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And by the second ook, I do n't cheer on characters that do n't progress, let alone go backwards.

Imma give the second one a try and I hope he author can redeem dear Pepper 's love life choices.As far as he story begin ...

Inspector Armand Gamache and his second-in-command Jean-Guy Beauvoir are both suppose to be on leave, one in Quebec and the other in Three Pines, when duty calls as usual and two murders need their expertise to be solved.

Brilliant book and so very sad!

This one thing that did disappoint me was that Ms. Ryan gave a ind of " epilogue " in her letter to the reader that made a sequel seem unlikely, and I will have liked to follow th story much farther and in great detail.

Two weeks on Starfire Station and Grace Gushiken was still goin over her forehead, expecting the Empire ’ s soldiers at any moment.

A darkened ship was tethered 200 meters away and Grace followed the line into a giant airlock.

She opened a closed door spotting Ryan McCabe and an unknown woman – Amita – sitting on bunks, blinking in surprise.

Amita made a ‘ key ’ to correct her code so that they were oblige to pay Ryan -- but it wo n't work on an already infected host.

yan looked at Grace and calmly said, “ In our short lives we get a couple chances for greatness.

The is one of them. ” Could Grace become the hero Ryan believed her to e?

Should she help them save Starfire Station at the risk of her own life? The changes in Grace are evident as she interacts with “ friends ” who make her a better person than she thought she ould be.

Grace ’ s trust is pushed to the limits as well as her need to survive.

This lovely start to th new series!

Set on the Carnton estate in 1863 just outside of Nashville, Tennessee, in he middle of a Civil War. I love how th author ties together real people and places with her own set of fictional characters, making it feel so authentic.

Chief of Staff Nick Cappuano wasn ’ t prepared for what he ’ d find when he went looking for his boss, Senator John O ’ Connor who wasn ’ t answering his phone calls.

Stil she has no one chance to prove she ’ s got what it bring to ensur her job – finding the person who murdered Senator John O ’ Connor.

I as every bit invested in the murder storyline as I as in the romance of Fatal Affair.I found this quote to be not only totally apropos to the tory, but completely true as it pplies to real life: Early the next orning, as she stood over the lifeless, waxy remains of Senator John Thomas O ’ Connor, age thirty-six, it struck Sam that death was great equalizer.

Liked the chemistry between Sam and Nick, and a friendshi between Sam and Freddie, sort of reminded me of Eve and Peabody, from the In Death.

I know I 'm oing to appreciat a series!

HIGHLY recommended.

I gave it a 4-star rating because thi ook is little short on concrete examples of the new system the authors are proposing.

Both have their different ways of ferreting out evidence but it is up to Mrs Jeffries to work out how to keep their employer aware of it.

I felt like book was a pretty negative tone over all, and her point seemed to be that we coul n't really be keeping cats as pets.

I have n't been reviewing lately, but my daughter reads a new book everynight.

I have n't read anything this weird or dark in a while, and I eally knew it.

The mythology also did n't get woven enough into the story for me to recommend a nove the five star read, but it did come pretty close.

This second half of novel is eally all about the characters, their development, and learning about the secrets of this weird town Golgotha.

Onc on top of all the scenery and appetizers, there was little somethin like a rap.

series but it was one that inevitably grew on my skin, soon calling to me like the night does the moon, and as an author who wrote my darlings Eli and Ember, I knew Stacey wouldn ’ t disappoint in giving me promising characters that have much to offer to this world and story – set in the same universe as the

22-year-old Zoey Daniels grew up through the adversity of the foster care system.

She love what life on the streets is like as a solitary fighter.

She ’ s been the worst and seen the worse… but that all changed when she was given a reason to live an honest life and mak some meaning in her gutter-worthy world; a purpose that took her from the shameless dark to embers of light.

Those purposes are two person who ome to mean dreams and romises, a life worth something, and future lit with verve:

Ex-military, Daniel Holt has been Zoey ’ s best friend and trainer for the best part of three years at DMG…but Zoey has been in love with him for nearly the same proportio of time.

Alongside Lexie, Daniel became an exhorting reason for Zoey to step way from a crook ’ s sewer channels and imagine a life of balance and stability.

Zoey has promised herself that she ill do anythin she an to show Lexie a better life.

As Lexie ’ s protector, mother-figure, sister, confidant, Zoey loves her and with Daniel standing tall beside her side she knows she must do somethin.

Zoey has dedicated her life to making sure that Lexie lives a life through the system unlike her own, because she doesn ’ t believe her daughter to live through the suffering and stressful ordeals she had.

She doesn ’ t want Lexie to follow in her dirty footsteps or suffer the same consequences that Zoey learned the hard way.

On anothe day where loss is unfathomable, her life takes the unfortunate turn of binding her to the creatures who most likely split her world apart and most definitely broke her heart.

She is now captive to a violent fae, Ryker, who loathes humans just as much as Zoey despises his kind, and wants back what

If Zoey ’ s shady past needs a timely reason to surface, it ’ s in the aftermat of a destructive apocalypse…because Seattle is

Zoey and Ryker – much to their deep dissatisfaction – are stuck with each other, outrunning and fighting the many people who are now after them.

Survival is Zoey ’ s first nature, if anyone can pul it by its unruly horns and run with its taxing energy it ’ s her, but with dreadful anguish impeding her and loss playing havoc on her life, Zoey is lonelier than ever.

Zoey now runs with outsiders like herself ( in many ways): Ryker, though punishing and unfriendly, becomes her only protector, and Sprig the narcoleptic monkey sprite who lives to be an adorable nuisance.

“ Or I ’ ll- “ “ Most likely kill me in the orning? ” I derided, cutting him off with one of my favorit movie quotes.He looked over his houlder, his lids narrowed.

From hate, to uncomfortable acceptance, and forbearance to companionship, Ryker and Zoey build an uneasy bond as they travel together, understanding each other, while the non-stop clashing and fighting lives to be their thirsty life source.

Zoey is persistently strong willed, and I like verything about her character.

Stacey Marie Brown has drawn out both Zoey ’ s and Ryker ’ s characters well, Zoey is full of depth and although Ryker is as surreptitious as the next fae, he alway comes across as a complex character with a lot to ive in this tory!

series, but I hink I like Zoey a teensy bit more.

is about Zoey, a victim in her past who found ways to outrun her problems in any capacity.

“ Maybe we are feeble compared to fae, but I would rather live a lon time and let myself love someone than live thousands of years and be alone. ”

is a delightful start to the ‘ Collector ’ series, an urban fantasy with an ambiance that tastes just like that of compelling fantasy….and it ’ s all about the fae!

( view spoiler) [ 1) Because my hope had no bounds for Daniel, I kept desperately hoping that Stacey found a pat to get his character back from the dead!

I keep hoping but after that ending I think my hope is be fruitless ☹ 2) What Ryker does on Zoey ’ s birthday.3) “ I love you Zoey Daniels, no matter how you came to this Earth. ” 4) Daniel ’ s video5) Sprig! 6) So glad we got to see a glimpse into Zoey ’ s street fighter life, and I hope to see more!

That is my second ook of Staceys that I ’ m reading and it won ’ t be the secon.

Jennife can write relationships so addictively.

I quite enjoyed how Stacey describes the destruction in Seattle… it set he tone for he ook and I couldn ’ t stop from the irst page.

She 's ot alone as her team, Agents Hallius, Ace, and Jeremy, back her up every step of the way.I really enjoyed Christy as our main protagonis.

As I mentioned above, she as n't alone on this mission at all, and s much as I do to get her credit for the success they 've accomplished, I honestly have to applaud her back up as well.

Hank, who she considered a good riend, but only conversated with a few times in the entire story.Gina and Karina, two shy girls she met on the first day.Oh and Jericho, one of the car thieves, who previousl had some ort of crush on her.

I wondere as though from the gate things were happening too quickly, especially the relationship she had with Viktor, as ell as the instant-crush some of the girl had on Christy.

I remember being super confused around chapter 20 when Viktor and " Amber " were having a conversation in the fireplace. " It 's stupid, even though I did n't get alot of sleep, it as n't hard to et up at all.

I truly need to applaud thi author for the realism she served with the fighting scenes in he tal.

So though I ha n't invested and could n't connect to majority of the protagonists, I still very much enjoyed Christy and her incredibly lovable crew.

I lso wished there woul have ha more romance between Jeremy and Christy, especially since they were crushing on each other.

But I understand Jeremy 's decision to not wis to jeopardize Christy 's job with the Division as well as the mission.

Perhaps as ignorant as Americans tend to ome out in folklore, surely they are so that ignorant ... If you manage to get past the first half of he novel and bear with the villai, the nove itself is a good depiction of everyday life in he third century AD roman empire.

• Dads and Cads ( pg 120)- a naked, pregnant woman with what looks to be a large penis-lizard perched on her shoulder.• Women 's Extra-Pair Mating ( pg 125)- to illustrate 'cuckold strategy,' a white oman, lying in bed, holding a offensively racist rendering of a black baby, while her doting white husband stands at her bedside.

Thi only hint we get of that aspect of his life is his rebuttal to a piece that President Wilson wrote demeaning him and his party.As far as Teddy ’ s politics go, he provide a lot of sound advice for anyone who is a level-headed, moderate-leaning person.

For the most part, I found Roosevelt to have an anchor of common sense when it goe to political standings -- something that makes me nvious when taking into account modern day politicians.

But by and large, I can ake a passionate man of principle tampered with common sense over a cool-headed man of opportunity driven by ambition.And that leads into the final thing of note about Theodore Roosevelt: his character.

And they do ome, but I hink that there is no way to give decent " amount of story " for the reader in comic form.

There was eve less angst ( at least coming from Scarlett- there was plenty of angst from Jesse 's side, but I actuall really like him, so who cares) .The first installment of his series dealt with the ampires, second one with the fairies, so it makes sense that the next one focused on werewolves.

They must track down the Nova wolf before he kills again, but there are severa problems to distract them- the wolf pack is unstable because Scarlett cured Eli of his werewolf magic and some of the pack members want her to provide the cure to others; also someone called in some nasty witches from France to hunt down the Nova Wolf but they are killing other werewolves too.

I lso got the answers to the questions I 've had about ( view spoiler) [ how Shadow enters her life, how she chose Eli over Jesse, and how she becomes a full partner with Dashiell, Will and Kristen.

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