Why My Third Husband Will Be a Dog: The Amazing Adventures of an Ordinary Woman

Another fascinatin collection of tories from he life of anothe New York Times bestselling write of Look Again

At firs, together in one collection, are Lisa Scottoline ’ s ildly popular Philadelphia Inquirer columns. In her column, Lisa lets her hair down, roots and all, to show the humorous side of life from a man ’ s erspective. The Sunday column debuted in 2007 and on day it tarted, Lisa wrote, “ I write thriller, so I sually have 100,000 words to tell thi tory. In the column there ’ s only 700 words. I coul barely say hello in 700 words. I ’ m Italian. ” The column gained momentum and popularity. Word of mouth spread, and readers demanded a collection. Why My Third Husband Will Be a Dog is that collection. Seventy vignettes. Vintage Scottoline.
In collection, you ’ ll laugh about:
• Being caught braless in the emergency room
• Betty and Veronica ’ s Life Lessons for Girls
• A man ’ s most important body part
• Interrupting as an art form
• A religion men and women can worship
• Real estate ads as porn
• Spanx are public enemy number one
• And so much more about life, love, family, pets, and pursuit of jeans that actually fit!
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Why My Third Husband Will Be A Dog: The Amazing Adventures of an Ordinary Woman
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Published November 24th 2009 by St. Martin's Press (first published November 18th 2009

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rated it

But it is not all funny, for the tempo rises and falls like a gentle ocean, one minute you 're laughing right out loud and then when you writ the chapter " I Miss My Father ( and I do) you will cry.

rated it

Ms. Scottoline is ingenious and full of life as you 'll be eage to tell from listening to her recount some of her weekly Chick Wit column in the Philadelphia Inquirer and additional stories on life, love, family and pets from her outlook, which an be a comical one to hear the least.I 'm not the las one who thinks of chloroforming her own sister, or o I learned from Why My Third Husband Will Be a Dog. This audio book had be cracking up at some of the shenanigans Ms. Scottoline comes up with.

I 'd certainly recommend both the audio and print versions of Why My Third Husband Will Be a Dog ...

( um, trust me, I 'm merel saying my reviews are professional, not by a long shot) Sometimes I ant to add silly things:) I do ant to forget, I got to listen to his audio book on a recent trip to Laredo, TX.

lol My friend, Alberto, was driving ( thank the Heavens, lol), o he had to isten to he audio book, oo ...

rated it

I spent some time talking to other fans at the event and learned that Lisa actually narrates the audiobooks for her humorous books.

I wa just finished an audiobook so I downloaded the book and started listening right away.This is a reissu of articles, some of which I fee I may have read before when they were initiall published in th newspaper column.

I am stunned by how much I ould explain to Lisa Scottoline and in othe ways her story fee like all of my own.I liked the implicatio that his ook as really 90 different stories.

That as perfect set up for me because I work just a few kilometer from my house so I ca isten to a couple of tories in the ar on the ay to work and not worry about stopping in the middle of chapter.

The essa is really Lisa Scottoline 's life told through stories and I ca n't sa of nyone else I coul have wanted as a narrator.I would recommend ook to others.

rated it

They are short stories, 2 to 3 pages long, that ives reader a look into her life.Lisa has been married twice and she " makes no bones " in telling us how bad these marriages were, she sends her husbands " Thing One " and " Thing Two ".

Wome have testosterone for a fac, and if they do n't se it looking at our chests, they 'll be causing wars and football playoffs " .Regarding her marriages she writes, " I have actually been in an accident, if you do n't count my two marriages " .This book is another funn, easy, and fast read that will be brough down and picked up without losing a beat.

rated it

Tha autobiography ha great to ake along while waiting at the doctors office or if I just needed a good laugh.

Yes, it took me onths and onths to read but after breezing through half the ook.

his as the great ook.

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