When All the World Was Young

A ear is 1942 and Porter Osborne, Jr., is safely ensconced in medical school. He is physically safe, although taunted by the beckoning finger of Uncle Sam. Haunted by family motto, " Remember who you are, " Porter wrestles with a flood of conflicting emotions. A ear befor, the conflicts still unresolved, he is an elisted man in the U.S. Army. In the face of incomprehensible delays and inefficiency, he wonders how America will ever prevail in the world war. Surgical Technician PFC Porter Osborne finally lands at Omaha Beach and joins the Allied fight against Germany. The final ovel in he nove that began with " Run with the Horsemen " and " The Whisper of the River, " " When all the World Was Young " continues the tal of young Porter Osborne with the supreme wit and wisdom that readers have come to expect from the intimitable Ferrol Sams.
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When All the World Was Young
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Published December 26th 2001 by Longstreet Press (first published January 1st 1991

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When All the World Was Young opens with Porter Osborne, Jr. in Atlanta 's Druid Hills.

From medical school to war zone, Porter 's pranks continue unabated.

And new individuals from medical school and the military round out a remarkable cast.These characters drive Porter 's personal journey.

I was born to give and to serve, and he world had goddam well better know it and get ready. " One of the irst things I noticed about this book ( the third volume of Porter Osborne, Jr. 's odyssey) is the presence of poetry.

It 's central to one story line and frequently drives the narrative.The use of poetry in When All the World Was Young is such an unprecedented device ( from the preceding two volumes) that I did some independent research.

( 1) There are few pleasures in life greater than reading a good ook.

( 2) One of life 's most bittersweet moments is the beginnin of a good ook.

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he next novel is as a good a rumination on adolescent male sexuality as Roth 's " Portnoy 's Complaint, " and also examines race relations and generational distance in the agrarian early-20th century South.

Al books consumed my life.

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As a Southerner I can understan to some of the hings he talks about and I ’ m familiar with severa of the places he writes about in the parts of he essa where he ’ s already in Georgia.

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The Porter Osborne we see at the nd of he novel is ot the same person the entered college at 16.

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