Escrito originalmente em forma de fascículos entre 1928 e 1930 para uma revista japonesa, Voragem é um dos romances mais aclamados de Junichiro Tanizaki. No centro da trama está Sonoko Kakiuchi, uma jovem casada que frequenta um curso de arte. Nas aulas, ela conhece Mitsuko, uma colega de beleza estonteante por quem ´se vê perdidamente apaixonada. Sem conseguir frear seu desejo arrebatador, Sonoko se aproxima em uma pretensa relação de amizade e forja um contato cada vez mais íntimo, despertando rumores ao seu redor. Mitsuko, por sua vez, é implacável e não tarda a enredar sua amante em uma trama de chantagens.
Year of the Publication
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Isbn 13
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Original Title of the Book
卍 [Manji]
Publication Date
Published June 2018 by Companhia das Letras (first published 1928

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Tanizaki explores the ambiguities of love and marriage delineating the fervid mystification of the sinister bend ingrained in the core of human nature.

Profoundly intertwined in the web of gree, violence, incest, malice, animosity and other ensuing emotional incitements, the four keyed up protagonists ravenously cling onto the vanity of love; Mitsuko becoming the core link in the catastrophic game of love and eroticism, the two wome and Sonoko mere pawns of manipulation.

Love, an intoxicating blend of lust and devotion, serene yet unstable when disturbed by surplus stress equates to the quicksand phenomenon, a static human fallibility sinking in the deep well of chaotic pith.

mal characters be it Sonoko or Mitsuko are sexual aggressors; the unrestrained sexual needs clashing with the emotional displacement are emphasized by jaded manipulative passions stimulated by forlorn hearts.

he masked flaws of a virtuous beauty self-contained in a selfis world fixated on force rein.

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Inherently, the plot focuses on a ind of love triangle arguably mischievous, sensual and semi-erotic related to Mrs. Sonoko Kakiuchi ( as “ I ” through the story), Mitsuko and Watanuki whose significant role first appears in Chapter 11.

Thes complex problems inevitably ensue and there are th few points worth sharing with my friends who might read it soon.First, we may wonder, I wan, whom the narrator is talking to ( i.e.

213) In a phras, his/her name remains anonymous forever.Second, Mitsuko is successful by her means of addressing Mrs. Kakiuchi as ‘ Sister ’ essentially expressed to show her respects and intimacy for her goal.

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You coul hardly et out and ventually you can not .... no I will stop there ... you shoul read it.I ca not ive any spoiler but the gist is an unhappily married couple tangles with a young beautiful vixen and her equally gorgeous eunuch lover.

Beautiful to boot.Eunuch: Manipulative, petty, narcissistic, charming, scheming.Maid of Vixen: colluding, intelligent, falsely submissive, more lethal than a viper.These five characters interact, lust and hurt each other in the most dark and destructive of ways and you are drawn in slowly and stealthily until you are stuck and you an neve eave until the emotional bomb goes off and you in a darkly curious way want to see who survives the atomic aftermath.

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Power and control, jealousy and obsession, manipulation and betrayal- oh yes, and a four-way bisexual love affair: Tanizaki 's novel is, as Kristen Roupenian aptly described it, " Cruel Intentions ", but set in the upper class of Osaka.

Initiall published in a serial format between 1928 and 1930, the tory 's protagonis is 23-year-old Sonoko, the fiancée of Kotaro, a banker who is financially dependent on his in-laws.

Tanizaki lets Sonoko tell her story to th riter, and we ead the account this writer ( who resembles the author in various ways) has crafted based on their onversations.

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They felt a bit " comme ci, comme ca " about it all.But I like Tanizaki, he an be so tacky!

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