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use open shelving, clear bins, labeled ( but not fancy), as little stacking as possible3.

Use non-lidded bins on shelves ( easy to access/put away); eliminate stacking.

Clear is the best ( then no need for labels) or open front bins with solid bottoms are even better. ( But seriously?

I 'm using the success spiral technique and the happiness meter and a couple more of the deas presented in this ook and I started lucid dreaming which I hinks is so cool.

It 's as if the author fished out some sleazy Mary Sue fanfiction from of the pits of, squashed it together with some hideously sodomized bits of world mythology, and went off begging for publishing rights.

I once* thought* the narration was supposed to forge he tal of the title character, but then we get these horrible Mary Sue twins gamboling about, and thi author just has to remembe reader in every other sentence how their silver and gold auras are so magnificent and how they 're the Super Speshul Uber Cool Twinsies of Legend and yada yada blah blah.

lso nobody needs to be re-told 575972873 times how their auras smell of vanilla and strawberry and whatever other completely ridiculous tripe.

The overall story seems rather predictable ( and as such, makes Dee a rather predictable villain) but Machiavelli is delicious.

There were numerou times, even amid all the action, where I simply did n't have any interest in listening to this though; not sure if thi was me or the narration or what.

After Drew fell in with the Landsliders and was convinced to destroy his former pack, he doesn ’ t think he deserves any forgiveness.

Ally and Drew got their story after so much has happened since its beginning.

Forged Redemption is the ifth and final ook in the Tribal Spirits series, and we finally get Drew 's story.

Thi friendshi between Ally and Drew is sensitively written considering their pasts.

A mite too predictable, and an ending too pat.

She sat down and wrote Thi Book of the City of Ladies in which she defended womankind by pointing out all the admirable women of history and mythology up to and including the Virgin Mary.

Along the way she ( metaphorically) ripped several of the most misogynistic books to shreds, including The Romance of the Rose.

I recall she called Jean de Meun out by name many times as one of the chief offenders in the war against women.I 've read City of Ladies quite a few times because I am big huge giant nerd.

But all that aside, the Oxford World Classics edition of Romance of the Rose is a great ook and if you ge it you should give it.

And if de Meun 's chauvinism gets to be ver much for you, I recommend following it up by reading the Penguin Classics edition of City of Ladies.Cross-posted from The Eclectic Reviewer

owever a large bulk of the poem consists of long monologues by figures such as Reason and Nature who are dvising the Lover on how love should work.

If I 'm to recommend this it 's because for one it 's pretty important for Medieval literature and historical perspectives of love if you 're into that, and secondly it 's such a strange unique poem that it 's interesting even when it 's tediou.

The essa, the second of series of three, tells tory of Peyton, a cancer survivor who is also he ma who stole her best friends lover.

During her cancer battle, Peyton allowed Logan to photograph the entire process and added her own observations which are stil in this novel.

Mitch has negative memories of cancer in his own life and he doesn ’ t share the information.

As in the earlier books, it ’ s long road to happiness and it akes the end of this tal that much sweeter.

GTV is a transcription of lectures Perls gave while at Esalen in 1968, between gestalt process and his emoir, Out of the Garbage Pail and it is possible that his confidence and skill are at their peak.

As a practitioner, it was especially valuable to get feelin for how he works with " resistance. " GTV is also highly quotable and full of gems, one liners, definitions, and principles that I have definitel seen synthesized anywhere but would be great for anyone interested in what gestalt is all about.

We need to become a concept, a fantasy, what we could be like. " Task of Therapy: " help them come alive to their immediate experience in the present moment " " concentrate on helping the patient invent a new solution on the spot by experimenting with the contact between them " " health is the bility to experience what is new as new " " awareness per se- by and of itself- an be curative " " if you consider the situation you are in, and you let the situation which you are in control your actions, then you learn how to cope with life " " maturing is the transcendence from environmental support to self support " " the aim of therapy is to give the patient not depend on others, but to fin the patient discover from the very las moment that he an do many things, uch les than he realize he an do " " If you are centered in yourself, then you do n't adjust anymore.

Every time you refuse to answer the question, you help the other person develop his own resources. " " without communication, there should be no contact.

Boast about what a great saboteur you are. " " nce you judge, you ca n't experience any more, because you are now much too busy finding reasons and explanations, defenses, and all that crap "

He wil fight zombies if they hav to survive.

If you fear reading about blood and gore then stay away from tha.

I have to know that vampire are still not my favorite, but throw in something unique like this and I ’ ll be more apt to read it.

Harlan Coben long ago cornered the market on the New Jersey Suburban Family Thriller sub-genre, which involves average, ordinary American folks -- almost always wonderful people with great families -- who are suddenly thrown into chaos and danger when some powerful negative force intrudes into their daily lives.

Their principal worries seem to revolve around whether or not their elder son is being treated fairly by his lacrosse coach and whether the kid will get enough playing time.Then, out of nowhere, Adam 's world is abruptly turned upside down when a stranger approaches him in a bar and reveals a devastating secret about Corinne.

As Adam 's search draws him closer to the enter of this troubling mystery, he antagonizes some dangerous and desperate adversaries, and it becomes entirely possible that even if Corinne should finally return home, her husband may have lost his life in his desperate ffort to find her.I thought that his nove was okay -- an ntertaining way to spend a couple of nights, but the tal that is quickly forgettable.

I found multiple passages worth underlining and writing margin notes about to ponder until the ext time around, and lots of food for thought to use in my own life.I finally finished thi book fifteen years after starting it.

That is th hort, easy read that young girls will enjoy.

It also has a cute little section at the beginnin with an easy recipe to try as well as " activity " for girls to do.

" But we had such awful thunderstorms last week. " Parallel straight lines, Denis reflected, meet only at infinity.

We hav all parallel straight lines.

I do n't read any local literature at all, but I 've heard great things about Low Kay Hwa and jumped at the opportunit to try his work when he nicely offered a free copy in exchange for a fair and honest review.

The slang and language is also heartwarmingly Singaporean, although the constant explanations of terms and references to what things are like " in Singapore " got annoying after a while, because, well, you do n't have to xplain to me what ITE or a polytechnic is.

Neither did I like the way he book ended.

Aaron and I writ his one out loud together and discussed as we went.Things I liked: It exposed me to many 18th and 19th century classical liberals that I as not familiar with.

As an individual who is eenly interested in getting involved with our political system from a non-partisan angle, I thought it necessar to lear the origins of the theorie and philosophies that gave rise to the American system of liberty.

In my research, I came across the term 'Classical Liberalism' and resolved to learn more about it, especially in regards to how it compares with both today 's definition in the United States and the definition as it may already be understood in Europe.This book did an unbelievabl job of defining the original term.

he author took painstaking efforts to continuously clarify abstract concepts and to explain subtle nuances in the justifications and criticisms presented in novel, so it was ery asy to comprehend and follow.

Flinx from afar.Very different Flinx book, primarily written in numerous POVs, non of which were Flinx 's.

he writer is talented.

Ryker is a Wanderer, a powerful fae who is orced to team up with Zoey after a freak fae induced lightning storm that reduces Seattle to apocalyptic law.Which throws the world into a kin of paranormal dystopia.

Ceasar never seems to run out of ideas to conquer the last Gaulish village not yet ravage by the Romans.

He plans to civilize the village with the Mansions of the ods: instead of a forest, there should be a Roman settlement surrounding the illage.

I ould consider reading this if you ould like to say the general story, which you ca, as it is one of thi most important novels in history.

Another autobiography is HUGE in China- it is know, along with one or two other works, the pinnacle of Chinese poetr.

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