Wishful Drinking

In Wishful Drinking, Carrie Fisher tells the true and intoxicating story of her life with inimitable wit. Born to celebrity parents, she was picked to play a princess in a little movie called Star Wars when only 19 years old. " But it is n't all sweetness and light sabres. " Alas, aside from a demanding career and her role as a single mother ( not to mention the hyperspace hairdo), Carrie also spends her free time battling addiction, weathering the wild ride of manic depression and lounging around various mental institutions. It 's an incredible tale—from having Elizabeth Taylor as a tepmother, to marrying ( and divorcing) Paul Simon, from having the father of her daughter leave her for a an, to ultimately waking up one orning and finding a friend dead beside her in bed.
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Wishful Drinking
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Published December 2nd 2008 by Simon & Schuster

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She ’ s just a really, really bad heterosexual. ’ I ’ m not exactly up on Hollywood tell-alls, so aybe I ’ m overlooking some classics of the genre, but I don ’ t imagine there ’ d be that many celebrities out there who are blessed with either Fisher ’ s command of the American vernacular or her healthy perspective on her own fame: Speaking of graves, I remember my younger friends that one day they ’ ll be at a bar playing pool and they ’ ll look up at the television set and there must be a picture of Princess Leia with two dates underneath, and they ’ ll say “ awww—she said that would happen. ” And they ’ ll o back to playing pool.Or there 's this: You know what ’ s funny about death?

Okay, not Schopenhauer profound, but still.Wishful Drinking is fluff, I kno, in ense that it won ’ t change your life or even your lunch break.

True, Fisher ’ s relentless wisecracking starts to sound needy and defensive after a while—he said, casually lobbing a rock from his glass house—but I think it ’ s to her credit that, despite her freakish Hollywood existence, she ’ s onl human enough to laugh at herself.

Go to think of it, what migh be more freakish than that: a human eing in Hollywood?

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I new othing about her childhood- her absent father- her history with drugs- her history with a multitude of psychiatrists and different therapies including shock therapy- Her memoir — which was adapted from one of her stage shows- gives us a panoramic view of what Carrie Fisher ’ s life was like: EXTREME HIGHS and EXTREME LOWS .... NOT LIKE MOST CHILDREN ’ S growing years —-with Debbie Reynolds as her other and growing up with ‘ stars ’ as family friends.

I aughed at how much I understood from Carries point of view- that when she watched “ The Father ’ s Knows Best ” show ..... she thought THAT was what ALL NORMAL families were like ( since she soon figured out her life wasn ’ t normal) ....

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urning to the irst of her short memoirs, I was faced with some of Carrie Fisher 's most interesting sentiments and humorous anecdotes detailing a life about which I new very little.

n interesting smattering of thoughts and memories, instilled with enough humour to leave the reader feeling this is an extended comedy dialogue, Fisher presents something to tide the reader over between larger and more substantial reading assignments.

I told her only as Princess Leia ( though I ha not one to plaster posters upon my wall) and so all of this proved both intriguing and even a little ntertaining.

Engaging and even a little rovocative, Fisher serves her purpose by presenting this piece, the irst in what became a series.

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Her witness to surviving mental illness and addiction.I read this nove in honor of her and to feel her presence again.

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Later in life, whenever I 've seen one of her ooks on the shelves, I 'd say about possibly reading it, out of interest for what she would have to say regarding those iconic Star Wars movies.

I blame " Laugh In " -era Goldie Hawn for this.Negatives aside, Fisher 's humor is one of he ook 's saving graces.

Fisher 's taken her knocks and here they are all laid out for you to read.

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Carrie Fisher as Princess LeiaIn time Carrie became a drug-addicted alcoholic with manic-depressive disorder ( bipolar disorder 2).

ventually, Eddie married a Chinese woman- Betty Lin- and after she died 'he started to date all of Chinatown.' Carrie notes that 'this was fitting because Eddie had gotten so many facelifts that he looked Asian himself.' LOLEddie Fisher with Betty LinCarrie sang in her grandmother 's nightclub act from the ages of 13 to 17 and- as it happens- also started doing drugs at 13.

uckily, Carrie had enough remembrances left to write this book.Carrie Fisher was diagnosed with bipolar disorderCarrie notes: 'After all the rehabs and all the mental hospitals, I seemed to yoursel, if what does n't kill you makes you stronger I should be ble to lift Cedars Sinai Hospital and glow in the dark.' Carrie Fisher learned to live with her mental illnessInterspersed with the fabl of Carrie 's addiction and mental illness are interesting snippets about her life.

Here are a few examples: Carrie 's stepfather Harry Karl ( Debbie 's second husband) was not a handsome man, but was wealthy and well-groomed, said to be distinguished looking.

Carrie notes, 'That 's ugly with money.' To Carrie 's amusement, the very handsome Alec Baldwin played Harry in a movie.

This devastated the actress ..... and perhaps exacerbated her mental illness.Carrie Fisher with her second husband Brian LourdCarrie Fisher with her daughter Billie After Star Wars became a megahit, Carrie was 'merchandised' into a little oll, a shampoo bottle, a soap, a watch, a Mrs. Potato Head, a Lego figure, a stamp, and a Pez dispenser.

Carrie notes, 'If someone tells me to go fuck myself, I should tak it a whirl.' Ha ha ha.Princess Leia dollPrincess Leia Mrs. Potato HeadPrincess Leia Pez dispenserTowards the end of this book Carrie acknowledges, 'The place I 've arrived at in my life is n't everyone 's idea of heavenly .... but I 'm in a ood place.' Both Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds died in December, 2016 and they 're missed.

rated it

efinitely going to check out more of her books, especially on audio if she reads them.

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