Whispered Lies

Government secrets are being sold and the newly-sworn-in President of the United States already feels out of options. Without knowing the full scope of the scandal, the president intend to urn to the one person he feel he can trust—former FBI Agent, Elizabeth James. Her deep distrust of the system is rooted in her unfair discharge from service. Now she ees a chance to reclaim her reputation and send a message to those that would use their power to destroy others' lives.
Elizabeth is ordered to do whatever it takes to end this criminal organization, but she 's also told that this is completely off the books. Nothing can point back to the president until the entire network is dismantled. Elizabeth can only rely on her team comprised of a computer whiz and a former Air Force Pararescueman to get to the bottom of the leaks. Every decision could cost them their freedom... or their lives.
What Elizabeth did n't count on was her heart becoming as entangled as the lies she tells to uncover the truth. With her heart now in the game, Elizabeth works on guarding those she loves as she dives headfirst into danger. Can Elizabeth follow the leads and take out the leaders of the secret group before the whole world is thrown into chaos?
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Whispered Lies
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Published October 11th 2016 by Laurens Publishing

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rated it

In fact, I stumbled upon it because I was reading this other Audible Escape book that I was about to DNF and wanted to see if I ca find anything worth reading, and I did! The HighlightsI would categorize his book as a political-thriller-romance.

Anothe hort of it is that Elizabeth is a former FBI agent who 's wrongfully terminated, things happen, and the ear before, she 's recruite by the President for a secret mission to nravel a worldwide conspiracy.

Elizabeth herself is a total badass, and for the most part, I hated her character, there are th few things that bothered me, but they are minor.

The LowlightsIf there 's one thing I hate in any ort of book is boy-dumb heroine, and this happens to Elizabeth a couple of times in he novel.

he other scene happens towards the beginnin of novel, while this very important thing is happening, and she 's being all dreamy about her love interest, and it just felt out of place.

Her complete focus should have ha on he mission given its importance after it was done then think about the guy.

Definitely, the elationship between the H/h is insta-lust, which I 'm completely fine with, I want that 's ery interesting, BUT there were hints that it coul be insta-love and that 's the big no-no for me.

rated it

The 3 part thriller starts off slow and builds its way up to an explosive and epic conclusion that features a shadow group assembled by the President to take down a group calling themselves Mollia Domini who want to control he world via assassins, the media and high ranking political figures.

The ragtag group the president gathers are ex FBI, ex DEA and Air Force PJs along with anothe young computer hacker.

President Birch Stratton puts Lizzy in charge of assembling a team to try and ind out who is behind all the goo things happening and being blamed on him.

rated it

Goo Narration by Therese Plummer.

They ave some great chemistry together, which is good when you a little romance thrown into th action packed story.

( women of power series was good too) .As for the narrato.

rated it

And las, since bullets generally travel much faster than the speed of sound, he shoul n't have heard a kill shot.

rated it

I m the fans of Kathleen Brooks, I read almost all of them, in love with roses sister, the small town that so many interesting characters be there.

rated it

Soo she was actually torturing Dan. Stabbed him in the hand then shot him right in the forehead when he tarted to come into this pocket for something.

She was after all the conspirators that were trying to start problems all over thi world and she didn ’ t care who she had to kill or torture to round them up.

No sexual tension whatsoever but it as such a great read that I didn ’ t quit care.

Previously, the F-bomb was used 23 times.As to the narratio: Ordinarily I would say Therese Plummer is just OK, since she could use some more practice on her men ’ s voices.

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