich, The Absolute Collective46 Haggard, Rider, She47 Hamsun, Knut, His works in general48 Henty, G.

Sloanne rushes back to her hometown to try to hide the kids and capture the criminal, along with her best friend and he local fireman, before things get worse.I had just started reading Cruelty to Innocents when I hought, " Holy wow!

Only through tough times, she 's determined to elp the others and put an end to those abductions devastating the town she never knew to see again after losing her parents.

I 'd love to see some romance between him and Sloanne.Cruelty to Innocents is a well-written suspense novel that eeps you reading for day at a time.

Rating: 2.0** Summary** In the year 1712, a ma named Abigail Barrows unwittingly opens a gateway into the land of the dead and sets things in motion that will have an everlasting impact on the own of Claysville.

There is also an Undertaker that is believed to sav her bring them back to the land of the dead while protecting her at all times.

Flash forward to the present and it now becomes Rebekkah Barrow ’ s turn at being the Graveminder after her grandmother Maylene is killed by a walking dead who has been prevented from being minded out of spite and jealously after not being named her replacement.

Rebekkah loves Byron Montgomery who becomes the Undertaker to her Graveminder, but can ’ t stand him at times.

Once they are named Graveminder and Undertaker, they will never leave town again.

I call this the Twilight Zone factor.I actually liked Byron, Amity Blue, and even Daisha better than I did Rebekkah.

I have been ishing for nove about him for 10 years or so so I was thrille with the short story about him.What made me like his book perhap more was that the author when he described heights and stuff he would use the American and add the European conversion.

Ironically, he huge updates, or the slough of big-name classics ahead of this, flattened the narration and dialogue with a lacklustre effect of telling the reader wonderin, instead of showing them.

I council my dear Ellery to please reward sequential readers by skipping explanations we no longer need.

If she does not sleuth, leave her out once in a while.At last, the dialogue become natural and I was shocked by a denouement, far superior to the classic mysteries!

Joy and Lonny are at odds with one another.

When I first began my journey into Eastern religion with the Bhagavad Gita many years ago I was mesmerized by the ideal and was drawn in by the oneness with the universe that such works promoted.

As a work of great influence The Upanishads certainly stands up there with the ikes of the Gita, the Tao Te Ching and the Bible ( predating many of thos by hundreds of years).

Read this for he irst time one or two years ago.

Eventually I was always excited to ead tha nove as I 'm a huge fan of time ravel.

As a newly-minted lieutenant in the British Royal Navy, Richard Bolitho is assigned to HMS Destiny, a frigate that has just been newly commissioned.

Another issue of loyalty- loyalty to the captain, the ship and the Navy ( in that order) and loyalty of his men to Bolitho are themes that return again and again throughout the narrative.

Because that 's alway the case for a lot of people, and seein some young people to " just be patient, your arents will give you more autonomy as time goes by " could actually be destructive.

After a shaky start and then th couple of minutes of research prompting a restart, this book brought out to be n awesom read.

It is an uneasy time in the Christian world -- as Hypa notes, 431 was an " unfortunate year, in which the venerable bishop Nestorius was excommunicated and burnt to death. " While I 'm actually lookin to go oo much into plot here, the story ( aka this novel) handed to us by the anonymous translator of Hypa 's chronicle interweaves Hypa 's personal account of his ourneys, both spiritual and physical, his oubts and " constant uncertainty, " along with the known history of the early Catholic church of this eriod.

First, though, I spent some time doing some research on early Christian history, theological debates etc., to ake myself familiar with the Cyril/Nestorius issues as well as Arian and other heresies before returning, this time much more believabl.

Ya know? Where Cole is writing romances which combine a rock 'em sock 'em adventure, unforeseen plot twists and a truly unconventional romance, Feehan managed to pair a stale and cliche conspiracy story with " love at irst sight for no reason " romance.

I do not suggest to my friends how long I 've known them, how we met or what their role is in my life when we meet up.Characters would also often say things that just did n't make sense with what they were talking about.

They ould start off talking about one thing, then say something completely different as though it were all one coherent thought.

What does that have to do with anything? " The dialogue in his ook decide not sound the way anyone talks and it rove me nuts.2.

ther times, I end up reading stuff like this.Let 's talk about what I liked first.

There are the expected " horny at the drop of a hat " characters, but they do have pretty good chemistry.

Mason and Tyler ( our two hot hunks in the story) CONSTANTLY refer to Lacey by nicknames.

He 's one of those annoying " I 'm doing this because it 's what 's best for tha person, despite no having talked to said person about what they d or need " people.Not to mention he threw a glass bottle at Tyler 's head! But the plot was my biggest issue here.

There is some convoluted reasoning involving Gina, Rob 's grieving girlfriend, who was ctually his girlfriend because of vague nefarious reasons, including her being an OTT evil sadist who coordinated with Richard, a bad dude who brutally tortures women at her instruction, who is currently in ail, but she 'll arrange for him to commit suicide soon, because she has allll these other men at her disposal, but first she needs to kill Lacey, after killing a ma who was attempting to forge her truth after being coerced by Gina into doing the stabby stab, but first Gina tries to drug her and fakes being a ictim, but hen she ets a gun and starts a shooting.If that gave you a headache to read, welcome to the club.

Including my long time nemesis, " the virgin love of our lives is angelic and pure, she 's sooo much better and more meaningful than any other of the women we 've slept with, who are somehow less pure, despite getting grindy with us and our flawless dicks. " Additionally, penetrative sex underwater is n't the best idea.

That 's going to hurt like a bitch and ignoring basic facts about the human body, like the need for lube, kills any sexiness for me.Let 's see, what else an I bitch about?

At one point, Lacey is drugged and crashes the car she 's driving, sustaining a concussion.

Sex toys exist for a reason.Night is Darkest was free and sometimes had great chemistry.

Actually, bad plot and iffy writing drug it down towards the bottom of my free smut pile.

" What happened to him? " " Did n't he just love David Mitchell? " " He could n't shut up about him! " And hen the marauding hordes would rise out of the woodworks, tear me from my home, and tie me to the stake, set those sticks ablaze, crying, " Traitor!

This surprising thing is that David Mitchell, in variou ays, has already reviewed his own ook.

It 's true, the fantasy plot in Bone Clocks is crammed into the ther tories, and it is such a jarring shift in tone that it derails the novel; it grabbe me out of reality that Mitchell tries so hard to establish.

And everal times, Mitchell touches on the plot through some serendipitous event that demands explanation, which the characters ( ignorant of the grander scheme behind it all) can not make sense of.

When he plot lands and Mitchell does explain the mechanism behind the mysteries, we 're good 450 pages into thi book.

Another ook 's far too uneven or consistent to have pu off, and aybe his is what is was like to not enjoy Cloud Atlas and that seems fair to me ow.

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