Wedding Night

Lottie just knows that her oyfriend is going to propose, but hen his big question involves a trip abroad — not a trip down the aisle. Completely crushed, Lottie reconnects with an old flame, and they agree to take drastic action. No dates, no moving in together, they ’ ll just get married... right now. Her niec, Fliss, thinks Lottie is making a terrible mistake, and ill do everything to stop her. But Lottie is determined to say “ I do, ” for better, or for worse.
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Wedding Night
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Published April 23rd 2013 by The Dial Press

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rated it

After my mess last year, I was to make sure I was judging th book on it 's own qualities and not my love for the author;) I think what the biggest problem is for me with this book is that there eally is n't a single character that is n't an idiot.

Lottie rushes into a marriage on the heels of a breakup, Fliss makes one bad decision after another trying to hide her ister from getting married, Ben does n't expect to b more than an iota of a redeeming quality in him, Lorcan is probably the best of the lot but he has issues himself and even Richard you want to smack a time or two.

rated it

I cam to many references to how this was nothing like Kinsella 's previous books, how they ould n't stand one or oth of the protagonists, and as just overall disappointed.I do n't believ these negative reviews at all.

I hated the alternating point of view, and I ended up loving both Lottie and Fliss.

I hink because Lottie 's name appears first in the descriptio, a lot of people assume that this is her story.

I lso know hat is why a lot of people ay they did n't like Fliss, because she took up a lot of he tory.

I do n't know his is Lottie 's story at all.

And seeing as how I listened to thi audiobook, and a lot of times I was at lunch at work ...

I also oved the side characters, Richard and Lorcan.

I wa to warm up to Richard at first, but onl I saw how much he truly cared for Lottie it was difficul to love him.

But I hoped that when I was doing such things as cleaning, showering and sometimes at lunch at work, instead of listening to music it would be better to be 'reading' thi book.

It took me about three weeks to g through these 13 hours, but he story flowed nicely and I alread found myself lost when I decided to restart my listening.

rated it

Okay, yes, I understand I gave Mini-Shopaholic 2 stars too but that book hould have never happened as that series should have lready been done.

Wa such potential and actually started out highly entertaining ( even though the character totally reminded me of Becky Brandon but instead of aving a lack of control when it brough to shopping, this main character wer a lack of control for doing anything remotely smart.) When I pick up a Sophie Kinsella novel I expect light-hearted entertainment with several giggles thrown in for good measure.

which was 15 years ago.) Fliss is determined to stop her sister from ruining her life and having to o through the painful divorce that she herself is currently going through.

at irst, but when Fliss advised the staff to give the couple peanut oil instead of massage oil which caused Lottie to break out as she 's allergic to peanuts?

Anyway I personally have too many food allergies that are ot humorous in the least but having her sister do that to her was not only far from funny but was quite upsetting.Basically, we ave two morals to this tal: Lottie needs to learn not to make such drastic decisions when life gets her down.

Just if she had given it some thought she could n't marry her boyfriend from when she was 18 because she knows next to nothing about him only a few ays after breaking up with her boyfriend.Fliss needs to earn that she ca n't control everything in her life ( or someon else 's).

rated it

I normally like light-hearted reads, but “ Wedding Night ” is beyond cheesy, cringe-worthy, and unbelievable.

I ctually did n't like eithe of the characters at all, and it felt absolutely manipulative throughout.

rated it

Another nove just did n't fel like Sophie Kinsella at all.

rated it

Another is another nove where you have to go beyond suspending your disbelief and into out-right fantasy-land; because there is no way that in the real world that something like these machinations could ever appen.

At least I whole-heartedly pray that these kind of things ould never happen.Lottie expected her long-term boyfriend Richard to propose to her, and when he did ot, she ent off the deep end.

Fliss seems to fee that if she ould get her mothe from consummating her marriage, then things would work out in the nd ...

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